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For those of us that like Japanese Monster movies, I thought we can discuss likes, dislikes, all apsects of Kaiju movies..

I like monster movies a lot, Godzilla , War of the Gargantuas, Frankenstein Conquers the World, Destroy All Monsters, Yog, etc...

Long live rubber suited Monsters ! :)

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While I don't really see these as TCM type stuff (though I guess they could be), for the most part, I do think they could air quite nicely the first GODZILLA flick from 54. Yeah, we get the messed up version, but I like that version, with Raymond "Perry Mason" Burr. I do dig the 60's Godzilla flicks though, they are so cheesy, have GREAT soundtracks, and are so bad they are quite entertaining! Turner loved these too, they'd show up all the time on TBS and TNT, but those were the good ol' days of cable.

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<----Loves the big lizard.


I strongly suggest anyone who claims to love him too, pick up the restored Japanese version sans the Burr.



Also note the 1954 version stars the beloved Japanese actor Takashi Shimura as a scientist.

Takashi Shimura was also in the classic Akira Kurosawa films Ikiru and Seven Samurai.

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Funny this should come up! I also like the Kaiju movies. They're fun fluff and sure they got laughably bad in the 70s it was still entertaining in some ways.


The CBC here in Canada are showing the first Godzilla movie, Godzilla Raids Again and Rodan over the late night tonight.

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I think its fun to talk about other things in these threads besides classics and what TCM airs since we all like other genres as well...Godzilla films aren't classics but Ted Turner did air them on TBS all the time back in the day..

Diversity is a wonderful thing :)

I do have all the Godzilla movies, including that Classic Media 1954 minus Raymond Burr. I also saw that at the SF Film Festival in SF

A lot of the early Godzilla movies were really well done

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TBS and some other channels used to be very cool back in the day. In fact, TBS used to kind of be like old UHF channels with a diversity of programming. Nowadays most cable is homogeneous, and boring, with the exception of TCM and a very few other things, but very few, and even when interesting nowhere near as diverse and interesting as back in the day.


I recall this one time when TBS was going to run a weekend marathon of Godzilla films (remember when alot of cable channels used to do stuff like that? You could see holiday marathons, weekend marathons, etc, of classic movies, cheesy movies, classic TV shows---once in a while TV Land will still do it, and I think Sci Fi still does it sometimes with THE TWILIGHT ZONE, but that's about it). Anyway, I have most of them on a couple of VHS tapes, and I kept the promos which aired before and during, they were so cool, they used the Blue Oyster Cult's song "Godzilla", and had all these cool montages and highlights, and yep, ol' Raymond Burr himself was featured prominently! They were awesome! And yeah, I don't care if the original was better or not, I dig most on Raymond Burr's version. He makes the film work for me.

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