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Guest dredagain

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I am afraid you don't know the whole story on this or you would won't be so critical of my censor statement.


I DID NOT start this problem. I was simply asked on how do I rate Jane Fonda as an actress.


I gave a very simple answer. I judge Jane Fonda in everything what she does, her acting as well as her personal actions. Following my own consience I won't watch her movies she has to be held accountable of what she did.


Now that was my answer. Other members took that answer VERY strongly in a very bad way and started turning her forum into a political debate.


When an ex-Vietnam vet said about the same thing I did, they slammed him bad. It looks like we could not give them the answer THEY WANTED!!!


I tried to hold a middle ground approach and try to explain to the other members my views were nothing personal about her this is simply how I felt and they were too hard on the ex Vietnam vet.


I gave up on the subject knowing that they won't accept my reasonable answer, The bickering between the members on the Fonda thread went lead to the threads and drive to "Add an Ignore Function"


When I was talking to one of the members he just said in passing his list of role models, I just told him my top 2, which were JFK and FDR. I found the reply missing which I admit made me extremely angry. TCM should have notice that such a simple reply which in itself did NOT affect the thread itself and the fact that no other replies were given to that, it should have been ignored by THEM. They apparently saw their error and reinstated it. Thanks to a very kind member Fred Dobbs, he informed me that he found my "lost" comment in which I thanked him.


I hope you now got a better understanding of what transpired.


You are CORRECT the subject should have been about her movies and members regardless of their political beliefs should not take political stands when people take into consideration that when they rate someone they are at times taking their opinion of that actor/actress as a whole when rating their films. Now I only hope YOU don't take this the WRONG way as others did

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While you're at it don't forget what cuased it !


If you are referring to the "Fonda" thread, it goes way beyond and way before that. That was a walk in the park, compared to what has gone down on these boards. You just have no idea. Be glad you don't! It's long overdue. Better late than never!

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I think I got "some" idea. I will call the Fonda thread "My Trail by Fire" thread. Oh the agony. As well as the "Ignore" function TCM placed on their websites, they should allow authors to place "Enter at Own Risk" signs of any thread in which some names itself spells trouble !

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Frank Dobbs and Movieman1957, will you care to look at the Fonda site and tell me what does all that on Page 1 has to do with her movies ??? Where is the TCM "watchdog" when you need him ?


And I got deleted !

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>And I got deleted !


You did NOT get "deleted". I went and found your "missing" post about JFK and Roosevelt, right on page 4 of another thread, right where you left it, and then you lost it and you couldn't remember where you had posted it.


While you were shouting on one thread that it had been "deleted", I went and found it on another thread in about 3 seconds.


You need to learn how to use the search feature on the main index page. You are beginning to cause more trouble here than you are worth.

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That was not the question !!!! The first part of the question was what I was questioning you about. !


My God look at Page 1 of the Fonda thread and tell me what does that extreme farfetch stuff has to do with her movies ???


The last part is resolved and was retorical.

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Hello, abrownfan. May I chime in here for a moment? I'm worried that you're getting stressed about this. I'm sorry if your posts have been deleted. There are all sorts of new things to get used to around here today. It might have been unintentional---as other, more experienced posters have explained.


When I read the page you mention, I see a couple people making serious political arguments, a couple more engaging in what is, apparently, an ongoing personal conversation (entirely their own business), and some more posters just having fun with *Caine Mutiny* wisecracks. One of those enjoy it or ignore it pages. Anyone who had wanted to say anything objective or admiring about Ms. Fonda's movie career had already done so, I guess.


We all love movies, and, on this forum, that's what's important, right? Peace, cascabel

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Thanks for at lease a decent reply. I was neither complaining or whining as Fred Dobbs phrased it, I just only ask a simple question so I can understand how the "Code of Conduct" operated.


I am not stressed out, just learning. Yes the threads are about the movies. Some members have been helpfull in the past couple of days explaining to a newcomer why the TCM moderator sometimes have to put order within the forum and that is what I am trying to learn about.


I was just wondering about the mess on the Fonda site, why the bulk of that was not deleted - especially the Chavez, communism, and other junk since it is about her films. It just seems that some people are taking a double standard towards me knowing that I was just asking NOT complaining. I am not "worried" about the thread.



Fred Dobbs was extremely rude in his reply. The TCM moderator already resolved the missing reply problem and YES MR Dobbs IT WAS DELETED - I can read 3 pages of what transpired in a 48 hour period.


Once again like it happened last week, people took what I said the wrong way. I am neither worried, upset, or even concerned about that thread, it can disappear for all I care. If long time members treat newcomers like this, no wonder why you are losing them!


I have mostly being given people info on other movies on other threads. I even may have saved one silent movie from oblivion.


I also noticed that members are mostly joking or clowning around i.e. with Lawson, I never took any of that seriously and I joined in on the fun a little. I hope they were only joking with him.


I like the "TROLL" statements found it very funny.


Mr. Dobbs lighten up a little bit. Don't confuse learning with "whining".

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You said it was "deleted" but I found it in about 3 seconds, so it was NOT deleted.


You keep trying to take people back to the Fonda thread to get that problem going all over again on this thread. You are a trouble maker and you claim that nobody understands you, yet you keep causing trouble and you've been trying to cause division between posters.


What does your posts have to do with "movies"?


Why don't you talk about "movies" like everyone else?

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Nicely put, abrownfan. Welcome to the boards.


Has anyone tried out the ignore function? I tested it by ignoring a poster, then re-reading the thread. The ignored posts are still there - just blanked out. I can't see myself using this tool. My curiosity (and/or immaturity) would get the best of me and I'd probably "un-ignore" the poster to read what was written. It's a nice thought though and I appreciate TCM trying to improve the site.

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If it helps, you can read the Code of Conduct here:





Again, people are trying to explain to you that you were not singled out by the moderator for your post about JFK and FDR and that you were likely the victim of an inadvertent delete by the moderator.


This boards can be buggy at times, trust those that have been here a long time and have seen their posts deleted, had trouble logging in, had posts vanish before they could be posted because the poster timed out while composing the post, etc.


People are also trying to give you the back history of how and why this board came to be moderated. Trust us, it was an ugly, ugly set of flame wars that brought us to where we are today. A moderated board means that posts can and will be deleted. Does the moderator catch them all? Not always, sometimes the board moves too fast to catch them all.



It is not a perfect message board but if you can live with the bugs and the moderation, it is a good place to talk movies.


Message was edited by: lzcutter

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If the ignored poster's posts were deleted, it would make for nonsensical reading. Suppose there were a thread of two people exchanging conversational posts, and you were ignoring one of the posters. It would be the textual equivalent of having to listen to someone nearby talking on a cell phone.


And what if an unignored poster quotes an ignored poster? Would the quote show up?

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This is mainly what I get when I try to respond to your posts:



Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


Most likely causes:

You are not connected to the Internet.

The website is encountering problems.

There might be a typing error in the address.


What you can try:

Diagnose Connection Problems


More information


This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including:


Internet connectivity has been lost.

The website is temporarily unavailable.

The Domain Name Server (DNS) is not reachable.

The Domain Name Server (DNS) does not have a listing for the website's domain.

If this is an HTTPS (secure) address, click Tools, click Internet Options, click Advanced, and check to be sure the SSL and TLS protocols are enabled under the security section.

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I DO ! Look at the "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thread, the" black and white movies why we don;t like them", I heard a bad rumor about the Wizard of Oz, Why we perfer older classics from new movies - with the very nice reply Sybil Jason gave me, and the thread I started about "Forgotten Child Stars"


Some time have pasted between me finding the deleted post, me asking you about it, and you fortunatly finding it.


Most of my time was on these threads and joking a little with Lawson. I just only took a glance over to see how the Fonda thread was doing to see the moderator in action which he haven't done so in a while and was just seeing how people were rating her films but could only find a handfull of members asking back and forth questions talking oly about her movies.


I have looked through other threads too but didn't find much that I was interested in. Hoping to get a clue of any newly found lost silents and early talkies.


Right now I don't know what in the world you are thinking but you have really got the wrong impression.

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