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Bothersome TCM Schedule Changes

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Ever done this? At the beginning of the month you print the brand new schedule for three months out, and as you go over it, you get real excited because you spot a rare movie that has been on your want list for a long time. You highlight the movie, you circle the date on your calendar, - then someone at sometime goes in and removes the movie from the line-up.


Who does that and why?


This has happened twice to me in the last couple of months. The latest incident was Brewster?s Millions (1945) which was scheduled to show on October, 7th my Birthday. I was thinking what a wonderful Birthday Present, to be able to record a movies I have been wanting for so long. Dang, just Dang.

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I've never printed out THREE months worth of schedules.


The TCM Programmer has said on this board that there are times they don't get a that is good enough to show or there may be other problems with it. They might even get the wrong film. There's usually going to be a pretty good reason.

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"You highlight the movie, you circle the date on your calendar, - then someone at sometime goes in and removes the movie from the line-up.


Who does that and why?" - moviehound


The programming department makes the change to the line-up and the WebAdmin dept. makes the change to the online listing. The reasons movieman1957 listed for schedule changes are all true and valid. TCM doesn't make changes to the posted schedules without a legitimate and necessary reason behind the change. In fact, they are usually embarassed to have to alter what they have already posted as upcoming listings.


It is becoming quite common lately for schedules to be able to be seen online nearly four months in advance. I think the November listings were online before the tenth of August. The only advice I can give is perhaps not to print out the schedule so early. Many times I have noticed changes up until about four weeks before the first of a given month.


TCM has access to many new libraries of films this year and are attempting to show films that have never been shown on TCM before (Yea!) but they are often working from a list supplied by the library owner. Oft times, they are choosing titles without having actually inspected the films. It is probably like buying a "pig in a poke". Yesterday's Roy Rogers films are a perfect example. The quality of the films provided for TCM's use was very nearly unacceptable - though they had been assured that they were the best prints available.. TCM showed them anyway as Roy Rogers has been a neglected presence on the Channel. Better to show "poor quality" Roy Rogers than none at all. (See a different thread in these Forums for "TCM's full explanation on the Roy Rogers films.)


I would bet that - as of today - the September listings are firm. And the October listings are likely not have any major changes either. Nor November's evening listings as they are all Guest Programmer Evenings and the chosen films were probably secure before locking the Guests into their introductions. (Though the November daytime listings may still be tweaked, if necessary.) The December listings will probably be available within the next few weeks. But I wouldn't consider those listings firm until about the first of October.


Hope you aren't too disappointed about missing out on Brewster's Millions. It is possible it may yet show up one day. And obviously TCM wants to show the film. I hope it does as I'd like to see it too.


Kyle In Hollywood

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I've learned not to get my hopes up too much whenever I see an early schedule, mainly because everything changes. I know when the May schedule came out in January or February, it said "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" was going to be on near the end of the month. And it wasn't. Apparently, the Showtime/Flix channels re-leased it for another year (which I was really bummed about since they show it in the pan and scan version) and it was replaced with one of those Frankie/Annette beach movies and a 30 minute MGM short.


It's exciting to see the early schedules, as they tell you who the Star of the Month is as well as the monthly spotlight movies, but I usually wait until my Now Playing guide arrives in the mail to see the definite schedule--and even then there are last minute changes! But I'd say about 95% of the schedule does stay the same.

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