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One of the most realistic and believable denizens of noir is *Edmond O'Brien* . One seldom if ever meets anyone in real life who looks like Dana Andrews or Alan Ladd---but there are plenty of guys like O'Brien, there always have been---just not with his talent.




*O'Brien in 1984*












*O'Brien with Terry Moore in Two of a Kind*


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You weren't lying about posting some nice photos today, Miss Gun for Hire. Claire Trevor is always appreciated.


My favorite photos are from last evening. I cannot get enough of Gloria Grahame. Those were spectacular. I've haven't watched *In a Lonely Place* but I do have it on DVD now. It's one of the films I have been anticpating to watch since I got into film noir.


Five minutes with Gloria Grahame is all a film like *Odds Against Tomorrow* needs:










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I love film noir posters. I really need to get Eddie Muller's book, The Art Of Noir: The Posters and Graphics from the Classical Era of Film Noir.


House of Bamboo is a very interesting film. Robert Ryan is terrific in the film. Love Samuel Fuller. I own Rififi but I still haven't watched it yet. I'm in the process of making up for lost film-watching time, so I should get to it soon. My first screening of In a Lonely Place is the next noir on the docket for me. This Gloria Grahame groupie is champing at the...

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Hey, Arkadin -- Ohh, I'm gonna have to put a little jump in my step. Gloria Grahame hasn't let me down yet, and I'm expecting her performance to be one of her best, if not her best. I will see. I'm hoping to watch *Vertigo* tomorrow so that I can finally post in that thread and I want to peep The Fountainhead for the first time this week. I think I can "squeeze" Gloria in this week. Yeah, I'm sure of it.

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Just for you, Double F, here's some Mitchum from Angel Face. The caps from this film are a little tough in the clarity department.


The first cap is Mitch's reaction after "Angel Face" returns his slap with a slap of her own:














I could fire up some Cape Fear, if you like.

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