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Lovely Loretta Young

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Theresa, "Four Men And A Prayer" will be released in December as part of the John Ford At Fox dvd collectors set. Sometimes the studios release the movies contained in the set individually. I have never seen this movie of Loretta`s, but my movie review book gave it a high rating.

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oh thank you maureen!! i will certainly let my grandmama know Taxi is playing again. i so wish to see it again after such a long time!!!


oh my goodness!! i am so gonna get that collection with Four men and a Prayer. that is one of the few my momma likes, and i think i have watchd that one multiple times. thank you for telling me.

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Loretta is in the top three- beauties of the 20th century--I am surprised her daughter looks so

much like her in the picture with the silver hair--And for all the fans who complain they '

never see Loretta's legs--I am glad you posted the photo showing her gorgeous legs,

As for her most beautiful screen appearence I will have to vote for "Ramona" in her close-ups

when she lifts her eyes into the Technicolor--she is a wonder to behold --the long black hair

contrasted with her silver-grey eyes are to beautiful for words~

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Hi Thistledown, While searching thru my unlabeled videos last night, I found an interview that I taped in 2001 with Larry King and Judy Lewis. Judy said that Loretta was a good mother, and she got along with her two half brothers. She was not close to her stepfather, Tom Lewis. He always made her seem that she wasn`t part of the family. Judy confronted Loretta when she was in her early thirties about the truth of her her father was. Loretta finally told her that Clark Gable was her dad. Loretta made her promise never to tell anyone. Judy honored the promise until she felt compelled to write her book "Uncommon Knowledge" published in 1994. Loretta refused to speak to Judy for almost five years. Within one year Loretta lost her husband, Jean Louis, and her two sisters Sally and Polly Ann. The loss brought mother and daughter back together again, and Judy was with Loretta when she died. During the last segment of the show, Loretta`s youngest son, Peter came on. Loretta also told him who Judy`s father really was. Peter said the same thing that Judy did, there is no reason for his sister to take a dna test, "Mom`s word is good enough."Judy was as beautiful and nice as Loretta. Peter looked more like his father., and he also spoke very highly of his mother.

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Hi Theresa, I am on a number of links to Loretta, and this list was posted of her best movies. The titles that I own have a * after the title. "Laugh Clown Laugh", "The Squall", "Loose Ankles" ",

"Kismet", "The Devil To Pay", "Taxi"*, "Zoo In Budapest", "A Man`s Castle", "Call Of The Wild"*,

"Ramona","Suez"*,"He Stayed For Breakfast"*, "And Now Tomorrow"*, "The Stranger"*, "

"The Farmer`s Daughter"*. "The Bishop`s Wife"*. "The Accused"*, "Mother Is A Freshman"*,

"Come To The Stable"*, and "Because Of You"*.

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wow! i love that list maureen! you have quite a collection.i was just going through all my loretta movies, and was curious at just how many of hers i had.i want more of her movies, and i have seen many more than i have. here are the ones i have recorded with the highlighted ones i think are her best performances so far:


laugh, clown, laugh


the devil to pay

life begins

employees entrance

*zoo in budapest*

the life of jimmy dolan

midnight mary

man's castle

house of rothschild

born to be bad

clive of india

the call of the wild


the unguarded hour

private number


cafe metropole

four men and a prayer


*the story of alexander graham bell*

eternally yours

the doctor takes a wife

bedtime story

*and now tomorrow*

*along came jones*

the stranger

*the farmer's daughter*

the bishop's wife

the accused

*rachel and the stranger*

mother is a freshman

*come to the stable*

key to the city

*cause for alarm*

half angel


*because of you*

*christmas eve...tv*

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Hi Theresa, I am very impressed with your list of Loretta Young films. Here is my list:


Platinum Blonde


They Call It Sin

Employees Entrance

Midnight Mary

Hereos For Sale

The Call Of The Wild

The Unguarded Hour

Three Blind Mice



And Now Tomorrow

Along Came Jones

The Stranger

The Farmer`s Daughter

The Bishop`s wife

Rachel And The Stranger

The Accused

Come To The Stable

Key To The City

Cause For Alarm

Because Of You

It Happens Every Thursday


"Three Blind Mice" was found among my unlabeled videos. Last night I watched this very funny comedy costarring Joel MCCrea and David Niven. Loretta and her two sisters inherited a sum of money and left the farm in Kansas. They headed to California in pursuit of three rich husbands.I know that I taped "Kentucky", but the movie is not to be found. I signed Chandler`s petition. "Cafe Metropole" and "Second Honeymoon" are the titles that I would like to see the most.

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Hehehe, I forgot the "Christmas Eve" TV movie. While going thru my tapes, I found a movie that I saw when it opened in 1959 "Say One For Me". Bing Crosby plays a pastor in a church located near Boadway.Debbie Reynolds is a parishoner who takes a job in a nightclub hosted by Robert Wagner. I enjoyed the music from this movie so much, that I purchased the album. Your grandma might recall this movie.

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i was going through my list of movies to see if i had "say one for Me" and totally forgot that i had it. i had seen it a few times when i first recorded it a long time ago. i thought it was a very cute movie, and loved the music in it. you saw it when it was in theaters? cool!!!!!


nice list maureen! i want to see Three Blind Mice so badly. that is one she doesnt have. she had recalled seeing it though, but she wasnt able to record it when she saw it.

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Hi Theresa, What is memorable about "Three Blind Mice" is Loretta accidentally on purpose hitting David Niven`s sailboat with her own. The boats turn upside down, and Loretta has to save David who can`t swim. When they reach shore, Joel McCrea is there in a pair of swim trunks to greet them. He looks gorgeous too hehehe.

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Hi Thistledown, Your aunt is correct. Loretta had Judy`s ears surgically made smaller and closer to her head when she was a young girl. In Judy`s book "Uncommon Knowledge" her playmates made fun of her ears and called her dumbo. It was painful in the healing process, but Judy had asked Loretta to have her ears made smaller. Judy has met John Clark Gable twice, but he thinks of himself as Clark`s only child.

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Hi Cinemaven, The photo of Loretta at 86 is beautiful. Tonight I watched Loretta in "China", and her costar was Alan Ladd. They worked well together, and also teamed for the movie "And Now Tomorrow".I never tire of watching Loretta, and TCM will be showing "Four Men And A Prayer" and "The Squall" in December.

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hey maureen!!! loverly day isnt it? that is settled i need to see Three Blind Mice.


look i have found some mighty purty pics to show ya!


she looks sorta like ava gardner here,



with her golden globe for Christmas Eve



with her emmy for her loverly show



with spencer tracy



i love this pic of her bow and arrow dexterity(i also love this sport)



this pic i love with her as the bridesmaid in john wayne's i think first marriage.





as a little girl



Message was edited by: butterscotchgreer

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Hi Theresa, Thanks for the loverly Loretta photos. She was beautiful in any decade. The photo of Loretta winning the Golden Globe for the TV movie "Christmas Eve" is a first see view for me. The wedding of John Wayne and Josephine Saenz was held in the garden of Loretta`s Bel Air home on June 24,1933. Duke was not a Catholic so the ceremony could not be held in the Church.Josie was the Duke`s first wife, and the mother of his two sons and two daughters. She was the most attractive of his three wives, and a lifelong friend of Loretta`s.

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Hi Forever Garland, I noticed that you haven`t been on the boards recently and welcome back. Last night it was a triple feature for me "Platinum Blonde", "They Call It Sin", and "Midnight Mary".I enjoy these pre code movies that Loretta made, the dialogue in "They Call It Sin" was especially racy. Robert Williams was wonderful in "Platinum Blonde", and I love his scences with Loretta as Gallagher. In these early 1930`s films, Loretta was mesmorizingly beautiful..

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Hi Cashette,

Thanks for the welcome back , today is better than yesterday..thank God!

No too much pain, but i'll tell you i am looking forward to watching 3 of my favorite Loretta films over the next two months, like i do every year..The Bishop's Wife, Come To The Stable, & Christmas Eve..hopefully the last two will see a DVD release before Christmas 09! FG

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Greetings. I apologize if I posted this already, but the search function on the message board seems not to be working.


Just shoot me if you know about this already.


We are trying to get 20th Century Fox to release the Tyrone Power/Loretta Young films: Suez, Ladies in Love, Second Honeymoon, Cafe Metropole, and Love is News as a set. There is a petition at




Whether you sign anonymously or use a name or partial name, your email will not show up on the site. Uncheck the box that says "let me know about other petitions" and all you will get is a confirmatory email that can be deleted and not responded to. The site will take you to a donation page after you've signed - ignore it and exit the site.


We appreciate your support and hopefully this will also encourage Fox to keep going with releasing Loretta's films.

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Hi FG, Happy to hear that you are feeling better. I will also be watching the same three movies that Loretta made for the holidays. "The Bishop`s Wife" is a staple every season. The only movie that James Cagney made with Loretta was "Taxi!", and it is a goody. Last week I watched "The Farmer`s Daughter". My two favorite scenes are Joseph Cotten showing off while ice skating, and the handshakes that Loretta`s three gorgeous brothers give him.Who wouldn`t want Loreeta serving them hot glug in bed.

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How about a boxset of the movies Loretta made with Don Ameche. Granted, Ameche wasn't in Power's league in the looks department, but he had a winning personality in his Fox movies. He and Loretta were starred several times in the second half of the 30s:



Love Under Fire

The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell (also featuring Loretta's real life sisters as her movie sisters)


Don Ameche was the third star, along with Young and Power, of Love Is News, and he was a featured player in Ladies In Love, as was Power.


Don't know if I left any movie out.


Message was edited by: Arturo

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