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Noir Gallery


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Since Jeff (Snarfie) has been doing so splendidly with the Pre-Code Gallery, I thought it might be fitting to have one for the darker side of the TCM City. As I find them, I'll try to post as many images related to the style and welcome everyone who can to participate (and make requests!).


To start things off, my poster boy for film noir, *Robert Mitchum,* takes it on the chin for love, in *Out of the Past* :



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Miss Gun For Hire -- Congrats on the 5,000 posts. I apologize for drooling on about a 1,000 of them. And, for the record, not all of them have been photo posts, either.


You're gonna sink me with this Noir Gallery. You will have to drag the lake. The good news is that I'm gonna drown in Veronica Lake in this thread.


Ken -- I think that there are some wicked winnimm who post on these boards. They have very wicked senses of humor and they are also very intelligent.


That's right, you better start begging if you want your treats.


I'd like to warn you about those women with wicked senses of humor and intelligence, but I can't. You see, I'm the corpse in the corner with a knife in his back. And even if I were alive, you wouldn't listen. None of us ever do.

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Ha ha! You guys are too funny---and I'm glad you enjoy the thread so far, I've only just gotten started. I have a few more random images to post from different movies, and then I'll focus in on more "wickid wimmin" to keep you satisfied---and on edge. ;)


Another guy who didn't mind which side of the law his ladies lay, *Robert Mitchum* and his lady fair, *Jane Greer* from *Out of the Past* and, below, with *Angel Face Jean Simmons* :





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