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Guest dredagain

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>I just only took a glance over to see how the Fonda thread was doing to see the moderator in >action which he haven't done so in a while and was just seeing how people were rating her films >but could only find a handfull of members asking back and forth questions talking oly about her >movies


You've said that 50 times already. Why do you keep repeating it? If you don't like that thread THEN DON'T LOOK AT IT.

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Thanks for your very kind and usefull reply. This is all I am asking for. A very simple kind reply. I was looking at the members with the most replies and hoped that because of the large number of post they will be more experienced. You seem to have a great deal of experience and a way to be polite.


Why can't I get the same from others. So far 80% of the members have treated me well with simple answers to simple questions. 15 % misunderstood what I said or meant and took it the wrong way and the rest - I think you just found that part out.


Like the Lawson character who seems to have a great sense of humor I was wondering how do I know the difference between someone joking or is seroius ?

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Curiosity killed the cat. Luckily this board is not fatal. When a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound if no one is around to hear it? That's how I'm looking at the ignore feature. But it's a free country. Do your thing Freddy.

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"I was just wondering about the mess on the Fonda site, why the bulk of that was not deleted - " - abrownfan


I guess you missed the message I posted to you yesterday. It is on page 5 of the "Fonda" thread. I can't seem to get a direct link to that post for some reason.


Let me reiterate - if there are objectionable posts in a thread and they are removed, all messages that were posted as replies to that "objectionable" message (which used the reply button in the message being deleted) will disappear too. I don't know what method you used to reply to certain posts ("reply to post" or "reply to thread" at the top of each page) but if you responded to a post using the "reply button" found in a poster's message, your post will go away along with the offending message - whether your message was "objectionable" or not. And I don't believe you posted any "objectionable" content.


If you scroll down a bit on that page, you wil notice that every post added to that thread between 10am EDT on the 28th and 2am EDT on the 29th is gone. There were some very distasteful posts in there - comments about "lesbians in Des Moines" and questioning of a person's sexual orientation along with the "religious" posts. TCM obviously felt there was little worth saving or worth trying to save from that sequence of posts.


Additionally, they have had their hands full this week rolling out the new Board Features in these Forums. I bet they were looking for the quickest and "cleanest" method of addressing the "mess" in there. Monitoring these Forums is probably not a high priority this week. There are more important issues/problems to work on - like the tweaks needing to be done to the new Forum interface.


If you are civil and not engaging in name-calling, posting inflammatory rhetoric or being rude and/or mean for its own sake, then your posts will probably not be deleted - unless you are replying to a rude, mean inflammatory post. Then what you posted becomes "collateral damage" and will likely be deleted too. But I have not read anything from you that I would ever consider offensive or objectionable so you shouldn't be too worried about losing your messages. I'd just be cautious about which posts I replied to in threads that are obviously pushing the envelope.


I hope that is clear. And helpful.


Kyle In Hollywood


Message was edited by: hlywdkjk to try to get the correct link to work

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Thank you Kyle for the kind reply, it is appreciated. I am never rude, I do talk about movies on other threads and am in the process of with a film preservationist getting a thought was gone silent put on DVD. Did I came on the TCM forum at the wrong time when some of the members are healing from the "flame wars" ?


Can I ask you a question, how do I know how to tell if members are joking and clowning around or those with actual distaste for each other?


I seem to get a nice impression from some members such as Lawson which I find funny at times.


Its hard to guage feelings through a computer. I hope you got the impression that I am trying at lease. The TCM forum is my first forum period. Seems to be a trial by fire learning experience in which I am getting burned at times.


Can you and other long time members institute a "grace period" so anyone with no forum experience can adapt? I think I just learned why you are losing newcomers and the reason is not just the flame wars.


I just had 2 members give me a kind welcome. I will stick to the movie subjects and if you look through some of recent replies, I have a list of some of the threads i.e. the B&W films forum, "Why we perfer older classics from the new movies", etc.


The ignore function does work but it might have some drawbacks. If you don't know what is said and its about you, how can you defend yourself?


I think you might have seen my "middle ground approach" explaination last week, I did got a very kind reply from it but it and the reply is no longer there.


If you have any suggestions it will be appreciated. Sometimes I might not get what I am trying to say typed right - you know its in ones head but does not come out right. Ever have that problem?


Glad to got to know you.




Edited addition: I found your reply on page 5 on the other thread, looks like I was collateral damage. I left a confirmation reply and ask other members not to reply to it.


Message was edited by: abrownfan

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Kyle seems to have a problem with "Lesbians in Des Moines".

Never you mind - God Bless America and my best to all Lesbians living in Des Moines.

Especially the lesbians that hang out at Home Depot in Downtown Des Moines.

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Hello Lawson, I never actually took the humous remarks you make i.e. on the forbidden to say the name "Fonda" thread. A sense of humor is OK once in a while as long as it don't go overboard. As I stated before I am a newcomer and SOME of the members don't understand what that word means. I have met some very nice people on here and you are one of them. Glad to meet you - I guess I will get a browbeating from some members for that.


I came to TCM with a purpose containing in the "Forgotten Child Stars Thread" and on the "Why do we Perfer Older Classics --- " thread. I fortunatly drew the attention of Sybil Jason.


I will obtain her book "My Fifteen Minutes" It is bad that NONE of her main role films are on DVD or even VHS. I was fortunate to use the Directv search option to get 2 of her movies. I think I now own very rare copies indeed. There is a greater tragedy that 90% of what Baby Peggy ever made is forever gone Thanks to efforts to a few people including myself there will be one last film of her coming out soon. Yes Lawson a few people do care about this Nitrate film slaughter.


A previous comment "I like the smell of nitrate in the mourning" - I don't know if he was talking about the cellulose nitrate or not. If he was that smell in the mourning can ACTUALLY kill you. No joking either. Nitrate film as I discovered gives off nitrogen dioxide which is a POISEN gas.

Nitrate film has became a forum within it self I have personally worked with 4, 20 min reels of nitrate film to get those reels cleaned and presentable. I got a screen to VHS copy of the reels. Sadly those reels has met the nitrate afterlife. I wasn't attempting suicide working with those films but it might look like I had a death wish.


I am hoping to obtain a book called "This Film is Dangerous, A Celebration of Nitrate"


I personally think that book is ill name ! There is NOTHING to celebrate about. To this date a mind numbing 80% of ALL films of the silent to the early sound era are forever lost i.e. the foremention Baby Peggy films due to the nitrate decomposition nightmare.


I like to add -not directed at you Lawson - that some rude people should take notice that I was using this TCM Add an ignore function to ask my previous questions. This thread is not a deticated movie thread and I did not tie up other movie threads with the simple question ask, wanted simple answer back replies. Some members forgot to see what this thread is titled !


Well you know my story. Take care Lawson, glad to meet you - oh yes please give those poor guys a break, they might actually ignore you and you can wind up talking to yourself (little pun)

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I, like everyone else, have been trying to figure out how everything works. I have, also, been searching the threads for information. I read about everything I could in General Issues. When I saw this thread, I thought, "Great! This will give me some info on the ignore button." Wow, was I wrong. It turned out to be a bunch of blah, blah, blah, due mostly to one poster, and included everyone's vain attempts to placate his/her continually self-absorbed, redundant tirades! Sheez! What a waste of time. I read the whole thread from back to front and came out knowing little more than I did before.


So, I just pressed the ignore button on a couple of people and found out for myself how it worked. It is easy and can also be easily remedied. For anyone who doesn't yet know, all you do is hit the delete button and the poster's posts will be gone, but the spaces for the posts still remain in case the continuity is destroyed and you just want to peek to ease your curiosity. To peek, you just press the end ignore button and all the poster's posts will reappear. I doubt any poster will know if you have ignored them or not, but you as the ignorer can easily reinstate that person anytime your "mad" has past.


Any further information "on topic" would always be appreciated. There are still many frustrations with this format. Trying to post a reply or picture takes FOREVER! And, if you want to edit anything, FORGET IT!

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While I can see why some folks wanted an "ignore" feature, I think it's the sign of poorly run board.


A well run board has rules, and those rules are enforced by a moderator or group of moderators. Break the rules, get a warning. Break them again, maybe a second warning. Break them repeatedly, you're gone.


Having an ignore feature is sloppy and lazy. Plus why does it feature so prominently under each user name in the thread? That's really a bad idea, it just encourages using "ignore" when it would be much more challenging and interesting to actually reply to someone. It seems like TCM is encouraging us all to just ignore each other, which in my mind is scary, because it won't lend to solidarity if and when TCM goes in some directions most of us would not like and some of us fear that they might one day.

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I totally agree with you mark, that it is always best to have a moderator on hand who can steer things in the right direction. However it would appear they can neither hire somebody to do this nor assign the responsibility to someone who is already a TCM board member.

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That is a great viewpoint, and it would work well in a perfect world!


But the world is NOT perfect..the perfect example is that agitating obnoxious vile CANCER known as Board Member "Snarfie".


Ever since he wrongfully accused four (4) Board Members back in January 2007, ( Kathleen T, bradtexasrange, RTRiley who "Snarfie continuously attacked like a Shark and left the board for that reason, and your truly as being a "Troll" with no foundation) he has been a provoker and agitator to me!


I for one am relieved that I do not have to put up with his mean, nasty, vile and downright hurtful posts directed to me. I HAVE HOPPED OVER BETTER THINGS IN THE GUTTER THAN THIS SICK PSYCHO WHO IS THE ULTIMATE EVIL.


Walk a mile in my shoes and let us see if you continue your same opinion. To me the "Ignore Feature" is a God Send", as I do not have to put up with anymore CRAP from this sick demented Slimeball!


I hope he dies in the streets the bastard, for all the hell he has put me through since January 2007.


And it is not like I tried to suppress him I reported him Twenty (20 ) times to TCMWebAdmin with little or no results. May he rot in hell the CREEP! ( Not the TCMWeb Admin....I meant "Snotty Sneaky Snarfie!" )


Best Wishes



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Lucky Dan the posts were deleted, but to answer your question...Yes January 2007 is History..but his attacks continued up to the point when I hit the Ignore Feature the other day......so really it is still a current event issue.



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I can't believe this crap. Deleted? What are we, in kindergarten? I'm gonna hope this is due to a glitch. Elsewise maybe this is the kick I've needed to improve upon how I spend my spare time.


Best to you Bartlett. But please cool off.

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I can understand what it must be like for enduring that for 8 MONTHS !!


If you followed my replies, you will noticed that I got criticised badly on my first reply. I simply gave an honest and fair answer and got chewed out badly. Then I get even more criticised for asking WHY !! When I try to find out what was I doing wrong or was I misinterpeting the thread or post I got called a WHINER ! I think the forum should make a policy of giving new members a 30 day "grace" period so they can "learn the ropes". Plus as I have read on this thread about how someone gave the idea of how to get rid of troublemakers is to give a warning by email from the moderater and if the behavor don't stop the forum should automaticly TERMINATE the offending members membership.


I think it should also include DELETING across the ENTIRE forum ALL threads and replies the offending person has left - in other words it will be like he never esisted !! I think even drednm will LOVE that. You'll have to ask him I guess. New members should have their member name highlighted in YELLOW to show that they are new to the forum and it will turn normal - what you see now after 30 days. Any members that gets the first warning email will get their username highlighted in RED. This will show all members that the offending member is being warned and is in pernament probation. If you see "johndoe" is not a registered member then you will know that he is GONE as well as ALL his replies and threads. What do you think of this idea?


Sorry to hear the pain you're in, I am getting a small does myself and I am a newcomer.


The last email I left drednm was not meant to include you "the Norton Anti-Troll (humor) software" suggestion. It was for his own "personal" trolls. Maybe my idea might work better then the software idea.


Take care - abrownfan

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LuckyDan Its not new rules just visual markers to let members know who is new and have been warned about his/her bad behaviour. Plus it helps the moderator.


The software remark was a joke but humor of it was to cheer dnednm up since he had to endure what Bartlett has. Remember it has ALREADY started happening to me as well.


Where you see the username below the "Replying To:" that is what I was talking about, just simply to have it backlighted in YELLOW for new members and RED for the troublemakers who the moderator has tagged.


Yes Bartlett is angry, I would have long since cancelled my membership if that went on with me for that amount of time.


I want a fair forum in which to speak. Take care and have a nice Labor Day weekend . I think we ALL could use a break from the forum to cool off . abrownfan

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Bartlett I guess this might be some good news. I have your last missing reply and saved it. You will see on my last post to you that I was answering to it..


I fortunatly had 2 TCM forum windows open just in case of problems and thats when I noticed that you and LuckDan was talking about the deleted post. At lease I still have it on my hard drive. I been on computers since the era of the IBM XT 8088 and The Color Computer and still have them. I even learn how to get rid of those viruses the antivirus can not remove. Has to do that the new viruses DON'T work on a DOS platform. I use the old ATTRIB command to set the virus to archive and its HISTORY !

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