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Oldies.com Alpha Video - old classic obscure movies anyone ?

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I was wondering if there were/are any collectors of old classic movies that only Alpha Video has released, too many to mention, well for example Love From A Stranger, Te 13th Guest, Sinister Hands, Midnight Warning,etc

Anyone here into classics that Alpha DVD puts out - old 1 hr wonders :)

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Absolutely. I generally only collect features made before 1950 from Alpha. Love that huge newspaper catalog they send every few weeks it seems. Though it's so big, I never know if there's something in the new one that's not in the last one.

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I'm a total fan of Alpha Video because I've managed to build up a DVD collection that now has numerous old movie titles that you can't find elsewhere. For instance, I'm an old serial nut and I brought "Undersea Kingdom"--starring the incomparable Crash Corrigan--from Alpha. The print quality is unusually good for a DVD that only costs $5.00. I also found "White Zombie" paired with "The Ape Man"--both starring Bela Lugosi for only $5.00. Alpha is defnitely a must for any fan old forgotten movie titles.

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I get Alpha titles too, until I see an upgrade & I will replace it, I just did that with Killer Shrews...I have that new double feature with Gila Monster & the print is far superior...

But I really like that Alpha carries those oldies that are obscure..I have quite a few

The Sadist, Midnight Warning, House of Secrets, Kennel Murder Case ( & I have the Roan Group KMC too) Sinister Hands, Manos, hands of fate, Hollywood Stadium Mystery,Tomorrow at Seven, Pilot X, Murder at Dawn

I have one called Impact with Brian Donlevy & the print was just as good, and the sound was better than the Wade Williams one..I compared both & kept the Alpha version

I also have Atom Age Vampire, that one I wish someone else would release uncut

I have Giant Leeches too but I am seeking the one Elite Put out with the Screaming Skull as I heard that print is better..

Alphas prints are hit or miss, I will say I look for the best print, so if someone put out a better print of the same movie I would upgrade for sure...

I have bought a few Alpha titles blind , some I didnt like, some I loved !

Rogues Tavern is a great movie !

They do have a lot of great 1 hour movies and when youre in the right mood, it hits the spot :)

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I totally dig on the PD Alpha flicks, I have tons!!! Also Mill Creek Entertainment collects a bunch of PD films in 50 and 100 film collections that are a steal for the money, tons of old noir, mystery, suspense, B, comedy and other genres!

Yeah, Alpha rocks da house!

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