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Darling Lili (1970)

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I like it, a lot. It is beautifully photographed, with really great tunes. The film was horribly handled by Paramount. It should have been one of their biggest hits, but they never released it, in most markets. It broke all records at Radio City Music Hall, and still holds the record for biggest money-making film in their long history.

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By the way, the DVD version of Darling Lili, is edited. The last 2 times it aired on TCM, it was the complete, unedited film. So, keep a look-out for an airing on TCM, if you're interested in the complete film. I prefer the longer version. More Julie!

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I don't really recall what was cut, because I have the complete version, and have only watched the edited version, once. Plus, the complete version is the one I saw at Radio City, twice. I do remember that the scene where Lili is awarded the medal is cut, and the scene where the kids are walking and singing the "Little Bird" French number, is also cut, and part of the song, "Smile Away Each Rainy Day". Also, some of the seduction scene, but I can't remember exact details. About 20 minutes or so.

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At the time DARLING LILI was filming, Julie Andrews was the biggest movie star in the world.  Paramount built her an enormous suite of rooms on the lot (as a dressing room!).  There was a famous photo taken of the top stars currently making films for Paramount, and they had gathered together, Rock Hudson, Yves Montand, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Barbra Streisand and Lee Marvin.  Julie Andrews was meant to be in the center of the picture, but Blake Edwards never released her to attend the shoot.  All these big stars just stood around, waiting and waiting and waiting.  Finally, John Wayne said to studio boss, Robert Evans, "Are you going to furnish chairs while we wait for the queen?"  She never showed, so they finally took the photo without her.


When Sharon Tate was murdered, Evans loaned Julie Andrews' suite of rooms to Roman Polanski to stay in.


The director's cut of DL, is the film as Blake Edwards intended.  Paramount kept making him add more Julie, then a scene with kids, because Julie had to be seen with kids, etc.  I prefer the longer version, because it's the one that was released, and the one I saw at Radio City Music Hall, so it's hard for me to be objective.  When I saw Blake's cut, I felt like they took the film I liked and cut stuff out.  I would imagine that if you saw his cut first, then the original release, you would find the additional stuff, unnecessary.

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