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So I just finished watching....

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Here is an idea for a thread (unless its been done) a place to talk about classic movies we just got done watching, maybe not totally limited to classic..this could be fun

For me I just watched White Heat last night and it was a blast , literally :):)

Anyway tell us what youve seen and go with it ......

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I watched, but could not pay complete attention to, The Great Train Robbery on TCM. I missed my favorite moment; when the helicopter shot (the period of course predates airplanes of all kinds) is puntucated by a diminished volume on the train noise and a bird call is stuck in right at the apex of the bird's-eye view!


I also saw most of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. But that is another story.


EDIT: I misspelled "punctuated" but will leave it wrong as "puntucated" seems very Victorian.


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The last classic I watched on TCM was "The Great Train Robbery." I had never seen it before. I enjoyed it, nothing wonderful, but it was pretty good. The thing is, I'm not a Sean Connery fan, so...yeah. Honestly my favorite part about it was Donald Sutherland.





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You guys should check out the book, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY. It's one of the best suspense novels I've read. All the plotting and planning. The trial runs. It's fascinating. I'd almost read it again. Something I hardly ever do!


Red River

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When Wait Until Dark came out I recall getting the impression it was about as realistic a thriller as had ever been made. I saw it once in the 60s, and once since then, but haven't seen it since at least 1982.


I would be curious to know if it holds up as a realistic presentation. I assume the actual physical menace parts would, but then the more pedestrian parts would be competing for realism with, for example, contemporary British ashcan school drama.


In fact, maybe Night Must fall would be a comparison-film. You would have to allow for the b&w/color problem, though. When I was a kid, the Robert Montgomery version would have been realisic to me, but as an adult I perceive it as a stagey Hollywoody version (but quite good!) without complete menace.

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Thank goodness for long weekends!!! Yay! I've been a watching fool!!

Been watching lots of pre-codes!

THE KID FROM SPAIN (1932), great little musical comedy with Eddie Cantor and Robert Young, and tons of great looking dames in scantily clad outfits (yowza for da pre-code era!!)--this was the only one of the pre-codes that was on TCM.


THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN (1933) Very different offering from director Frank Capra, psychological drama, with Barbara Stanwyck and Nils Asther.


BROADWAY BILL (1934) Another Capra film, this one a bit more like his usual stuff, it was funny, and made me cry too. He really did a great job of directing Myrna Loy, and Warner Baxter is always fine. Also check out Clarence Muse who gets a chance to do more than the usual stereotypical stuff here, and does it very well.


DANCERS IN THE DARK (1932) Great pre-code film, set in a dime a dance joint, with George Raft, Jack Oakie, and the marvelous Miriam Hopkins, who is always so stunning!


THE POWER AND THE GLORY (1933) Interesting character study, starring Spencer Tracy, and is said to have been an inspiration for CITIZEN KANE.


CITY STREETS (1931) Gary Cooper and Sylvia Sydney (wow!!!) star in this pre-code gangster flick. Also very interesting to see Paul Lukas and particularly Guy Kibbee in roles against type, evil bad gangster type dudes. Cool to see Coop as a gangster, though not typically!


GOD'S GIFT TO WOMEN (1931) Tough to believe Frank Fay in the title role as a wild playboy with hot dames on his arm at every turn, but maybe it's the "metrosexual" thing back in the early 30's though the term wasn't around then. Anyway, the dames come fast and furious, with the luscious Louise Brooks (who unfortunately doesn't have her trademark hairstyle, but the 'G' Girls twins do, thankfully!!! Yowza!!!), Joan Blondell, and the lovely Laura LaPlante!!! Wow!!


REMOTE CONTROL (1930) William Haines knock-off that displayed his comic style very well, also starring John Miljan as a gangster who poses as a radio spiritualist.


YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (1934) One of William Haines' final two films at the low-budget Mascot studios, it's actually quite a good film and for the first time I've seen my buddy precoder's WAMPAS girls!!! Yowza indeed!!! Excellent satire of hollywood to boot


And not a pre-code, but enjoyed the "Boston ****" flick, THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, mindless B mystery fun!


And just now, early Labor Day morning, watching some old faves on TCM---just finished watching the John Ford Documentary, now getting set for the noir, RAW DEAL, and the great Laurel and Hardy short, THE MUSIC BOX! Life is pretty darn good!

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TCM has been running a couple Boston Blackies on Saturday mornings for a while, I think. Like when they ran the great Superman serials a few months ago.


I love this stuff and they are mindless in a way but were staples on TV when I was a boy (like they were theatre staples only ten years before that) and of course were made with a complete range of ages in mind. Unlike the Staurday morning TV shows of the last couple decades, and adult does not need to be ashamed to watch and like them.

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Not too into what TCM is airing today, and watched football this morning (yep, I'm a fan), but now watching a very cool B-ish noir film, STRANGE IMPERSONATION, with **** Brenda Marshall, William Gargan, and a cool supporting cast. Very interesting flick!


Last night I watched a B version of "Mike Hammer", MY GUN IS QUICK, the quality of my print kinda sucked, but I hung in there as the story was pretty cool. Off-putting soundtrack, but other than that, very hard-boiled. This Hammer was much different from the one in KISS ME DEADLY, moral vs. amoral.


I also watched (thanks to FCM!), THE GREAT PROFILE, with John Barrymore and the oh-so-sexy Mary Beth Hughes!!! That was a fun flick!


Tonight I'll try to stay up for the Silent Sunday Night feature, THE CAT AND THE CANARY (1927) with the luscious Laura LaPlante!!

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I finished watching a few movies this weekend

The Limping Man with Lloyd Bridges - dull and ZZZ filled

The Prestige with Christian Bale, Michael Kane, Hugh Jackman - this is a good movie that needs to be viewed more than once - I enjoyed it & it had many twists and turns...

Worth seeing...

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...Love Me Tonight (at the Film Forum in NYC, not on TCM) and my cheeks still hurt from smiling so much throughout it. It was an absolutely perfect movie that I could have gone on watching for hours. Mamoulian out-Lubitschs Lubitsch, and his use of rhythm, rhyme and music is inspired. Chevalier, who I can normally take or leave is charming, sexy and funny. Macdonald is as beautiful and appealing as always, and Myna Loy steals every scene she's in. The character actors in supporting roles are all such incredible personalities and talents and everyone involved seemingly effortlessly keeps the movie floating like a bubble. If you haven't seen it (and I hadn't) don't miss it.

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Mark...didja know that that **** (Brenda Marshall) was once Mrs. William Holden. Hotcha!!


Yes, and Marshall's real name was Ardis Anderson. The marriage was not a happy one.



I've heard that. That is a shame. Your subject line is clever though.


Well...what I've just seen (to answer this thread) was "The Lost Weekend." Milland was good and the movie was surprisingly unsugar-coated for a 1940's film. Alcoholism...a terrible disease. But it made for a good film.

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I watched the Cat Burglar at the end when I got home, I have been watching Boston **** as well, I think these should get DVD releases

I have been watching the new FOX & MGM Midnite movies , The Lost World looks great letterboxed, as does Tales from the Crypt and it is uncut

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I watched the remake of The Killers last night. The '46 version gets the slight edge as the superior film. However, Don Siegel's version is really impressive. It's well-paced, gritty, violent, and has some terrific performances. Lee Marvin is a beast in this film, and I mean that as a compliment!! He was a much better actor than given credit for.


"Lady, I haven't got the time."


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