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Very Disappointed by schedule change

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I checked the Canadian schedule for tonight's films and found out that my favourite Loretta Young film, The Bishop's Wife, is not being shown. I was really looking forward to watching this film this evening, and I don't understand why that one was bumped. Does anyone know who I can ask about this? Thanks.

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Thank you for your kind offer to record it for me, but no, I don't need it recorded. It's just that I was looking forward to watching it this evening with everyone else, as it were. I've sent an e-mail to the Canadian TCM people to ask them why it was bumped. Again, thank you for your kind response.

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Hello Alice55 -


I am assuming that you saw The Bishop's Wife on the Canadian schedule for this evening in the recent past (Past few weeks?) and found it removed just today.


I don't know the certain answer for its removal tonight but a last minute change is usually the result of a conflict in licensing agreements. If TCM-Canada has shown the film in the past, its removal tonight would mean that the film is no longer licensed to TCM-Canada. The right of TCM-Canada to show the film has either expired and/or some other cable outlet in Canada has the right to show the film "today".


At the time the August Schedule was created for Canada, the programmers proably thought the film was available to schedule. But they must have been mistaken. Trying to keep track of film availability for two separate countries can't be an easy task. That they are able to match as many films on the two schedules is amazing to me. They obviously try to keep the schedules as similar as possible. If they aren't, it is most often due to these conflicts.


Lest you think it only happens to Canadian viewers, recently we in the States were left without My Man Godfrey a few weeks ago - a film that has been available to TCM for quite a long time. I don't know if this is the reason it was removed from the US Schedule but I did see the film on a secondary HBO channel here a few weeks later. Obviously, HBO has the right to the film for awhile in the States. But HBO had a pristine "UCLA Film Archives" print that I had never seen before. (And was not the print shown on TCM.) If and when TCM again gains the cable rights to the film, I hope they get their hands on this print. It was spectacular.


Kyle In Hollywood


and for the curious, TCM-Canada viewers saw Loretta Young in Big Business Girl (1931) and Midnight Mary (1933) in place of The Farmer's Daughter and The Bishop's Wife this evening.

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Hi Alice, welcome to the boards. When TCM first started in Canada, a lot of our friends to the north started complaining about schedule changes. The problem was that when they click on "schedules" it defaults to the American schedule, not the Canadian one. The fact was there weren't actually any schedule changes since certain films weren't scheduled in Canada to begin with. Now, I'm not saying you did this, but it's a common mistake.


As somebody explained, it's usually a rights issue. It's happened a number of times with some films from Paramount. TCM couldn't get the Canadian rights. This is usually for one or two reasons. Either the films aren't available, in Canada, at all or some other channel up there has them under contract.


Every once in a while, I check the TCM schedules for the UK and and I see films listed that can't be shown in the U.S. for the same reasons so it's not just a U.S./Canada thing.

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