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I know it may be strange to say...really strange...but to me Ann Miller was just as good in these little B's like "Jam Session" than those big splashy color MGM musicals. They were fun. No wonder they made millions for Columbia and to war weary Americans they gave so much enjoyment.

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i had a great time with ann's films.... 'jam session'1944 was also fun. i liked that the black culture was given equal screen time ----louis armstrong's number at the beginning. it was great to see such a wide variety of '40's bands.


i found it interesting that nan wynn, who dubbed rita hayworth's songs in 'you were never lovelier' 1942, showed up in this film looking very much like hayworth, and even wearing one of hayworth's gowns from that film.


ann was fun, i enjoyed her tap-dancing finales in these films, only wish there were more!!

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You are so right! Nan Wynn was a sure fire ringer for Rita. She was beautiful. Nice voice too. She should have been a big star on screen. Maybe she had better luck singing in night clubs and stage appearances.

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> I'm watching NEW FACES OF 1937 now, and JAM SESSION

> earlier when I first got home from work. I'll take

> one of these little B's than a splashy colourful MGM

> any day of the week, even on Sundays! :) They're

> good stuff, man!


After watching just the first few minutes of New Faces of 1937, we learn where Mel Brooks got the central premise for The Producers: selling (nearly) all the profits to all sorts of people, purposely producing flops, and pocketing the money. Got to hand it to Brooks: he saw things worth expanding upon in otherwise mostly forgettable movies.

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