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Guest dredagain

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Lawson can I ask you a serious question. I am a newcomer. Are you and the others just joking or clowning around or is there a more serious tone that I may not understand.

I'm just asking so I know how to reply in the future.


If you look at one of the thread regarding "add an Ignore Function" I just had something very bad to happen to me, someone who knew I am a newcomer confused (to say the lease) whineing with asking a simple question so I can understand how the moderator works.


Right now I don't know how to ask a question anymore, fearing they will take it the wrong way.


Give newcomers at lease a grace period so they can learn how to use a forum. Any insight will be helpfull..

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If you stop talking about yourself, your personal troubles, and your constant whining, that might help. Try talking about movies for a change.


We have newcomers on here every day who NEVER whine like you do constantly.

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Mr Dobbs you have been rude for the last time. I in the future will not ask you anymore questions. Please don't reply to ANY of my questions even on other threads. I can understand at lease how people can misunderstand me but this takes the cake.


You should be ashame of yourself treating someone like this. At lease other members are treating me with some respect.


You ask me a simple question do I ask about other movies and I gave you a decent reply and you gave me a rude answer. You don't have to reply to this post.

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