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Goodbye, Pigeon - John Wayne

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These are great. Thanks! I needed a good laugh. I do need an answer, though.

I'm asking on the behalf of a coworker. He says he remembers a scene in which

John Wayne tells a woman "Goodbye, Pigeon." I couldn't tell him because I'm

not a big fan of war movies or westerns, so I have seen very few John Wayne

movies. Could the word possibly be Pilgrim? I seem to remember him calling

someone Pilgrim once - or did one of the many John Wayne impressionists

say that?

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Thank you for all your responses (even the funny ones - I love to laugh!).

I found out that it was Flying Tigers. He says it to Anna Lee. He says to another

man, "And no gin rummy with Brooke. She's my pigeon." Then he kisses

Brooke and says, "Goodbye, Pigeon." My coworker wanted to rent it. What he

didn't tell me was that he saw the clip in the movie The Raggedy Man. All I had

to do was look up the movie The Raggedy Man. Oh, well. Makes life interesting!

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He also mentions 'pigeon' in The Undefeated. When Rock Hudson and Duke go out to the middle of a field to meet bandits, John Wayne asks Rock Hudson if his pistol holster is open. When Rock says it is not, John Wayne replies..."Well, I guess that makes me his pigeon".

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In a previous thread, I thanked you all for your responses because I felt if I responded in

anger, you might not answer any other question I might have out of spite. But now I've

decided to be honest. I was really hurt by all your jokes - I felt like you were making fun of

me. If you didn't mean it that way, then I'm sorry. But you wasted my time and that of my

coworker, who wanted to rent the movie. It's just too bad that my coworker didn't tell me

from the beginning that he had watched the scene in The Raggedy Man. All I had to do

was look up The Raggedy Man on IMDB, and it said the movie being shown (which had

John Wayne saying "Goodbye, Pigeon.") was Flying Tigers. In future, I would appreciate

it if you don't know the answer to my question, then don't respond. I love jokes, but in

this case, they didn't help me find the answer to my question.

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Honesty is good! This forum is for helping people, and your question should have been answered first, then the jokes could start flying. It's no wonder we have so few people on these boards anymore. I was on one of my frequent vacations from here when you posted, otherwise I could have answered it pretty quickly. Sorry.

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I'm sorry your experience here was a hurtful one. Sometimes the forums go crazy. I noticed you did receive a quick suggestion from always helpful and knowledgeable vallo and additional information from falc. It looked like folks were riffing on the bird theme for fun, not out of malice. I think, if they had known the answer, they would have given it right away. People here get a little rough sometimes, but most are nice.


The jokes can jog memories and also increase traffic to a thread, keeping it prominent and making it more likely that an expert like Pat or vallo will eventually stop by with the conclusive answer. So many threads are buried after being viewed by almost no one. That might mean a missed opportunity for further education. It's not just the particular answer to a question that's important (and it is important!), but the ongoing accumulation of knowledge. I like a few John Wayne movies, but I don't know much about him. I remember that, after reading your post and the first funny comments, I checked out Wayne at IMDb, hoping to find some tiny part of the puzzle for you. I didn't find one, but I learned some new things in the process. Then, curiosity aroused, I searched for comments on Wayne movies all around the board. That's sort of how it works for slapdash amateurs like me. The challenges are fun and educational--and even more so when lots of posters contribute, motivating me to investigate something I wouldn't ordinarily, which might help me to answer another question in future.


I hope this hasn't discouraged you from participating. Please stay with us. You've already taught me a few things.

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No, this has not discouraged me from participating. I have had several questions before

this, and this is the first time (and I hope the last time) that I had a bad experience.

The jokers might not have said their jokes for malice, but the trouble was, as I said

before, my time was wasted. I'd be excited because I would see I had a response,

then I'd read the response, and see that it was a joke. I had a legitimate question,

and I needed a legitimate answer. If I had gotten an answer first, I would have loved

all the jokes afterwards. I would have even contributed some myself. But I intend

to continue participating - I can't believe all the thing I've learned!

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