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The Lady Stanwyck

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Great shots of the Lady Stanwyck. Years ago there was a tribute to Stanwyck at Lincoln Center. I got a ticket and was sitting in the next to the last row of this beautiful theatre. Many celebrities came and spoke about her, of course, including William Holden. Stanwyck was sitting up in one of those side balconies and didn't come down to the end until the end to thank folks.


A couple of people left their seats and went to the stage to take pix. Me too. I ran all the way down to the stage with my little camera, and prayed to the Gods of Kodak that if He let my pix come out, I'd never ask for another ting.


I shot slides...and the pix came out fine. Love Stanwyck

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Hi, ForeverGarland -- I've been meaning to thank you for your latest Missy photos. I loved the Yum-Yum pic and the photo with Barbara decked out in brown and red gloves is quite impressive. Yet again, you have provided such great variety in your photo selections. Thanks.

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I am ashamed to admit that i have only seen about 3 of Missy's films, but loved her as a kid in re runs of The Big Valley..never knew until a few years ago she was such a huge star in movies...now i have to start looking some up, but which ones?? she has a ton!

Amazing woman! FG

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Yes the photo of Barbara & Niven is my favorite, would like to see that movie for sure whatever it is.

The films i have seen of Missy are as follows..

Christmas In Connecticut..loved it!

Strange Love Of Martha Ivers ..hated it script wise

Stella Dallas..major tear jerker,great performance

Roustabout..liked as a kid..campy fun.

And that's it ..ashamed to say..so what do you sugest??

I like comedy/drama/mystery stuff for the most part.


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I've only seen 11 of Missy's films and here are my rankings:


1. Double Indemnity

2. Clash by Night

3. Forty Guns

4. The Lady Eve

5. Baby Face

6. Meet John Doe

7. Sorry, Wrong Number

8. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

9. Ball of Fire

10. The Two Mrs. Carrolls

11. Jeopardy


*The Lady Eve* and *Ball of Fire* are the two Stanwyck films that may suit your tastes. They are both comedies and I enjoy Barbara in both of them. *Meet John Doe* features a mix of comedy and cynicism. It can be very dark at times, though. Barbara's performance is terrific.


*Double Indemnity* is a must-see film for sure. I'm not sure if you will like it, but seeing Barbara sizzle is a joy. I love *Clash by Night*. Barbara plays a "been around" woman who doesn't know what she wants to do with her life.


*Baby Face* is a powerful film. I was shocked by it. Barbara uses sex to climb the business ladder. She's quite ruthless. I think any Barbara fan needs to see this film at least once.


Barbara plays an invalid in *Sorry, Wrong Number*. You would probably find this film to be interesting, but I don't believe it showcases Barbara like some of the other films I've seen of hers.


*Forty Guns* is a western that's probably not your speed.


I'm sure others can recommend many more Barbara films that I haven't seen. Miss Goddess has definitely seen more of Missy's films than I. I know she loves *The Bitter Tea of General Yen*.

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I'm sorry to read you did not enjoy "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers." I thought it was among her best.


But it's great to see that you're willing to discover more about Stanwyck by checking out her films. I think she was fearless in her choices of films as her career progressed.


I'm always torn between Bette Davis and Stanwyck. (Ask your Mom who SHE preferred). Henry Fonda worked with both. "Jezebel" "The Lady Eve." I would have LOVED to have a conversation with him about his experience with both divas. I'd love to be a fly on the locker room door when he talked about those gals. Stanwyck is just great. I envy your discovery of her.

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If anything, Bette had the better scripts, I think. I just find Stanwyck so natural in all her roles. Bette, whom I like, a bit more affected. There are Bette Davis films that I have no interest in ever seeing again. I can't say the same for Stanwyck. I just prefer her screen persona.

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It took me a long time to appreciate Van Heflin. It wasn't until I saw him in the film, Johnny Eager, that I became a fan. Everyone else in it is the sheer definition of "bad acting in Hollywood", and he shines like a precious gem. From then on, I was a fan.

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