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Trying to Identify Film


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Hello, This is my first post to this board. I am hoping that one of you who reads this may be able to help me by giving me the title to the movie that I'll do my best to attempt to describe.


In 1960 or 1961, when I was very young, I recall certain scenes from a movie that I saw on television, and I've never seen it again since that time.


It was, I believe, a WWII movie, dealing with spies and saboteurs; it probably took place in Europe. At the time I viewed it, it seemed as if it was an 'old' movie, perhaps from the 40's. A portion of the plot dealt with a new (most likely) Nazi (if my WWII recollection is correct) secret weapon, a rocket. An allied agent witnessed a test launch held at night, and was blinded by the bright light from the rockets flaming exhaust trail.


Somehow, at some point, the allied agent was captured, and in his blinded state, was tortured (probably by Nazis). An identifying feature of one of his tormentors was a coiled snake signet ring worn on the tormentors hand. The blinded agent had the opportunity to feel it, and identify it as such.


Somehow the agent was released or rescued, and as he was recuperating on his hospital bed, was visited by friends and other allied agents. As he clasped the hand of one of his fellow agents in his hospital room who was wishing him well, he again felt and was able to identify the coiled snake signet ring, exposing his 'friend' as a double agent.


That is, unfortunately, the extent of what I can recall of the movie. At one time, as I was watching '13 Rue Madelaine' with James Cagney, I thought I may have found it, but that was not the case. And, to be fair, there's the possibility that it may not have been a movie; perhaps it was a Kraft Playhouse, or other television drama show from that period.


This movie has stuck with me for many, many years, and I'd love the opportunity to see it again. Can any of you help me out?


Thanks in advance!



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