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Throwing Gable over the coals

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Gable Exposed in Sex-Obsessed Biography


Posted: 2007-08-28 18:16:04

Filed Under: Movie News


LOS ANGELES (Aug. 28) - Clark Gable 's father taunted his son, calling him a "sissy." The young Gable responded by fashioning a macho-stud demeanor and projecting dad's disgust onto the many homosexuals he met and worked with.


And author David Bret ("Joan Crawford : Hollywood Martyr") makes it clear that quite a few gays and lesbians populated Hollywood's soundstages and swimming pools.


The author tags virtually everyone who shows up here as straight, gay or bisexual, the majority falling into the latter two categories. Like previous accounts, this one alleges that early in his career Gable was "gay for pay" and for career advancement.


He squired older women, some of them perhaps closet lesbians, and had close personal, possibly sexual relationships with a number of openly gay men. He was, as well, a serial seducer of women.


Bret's sourcing is unclear throughout; he qualifies most assertions about Gable's sexuality with phrases like "it could be" and "it was alleged." As for insight into the star's films and acting, look for it elsewhere. The author lavishes far more care on the details of Hollywood's sexual roundelays than on his flat summaries of Gable's films, including eight unnecessary pages on the plot of "Gone With the Wind."


Then it's on to the actor's severe halitosis (repeatedly mentioned) and his suffering from phimosis, an inability to retract the **** of his uncircumcised ****. Neither problem kept Gable from scoring big time in the bedroom. The image, craft and perhaps art that made Gable a huge star for decades receive scant notice.

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The only thing this book "exposes" is what garbarge the writer is made of...bah!! What a shame and it ought to be a crime to libel the dead, especially when his children are still alive to suffer. Fortunately, there are accurate biographies easily found on Ebay or Amazon, written by people who actually knew the man, including his wife Kay Spreckles and his (and Carole Lombard's) personal business manager, Jean Garceau. They tell the true story.

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There are so many of these trash "biographies" out there now.... unless the author is a known entity it's better to bypass them. They all seem intent on "revealing" all kinds of sexual stuff. I prefer the "what you see is what you get" philosophy and enjoy the likes of Gable or Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, or Marilyn Monroe as ACTORS. The rest is dross.

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