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Hi Bg, THREE STRANGERS (1946) had John Huston's screenplay and meant to be sort of a follow up to the Maltese Falcon (and a precursor to Treasure of the Sierra Madre).


A woman finds two men totally unknown to herself and each other. She then brings them to her apartment. In it, she has a statue of a Chinese goddess and explains to them that according to legend, if three strangers make a common wish on the eve of the Chinese New Year, it will be granted. Laying a sweepstakes ticket at the base of the idol, they agree to wish for money. The film then tracks each of the characters lives (individually and when they come together) and we discover how the power of wealth changes them--not always for the better. We also learn that money cannot change the most important things in life. A great little film.


TCM has only shown this twice I am aware of. I have been begging for them to show it again, but am constantly foiled.

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Joel---thanks for the memory job on Three Strangers, I realize now that I have seen it and it was really interesting. I think I've seen Stranger on the Third Floor but I must have been underwhelmed by it, I remember little. I will have to make a point of watching it when it come to TCM in Dec.

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Arkadin -- I see you're at it again. Secret Beyond the Door...? Why must thou tauntest thee? Human Desire, Scarlett Street, and Spellbound. Now those taunts I can take. And what joyous taunts they are. Excellent posters... especially the Secret Beyond the Door... poster, you damn taunter.


Miss Up to No Goodness -- I skip a couple days around here and I miss Yvonne De Carlo, Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall, AND Marilyn Monroe. Vile temptress.


I hope you get to meet Ms. Bacall... you vil... lovely temptress.


BronxGirl -- Stranger on the Third Floor will be shown on TCM on December 1st at 10:00 A.M. It's a day I've got circled on my calendar since I begged to see this film at "Suggest a Movie" for a few months. I've never seen it, so I'm excited about finally getting the opportunity to do so.

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