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I?ve seen many boards ruined by over-moderation. This is especially true with company-owned boards.


What we need is an occasional cleaning out of people who call other posters bad names, but we need to allow the various discussions and debates as long as people don?t call each other bad names.




At one time I was totally against moderation on these boards, but that assumes that people are going to act like adults. If people won't do that, moderation is the only answer. At Silver Screen Oasis, the board created as a spin-off of this one, we have moderation that's neither oppressive nor censorious. You're free to express any opinion as long as it's done with civility.


But allowing the fights and insults that have been prevalent here is just wrong, and has the effect of driving off the informative and interesting posters. Moderation doesn't have to be hard line to be effective, but it does take effort, and that's something that TCM has been unwilling to expend here.

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> It seems like TCM is encouraging us all to just ignore each other, which in my mind is scary, because it won't lend to solidarity...


It was a last-ditch effort by TCM to save this place, and I applaud it. There is no solidarity. We're made up of several junior-high cliques: those who care about TCM and old movies, those who want to change TCM to fit their needs and desires, those with a political agenda, those who want to disrupt this website at all costs, and those who are completely clueless to it all. I'm sure there are a few others that I've left out. I have a nice baker's dozen on my list, and will gladly add more as new "personalities" (and their buddies) show up here. As for moderation, I don't even think warnings should be given, just boot them. Even five-year-olds know how to be civil, and if we can't, good riddance. Thanks for trying, TCM.

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Well...put me at the cafeteria table with the geeks and the nerds who LOVE old movies...B&W...1930's - 1950's...Garbo, Gable, Tierney, Cagney, Sheridan, etc. who has no political axe to grind...who wants to talk about why "The Letter" is perfect and why "Citizen Kane" might be over-rated. Please put me at the table where I can talk to others who think Hedy is the most beautiful actress who will EVER appear in motion pictures and why Rondo Hatton is the most bizarre. I want to sit with the other junior high school "kids" who think technicolor was made for Maureen O'Hara or Greer Garson or Lena Horne.


I think the Message Board might devolve into total anarchy so I will P.M. a couple of people to reveal my 'reel' identity in case the board is banished from the TCM website. And if they wish to continue communicating with me they can.


I like the Ignore feature and love TCM for showing classic films from the Golden Age of Hollywood. From "Wuthering Heights" to "Plan 9 From Outer Space" TCM rocks!



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Talk about censorship-----


I just logged onto this board after many months of not having internet in my house.

I log on and find I have a private message from the moderator.


He gives me my first and only warning for using the word "moron" and for complaining that they pulled the memorial day programming that they have been using since the beginning in 94.


the mod also tells me that the board is not the proper place to complain about the programming.


Um ok.


I agree about not having profanities and just out and out rude unacceptable social behavior being banned from message boards.



This was back in May.


There were no profanities in my post. Only the word moron.


I would also like to say that I hardly ever, ever complain about TCM. That was one of the only times I ever posted something that wasn't positive about the channel.

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It's hard to believe that a year has passed since this whole trouble with the board began. We had a major meltdown a year ago, one in the fall, one in the winter and now, we find ourselves in the same place we were in April when TCM Web stepped in to try and put a stop to all the chaos.


The Code of Conduct was supposed to curb churlish and bad behavior but has done neither. The Ignore Function was finally instituted but does not keep posters from continuing to insult each other and other posters.


The posters who come here to talk about their love of movies continues to atrophy on an almost daily basis.


And still a year later, the lunatics seem to be in control of the asylum. Nothing has changed despite a Code of Conduct, moderators and an Ignore Function. Bad behavior is still not dealt with effectively.


We as a community seem to be incapable of treating each other with respect and manners not to mention the fact that we are also incapable of getting along 24/7, 365 days a year.


Which will come first? The good posters totally abandoning the board or TCM shutting the whole thing down?


Because it sure seems like those are the only two options in the long run unless we can all agree that this message board is more important than petty rivalries, name calling, baiting, provoking one another and fights.

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You better take a closer look at the first 3 pages of threads. A lot has went on recently. You may have noticed the "Ignore" function and the post you replied to when you were last on the forum is probually gone.


I think the word moron in a very mild word, rude but not profanity. I thought the forum was to gives comments about the movies AND the programming so TCM can figure out what the general census is of what type of movies they should show.


The fact that you actually got a warning from the moderator over a mild word such as moron and that you had comments about the programming (in which you do have the right to do so) is going overboard. There are discussions on the recent threads about the moderator has to show balance in deleting post - that is profanity should never be tolarated and heated arguments is not what the forum is for. An occasional slipup like what you did should have went uncensored. A lot can happen in a few months, I guess you will need some catching up. I myself am new here, only been on for a little over a couple of weeks and have gotten my "trail by fire".


There are also bugs in the system and hopefully the webmaster can sort it all out in the next week or so. It is to be determined if that will be a good thing or a bad thing. You might notice that your computer may stall at times whenever you click to "reply" or "edit", or you get a "Page Not Found", that are some of the bugs.


best regards - abrownfan

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Oh, how true, how true! A year has gone by, and we are still at war, like Iraq! Last summer was truly a horror. I have had a couple of pm's from posters declaring the doomsday of the boards, but I have reassured them that this will never happen. There are enough of us who trudge through the trenches to help others and continue spreading the knowledge, joy and thrill of classic films.


I really enjoyed CineMaven's little speech, and that alone encourages me that we will plod along in our efforts to uplift the spirits on this wonderful TCM Board. There is nothing like it anywhere! I have participated on other film forums and in other areas other than film, and there is nothing like the spontaneity or intelligence displayed in these threads. Oh yes, there are the unpleasant moments, but we shall overcome. Now, thanks to the ignore button, which I haven't had to use yet, some of our more "discerning" players can calm themselves with the absence of those who disturb their tranquility.


I have already seen a positive move toward agreement and peaceful exchange. It is really up to everyone to "just chill," as they say, and hold your tongue. There is really no reason to vent every little frustration. As maturity sets in, as it should have by now with all of the members over 40, we should all be able to let much of our disagreements just slide off our backs like little ducklings, and enjoy the camaraderie of splashing around in the pond together without ruffled feathers.


I look forward to many more months or years of participation, and with the return of Larry, things are really looking up. Remember people, there is always someone wonderful to talk to on these boards and you can simple gravitate toward them.

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I think we will always have that one troublemaker with us, and he knows who he is (or should I say he knows who his screennames are...though, lol, I suspect even he has forgotten some of his active names and passwords).


Anyway, I have found the Ignore feature a real blessing. The person I am speaking of probably hates the Ignore button because it means he can rant and rave all he wants but nobody who uses the Ignore button on him fights back. He wants that fight, he loves to tear apart the board, but we are cutting off his main source of fun by ignoring him. And he will continue to rant and go ballistic until the TCMWebAdmin sees it and gets rid of him.


I find intelligent conversation exists in plenty on the board. I know who are the good people on the board. The troublemaker(s), however? On Ignore. I find things much calmer.



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You know, they say the opposite of love is NOT hate...

it is indifference. And that's the great purpose of the IGNORE function.


I'm glad I wasn't on board last year when you folks talk of how chaotic it was. But I'm on here now and will stay and talk to those who are civil and who think Ann Sheridan is the bees knees.


Those I'm choosing to ignore...I'm ignoring. I don't know if they can tell they're being ignored...but that doesn't matter. I know it. Now, who's ready for "Where Love Has Gone" next Sunday morning???

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