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Thanks for Voting in the TCM "Back to Basics" Programming Challenge!

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Okay, let's try this again. If it doesn't work, I guarantee you'll be able to open your windows and hear me screaming at the top of my lungs.


This is the voting thread for the TCM "Back to Basics" Programming Challenge. Voting starts today and will end September 14, 2007 at midnight PST/3 am EST. I'm giving an extra day or two, since these boards are a pain in the kiester as of late. That should give all you guys extra time to get your votes in.


You are NOT allowed to vote if you registered on this board after August 1st, 2007. One vote per person! In the case of a tie, I will cast the vote to break it. But please, please don't do this to me. I'm a nervous wreck with this board as it is. Not to mention all six schedules are fantastic.


I will be posting all six submitted schedules in this thread, as linking to them in the original challenge thread doesn't work. Also, I will post them in the order they were submitted, along with the notes (or in some cases, novellas - LOL).


If you do not feel comfortable voting publicly, you can also cast your vote by PM-ing me. We already have one PM vote and that is for filmlover. In case this thread is becomes bothersome once more, PM-ing might be the way to go. Yikes.


Okay everyone. Vote for your favorite schedule! The winner gets to host the next TCM Programming Challenge!

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Entry #1: ChipHeartsMovies schedule







NOVEMBER 4-11, 2007










6:00 AM The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) dir. Albert Lewin, 110 min


8:00AM The Raven (1963), dir. Roger Corman, 86 min


9:30 AM The Terror (1963), dir. Roger Corman, 81 min (Nicholson!)


11:00 AM I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957), dir. Gene Fowler Jr., 76 min


12:30 PM The Comedy of Terrors (1964), dir. Jacques Tourneur, 84 min


2: 15 PM Another Fine Mess (1930) dir. James Parrott 28 min


2:45 PM Nancy Drew -- Detective (1938) dir. William Clemens 66 min


4:00 PM Nancy Drew...Reporter (1939) dir. William Clemens 68 min


5:15 PM Sylvia Scarlett (1935) dir. George Cukor 95 min


6:00 PM Queen Christina (1933) dir. Rouben Mamoulian 97 min


8:00 PM Victor/Victoria (1982) dir. Blake Edwards 132 min


10:15 PM I Was a Male War Bride (1949) dir. Howard Hawks 105 min PREMIERE






MIDNIGHT Piccadilly (1927) written by Arnold Bennett 109 min SILENT SUNDAY


2:00 AM Kurotokage (Black Lizard) (1968) dir. Kinji Fukasaku 86 mins. TCM IMPORT PREMIERE


3:30 AM What's Up Tiger Lily? (1966) dir. Woody Allen, Senkichi Taniguchi 80 min


5:00 AM Annie Hall (1977) dir. Woody Allen 93 min p/s


7:00 AM Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) dir. Woody Allen 103 min p/s


9:00 AM Big Business Girl (1931) dir. William A. Seiter 75 min


10:15 AM Week-End Marriage (1932) dir. Thornton Freeland 65 min


11:30 AM Employees' Entrance (1933) dir. Roy Del Ruth 75 min


12:45 PM Skyscraper Souls (1932) dir. Edgar Selwyn 99 min


2:30 PM Her Husband's Secretary (1937) dir. Frank McDonald, 61 min


3:30 PM Behind Office Doors (1931) dir. Melville W. Brown 82 min


5:00 PM Wife Vs. Secretary (1936) dir. Clarence Brown 88 min


6:30 PM Baby Face (1933) dir. Alfred E. Green 76 min




8:00 PM Dorothy Arzner: The First Lady; PREMIERE DOCUMENTARY 60 min.


9:00 PM Christopher Strong (1931) dir. Dorothy Arzner 78 min.


10:30 PM The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937) dir. Dorothy Arzner 98 min.






12:15 PM Repeat Documentary: Dorothy Arzner: The First Lady 60 min.


1:15 AM The Bride Wore Red (1937) dir. Dorothy Arzner 103 min.


3:00 AM Craig's Wife (1936) dir. Dorothy Arzner 73 min.


4:15 AM Harriet Craig (1950) dir. Vincent Sherman 94 min p/s


6:00 AM Fancy Answers (1941) dir. Basil Wrangell 10 min


6:15 AM Shadow of the Thin Man (1941) dir. W.S. Van Dyke 97 min


8:00 AM Babes on Broadway (1941) dir. Busby Berkeley 118 min


10:00 AM Joe Smith, American (1942) dir. Richard Thorpe 63 min


11:15 AM This Time for Keeps (1942) dir. Charles Reisner 73 min


12:30 PM Maisie Goes to Reno (1944) dir. Harry Beaumont 90 min


2:00 PM The Hucksters (1947) dir. Jack Conway 115 min


4:00 PM Show Boat (1951) dir. George Sidney 107 min


6:00 PM Mogambo (1953) dir. John Ford 115 min




8:00 PM Stolen Face (1952) dir. Terence Fisher 72 min PREMIERE (Hammer)


9:15 PM Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) dir. Lewis Milestone 116 min. p/s


11:15 PM The Company She Keeps (1951) dir. John Cromwell 82 min


12:45 AM Easy Living (1949) dir. Jacques Tourneur 77 min.






2:15 AM Young Dr. Kildare (1938) dir. Harold S. Bucquet 82 min


3:45 AM Night Nurse (1931) dir. William A. Wellman, 72 min


5:00 AM The White Angel (1936), dir. William Dieterle, 92 min


6:45 AM Paris Interlude (1934), dir. Edwin L. Marin, 72 min


8:00 AM Till the End of Time (1946), dir. Edward Dmytryk 105 min


9:45 AM If I Were Free (1933), dir. Elliott Nugent, 66 min


11:00 AM Underground (1941), dir. Vincent Sherman, 95 min


12:45 PM The Sacred Flame (1929), dir. Archie Mayo, 65 min.


2:00 PM The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), dir. William Wyler, 172 min


4:00 PM The Stratton Story (1949), dir. Sam Wood, 106 min


6:00 PM A Woman's Face (1941), dir. George Cukor, 106 min


8:00 PM Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon (1970) dir. Otto Preminger, 113 min PREMIERE


10:00 PM Les Yeux sans Visage (Eyes Without a Face) (1960), dir. Georges Franju, 88 min. PREMIERE


11:30 PM An Affair to Remember (1957), dir. Leo McCarey 119 min PREMIERE






1:30 AM Love Affair (1939), dir. Leo McCarey, 87 min


3:00 AM The Elephant Man (1980), dir. David Lynch, 124 min., p/s


5:15 AM Freaks (1932), dir. Tod Browning, 64 min


6:30 AM Shorts


7:00 AM Andy Hardy's Private Secretary (1941) dir. George B. Seitz 101 min


9:00 AM Mildred Pierce (1945) dir. Michael Curtiz 111 min


11:00 AM China Seas (1935) dir. Tay Garnett 87 min


12:30 PM The Petrified Forest (1936) dir. Archie Mayo 83 min


2:15 PM In This Our Life (1942) dir. John Huston 97 min


4:00 PM It Happened One Night (1934) dir. Frank Capra 105 min


6:00 PM Waterloo Bridge (1940) dir. Mervyn LeRoy 108 min


8:00 PM Gone With the Wind (1939) dir. Victor Fleming 238 min






Midnight Sweet Bird of Youth (1962) dir. Richard Brooks 120 min


2:00 AM Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) dir. Richard Brooks 108 min


4:00 AM Suddenly Last Summer (1959) dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz 114 min


6:00 AM I Take This Woman (1940) dir. W.S. Van Dyke 98 min


7:45 AM Ziegfeld Girl (1941) dir. Robert Z. Leonard 132 min


10:00 AM Ziegfeld Follies (1946) dir. Lemuel Ayers, Robert Lewis,


Vincente Minnelli, Merrill Pye, George Sidney, Charles Walters, 110 min


Noon Annie Get Your Gun (1950), dir. George Sidney, 107 min


2:00 PM Easter Parade (1948), dir. Charles Walters, 107 min


4:00 PM On The Town (1949), dir. Stanley Donen, 98 min


6:00 PM Funny Face (1957), dir. Stanley Donen, 103 min


8:00 PM Sorority Girl (1957) dir. Roger Corman 61 min.


9:15 PM Reform School Girl (1957) dir. Edward Bernds 71 min.


10:30 PM High School Hellcats (1958) dir. Edward Bernds 69 min.


11:45 PM Girls in Prison (1956) dir. Edward L. Cahn 87 min.






1:15 AM Runaway Daughters (1956) dir. Edward L. Cahn 92 min.


3:00 AM Hot Rod Girl (1956) dir. Leslie H. Martinson 79 min.


4:30 AM Dragstrip Girl (1957) dir. Edward L. Cahn 69 min.


6:00 AM The Parent Trap (1961)dir. David Swift 129 min


8:15 AM Freaky Friday (1976) dir. Gary Nelson 95 min






10:00 AM Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) dir. Vincente Minnelli 113 min


Noon Gigi (1958) dir. Vincente Minnelli 119 min


2:00 PM Musical Shorts


2:30 PM Stars Over Broadway (1935) dir. William Keighley 89 min.


4:00 PM Kissing Time (1933) dir. Roy Mack 23 min


4:30 PM Radio City Revels (1938) dir. Benjamin Stoloff 90 min.


6:00 PM With a Song in My Heart (1952) dir. Walter Lang 117 min PREMIERE




8 PM Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) dir. Allan Dwan 109 min PREMIERE


10:00 Flying Leathernecks (1951) dir. Nicholas Ray 102 min






MIDNIGHT Pride of the Marines (1945) dir. Delmar Daves 119 min


2:00 AM All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) dir. Lewis Milestone 133 min


4:15 AM Angel of Mercy (1939) dir. Edward L. Cahn 10 min


4:30 AM Gandhi (1982) dir. Richard Attenborough 188 min p/s

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Entry #2: Fedya's Schedule & Notes



Sunday, October 19, 2008




Funday Morning at the Movies, or maybe not....




0600 Under 18 (1932, WB, 80 min)


0730 Hitler's Children (1943, RKO, 82 min)


0900 Baby Face (1933, WB, 76 min)


1030 Young and Innocent (1937, Gaumont, 83 min, p/s)




Ben Mankiewicz Sunday Afternoon: A look at Boxing in the Movies




1200 The Joe Louis Story (1953, UA, 88 min)


Short: Taking the Count (1937, WB, 21 min)


1400 Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956, MGM, 114 min)


1600 Champion (1949, Stanley Kramer Productions, 99 min, p/s)


Short: The Little Bantamweight (1938, MGM, 8 min) (Happy Harmonies)


1800 The Harder They Fall (1956, Columbia, 109 min)




Sunday in Prime Time: A look at the overlooked Farciot Edouart




2000 Ace in the Hole (1951, Paramount, 111 min, p/s)


2200 The Rose Tattoo (1955, Paramount, 117 min, p/s)




Silent Sunday Night




0000 Easy Virtue (1928, Gainsborough, 89 min) SILENT PREMIERE


0130 Mabel and Fatty's Simple Life (1915, Keystone, 24 min) **PREMIERE**




TCM Imports




0200 ?chenme al Gato (1958, Mexico, 90 min) TCM IMPORTS PREMIERE


Short: Visiting Vera Cruz (1946, 10 min, Traveltalks)


0345 Juarez (1939, WB, 121 min)




Monday, October 20




What a Way to Go!: Movies with interesting causes of death




0600 Union Depot (1932, WB, 67 min, p/s; hit by train)


0715 Tiger Shark (1932, WB, 72 min; shark attack)


0830 Manpower (1941, WB, 103 min; electrocution)


1015 The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1937, RKO, 82 min; spider bite)


1145 The Girl in Black Stockings (1957, UA, 73 min, p/s; accident with buzz saw)


1300 The Life of Emile Zola (1937, WB, 117 min; carbon monoxide poisoning)


1500 City of Fear (1959, Columbia, 81 min; cobalt-60 poisoning)


1630 The Stranger (1946, RKO, 95 min; impalement)


1815 Forbidden Planet (1956, MGM, 98 min; monsters of the id)








2000 Come and Get It (1936, UA, 99 min, p/s)


2145 One Man's Journey (1933, RKO, 72 min)


Featurette: Lost and Found RKO movies (2007)


2315 The Silver Cord (1933, RKO, 74 min)


Short: Screen Snapshots Series 14, No. 9 (1935, Columbia, 10 min)


0045 Wells Fargo (1937, Paramount, 97 min) **PREMIERE**


0230 Four Faces West (1948, Enterprise Productions, 89 min) **PREMIERE**


0400 Little Women (1933, MGM, 116 min)








Out on a Limb: Hollywood's look at amputees




0600 The Unknown (1927, MGM, 49 min)


0700 Safety Last! (1923, Hal Roach, 73 min, p/s)


0815 West Point of the Air (1935, MGM, 89 min)


0945 Hell Divers (1931, MGM, 109 min)


1145 Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943, MGM, 89 min)


1315 Between Two Women (1937, MGM, 88 min)


1445 O'Shaughnessy's Boy (1935, MGM, 87 min)


1615 The Stratton Story (1949, MGM, 106 min)


1815 The Young Doctors (1961, Columbia, 100 min)


2000 The Best Years of Our Lives (1946, Goldwyn, 170 min, p/s)


2300 Son of Frankenstein (1939, Universal, 99 min, p/s)


0045 Kings Row (1942, WB, 127 min)


0300 Treasure Island (1934, MGM, 103 min)


0445 Paris Interlude (1934, MGM, 72 min)




Wednesday, October 22




October 22 Birthdays




0600 The Black Cat (1934, Universal, 65 min, p/s) (score filled with music of Franz Liszt, born October 22, 1811)


0715 The Lone Wolf in Paris (1938, Columbia, 66 min) (in honor of Frances Drake, born October 22, 1912)


0830 Topper (1937, Hal Roach, 97 min, p/s) (in honor of Constance Bennett, born Ocrober 22, 1904)


1015 Men in White (1934, MGM, 74 min) (based on a play by Sidney Kingsley, born October 22, 1906)


short: The Big Idea (1934, MGM, 19 min) (in honor Curly Howard, born October 22, 1903


1200 Dancing Lady (1933, MGM, 92 min) (in honor of Curly Howard, born October 22, 1903)


1345 Rebecca (1940, Selznick International, 130 min, p/s) (in honor of Joan Fontaine, born October 22, 1917)


1600 Beach Party (1963, American International, 101 min, p/s) (in honor of Annette Funicello, born October 22, 1942)


1745 Valley of the Dolls (1967, Fox, 123 min) **PREMIERE** (in honor of songwriter Dory Previn, born October 22, 1925)








2000 They Shall Have Music (1939, Goldwyn, 105 min, p/s)


Short: Seeing Hollywood (1940, Columbia, 15 min)


2215 The More the Merrier (1943, Columbia, 105 min)


0015 Sullivan's Travels (1941, Paramount, 90 min, p/s)


0200 The Palm Beach Story (1942, Paramount, 88 min, p/s)


Short: Stars on Horseback (1943, WB, 7 min)


0345 Foreign Correspondent (1940, UA, 120 min, p/s)








UNA O'CONNOR BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE (born October 23, 1880)




0600 Mary Stevens, MD (1933, WB, 72 min)


0715 The Corpse Came COD (1947, Columbia, 87 min)


0845 The Canterville Ghost (1944, Loew's/MGM, 95 min)


1030 The Informer (1935, RKO, 91 min)


Short: Glimpses of Erin (1934, 9 min, Traveltalks)


1215 This Land is Mine (1943, RKO, 103 min)


1400 The Sea Hawk (1940, WB, 128 min)


1615 The Strawberry Blonde (1941, WB, 97 min)


1800 Witness for the Prosecution (1957, UA, 116 min)








2000 Documentary: Everybody Comes To Michael's: Michael Curtiz' Cin? Am?ricain


2130 Casablanca (1942, WB, 102 min)


2315 Repeat: Everybody Comes To Michael's: Michael Curtiz' Cin? Am?ricain


0045 Mildred Pierce (1945, WB, 111 min)


0245 Angels with Dirty Faces (1938, WB, 97 min)


0430 Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933, WB, 77 min)




Friday, October 24








0600 Mountain Justice (1937, WB, 83 min)


0730 Goodbye Again (1933, WB, 66 min)


0845 20,000 Years in Sing Sing (1932, WB, 78 min)


1015 Captain Blood (1935, Cosmopolitan/WB, 119 min)


1215 Black Fury (1935, WB, 95 min)


1400 Trouble Along the Way (1953, WB, 110 min, p/s)


1600 My Dream is Yours (1949, Michael Curtiz Productions/WB, 101 min, p/s)


1745 Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942, WB, 126 min)




FRIDAY PRIME TIME FEATURE: Movies about photography




2000 The Cameraman (1928, 75 min, p/s)


Short: Elmer's Candid Camera (1941, WB, 8 min)


2130 Picture Snatcher (1933, WB, 77 min)


2300 My Favorite Brunette (1947, 87 min, Paramount, p/s)


0030 Peeping Tom (1960, 101 min, p/s)




TCM Underground




0215 The Hellstrom Chronicle (1971, Wolper Productions, 90 min) TCM UNDERGROUND PREMIERE


0345 Them! (1954, WB, 94 min) TCM UNDERGROUND PREMIERE


0530 Cartoon Alley: Fighting 69-1/2th; Ant Pasted; The Gay Anties (all from WB)








Two historical dramas lead into TCM's new Saturday morning feature...




0600 Camille (1936, MGM, 109 min)


0800 The Howards of Virginia (1940, Columbia, 117 min)




Out of the Past: Saturday Morning Biopics




1000 The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939, WB, 106 min)




I'll Take Sweden: Ben Mankiewicz looks at lesser Swedish actresses




1200 The Cincinnati Kid (1965, Filmways, 102 min, p/s) (Ann-Margret)


1345 Crisis (1950, MGM, 95 min) (Signe Hasso)


1530 These Are The Damned (1962, Columbia, 96 min, p/s) (Viveca Lindfors)


1715 Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse (1962, MGM, 153 min) (Ingrid Thulin)




2000 The Essentials: All This and Heaven Too (1940, WB, 140 min)




A Saturday Night Salute to Charles Boyer




2230 Love Affair (1939, RKO, 87 min)


short: Odor of the Day (1948, WB, 7 min)


0015 Algiers (1938, UA, 96 min, p/s)


0200 Hold Back the Dawn (1941, Paramount, 116 min, p/s)


0400 Confidential Agent (1945, WB, 118 min)





Notes on a schedule:




On October 20, 1933, Joel McCrea and Frances Dee were married; their marriage was to last exactly 57 years, until McCrea's death on their 57th anniversary in 1990. In honor of the 75th anniversary of their wedding, our co-Stars of the Month are Joel McCrea and Frances Dee.




I picked the week containing their anniversary, October 20. Ideally, I would have liked the two to have adjacaent days as part of the Star of the Month, but that would have required giving McCrea only four nights (not enough); Dee five nights (too mwny, as she didn't make enough movies TCM can easily get the broadcast rights to); or not actually have either of them show up on the actual anniversary. I decided to split them up.




The anniversary day contains four of Dee's five features with McCrea, at least according to IMDb. The fifth only has Dee appearing in a photo. The short contains both Dee and McCrea.




For the director, I selected Michael Curtiz (actually born Kertesz), and featured 24 hours of his movies. It was quite difficult whittling the list down to just 24 hours worth, as Curtiz made an amazing variety of films, from screwball comedy (Goodbye Again) to horror (Mystery of the Wax Museum) to musical (Yankee Doodle Dandy) to historical drama (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, which shows up elsewhere.)




My "24 Hours of Disabilities" focusses on amputees -- mostly characters whose amputee status is an important part of the story. But as Harold Lloyd lost two fingers in an explosion, he fits in the category and so I included one of his movies.




Easy Virtue is one of the Hitchcock movies I haven't seen, so I selected it for "Silent Sunday Nights".




This is followed by the TCM Import ?chenme al Gato, which needs some explaining. To understand what this movie is about, imagine a wild comedy of the sort Preston Sturges, or maybe Howard Hawks would direct, about a Jerry Lewis-like delivery/errand boy, which is a comedic version of the 1935 classic Mad Love. That's a rough synopsis of the movie.




Resortas plays the delivery boy, who one day gets run down in the street by the car of the notorious thief and bank robber, El Gato Gonz?****. Our hero loses an arm, while El Gato dies. So a scientist working on transplantation experiments on animals, gets the idea to transplant one of El Gato's arms onto Resortas. (The transplantation scene contains a dream sequence that looks like what you'd have gotten if Busby Berkeley directed the dream sequence in Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound.) If you've seen Mad Love, you can guess the rest of the plot, even if you don't speak a word of Spanish: Resortas becomes a master kleptomaniac, commiting larcenies that completely baffle the police. Meanwhile, we learn that El Gato didn't actually die, and he'd like to know what the hell actually happened to his arm! One key difference between this movie and Mad Love, however, is that ?chenme al Gato doesn't attempt to be anythimg more than comedy, and in that succeeds. I'm happy to say that it is available on video, albeit apparently not a very good print.








My Saturday morning feature is biographies, and I selected The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex largely because I couldn't fit it in with the rest of the Michael Curtiz movies. (Heaven knows I could have done a bunch of Curtiz' work with Errol Flynn, too....)




For TCM Underground, I selected two movies about ants. The Hellstrom Chronicle is a quasi-documentary, in which an actor playing a scientist claims that insects will survive nuclear war, while we humans won't, and will in any case eventually take over the world. Most of the movie is nature show-like footage of insects, especially on the attack: watch out for the driver ants! Them! is of course the famous movie about giant ants, and Cartoon Alley features three Merrie Melodies with ants in the plot.




I think I've annotated the rest of the features, so it should be clear what they're about. The "Funday Morning" series is movies that, from the title of the movie, look as though they could be suitable for kids, but really aren't. (Unless you can think of a good reason why Under 18 is in fact a family movie....)




The day of birthdays of multiple people returns. I'm sure some will be irritated that it means only one Joan Fontaine movie gets selected, but when I noticed that was Dory Previn's birthday, I had to pick Valley of the Dolls. Poor Susan Hayward....




What a Way to Go! was one of the more fun days to program. There is a rich treasure of death scenes in Hollywood movies, and trying to think of movies that showed all sorts of causes of death was a bit of a challenge, but also exceedintly satisfying when I came up with a new one. I only noticed after selecting it that Manpower is coming up on TCM in September; I'm quite looking forward to it. (Unfortunately, The Omen is a Fox movie, so I couldn't select it for it's particularly ingenious beheading....) I'm sure all of you could come up with an entire week's worth of movies on the topic.




I also tried to program some movies with A stars that show up surprisingly infrequently on TCM. All This and Heaven Too should be part of the Turner library, but I don't think it's shown up since Bette Davis was last Star of the Month (in May 2006, and I'm not certain it showed up then). That's why I selected it for "The Essentials". Picture Snatcher is a nice James Cagney vehicle, but it's been two or three summers since it's shown up. And everybody complained about missing the end of These Are the Damned when it aired on TCM, so I put that in one of my features.




Finally, I tried to include appropriate shorts. I hope nobody's offended by my sticking a Pepe le Pew short in between all the Charles Boyer movies. ;-)

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Entry #3: Movieman1957's Schedule & Notes




FEBRUARY 4, 2008 - FEBRUARY 10, 2008




Sunday - February 4


Sunday Morning Musicals


6:00am ? Babes In Arms ? 1939 - Mickey Rooney? 91m ? MGM


7:45am ? Funny Face ? 1957 ? Fred Astaire - 103m ? Paramount ? PS


9:30am ? Gold Diggers of 1937 ? 1937 Dick Powell ? 105m ? WB




11:30am ? Festival of Shorts






Noon ? State Of The Union ? 1948 ? Tracy/Heburn ? 124m Liberty ? Premiere


2:15pm ? Firecreek ? 1968 ? James Stewart/Henry Fonda ? 104m ?WB ? PS


4:00pm ? Seven Days In May ? 1964 ? Douglas/Lancaster ? 118m ? Paramount ? PS


6:00pm ? Love Crazy ? 1941 ? Powell/Loy ? 99m ? Loews




They Sang?


8:00pm ? Idiot?s Delight ? 1939 ? Clark Gable ? 107m ? MGM


10:00pm ? Born To Dance ? 1936 ? James Stewart ? 102m ? MGM




Silent Sundays


Midnight ? The Winning of Barbara Worth ? 1926 - Gary Cooper ? 90m ? Goldwyn


1:30am ? My Wife?s Relations ? 1922 - Buster Keaton - 30m ? First National




TCM Imports


2:00 am ? Grand Illusion ? 1937 ? D. Jean Renoir ? 114m




4:00am ? This Land Is Mine ? 1943 ? D. Jean Renoir ? 103m




Monday February 5


Bond, Ward Bond


6:00am ? 3 Godfathers ? 1948 ? 106m ? Argosy ? PS


8:00am ? On Dangerous Ground ? 1952 ? 82m ? RKO


9:30am ? The Long Gray Line ? 1955 ? 138m ? Columbia




Happy Birthday, Thelma Ritter


Noon ? Rear Window ? 1954 ? 112m ? Uni ? PS


2:00pm ? A Hole In The Head ? 1959 ? 120m ? UA


4:15pm ? The Mating Season ? 1951 ? 101m ? Paramount ? PS


6:00pm ? Pillow Talk ? 1959 ? 110m ? Uni ? PS




All The Nasties


8:00pm ? Winchester ?73 ? 1950 ? Dan Duryea ? 92m ? Uni ? PS


9:45pm ? Rawhide ? 1951 ? Jack Elam ? 87m ? 20th Century ? Premiere


11:15pm ? Bad Day At Black Rock ? 1955 ? Lee Marvin/Ernest Borgnine - 81m - MGM


12:45am ? All The King?s Men ? 1949 ? Broderick Crawford ? 109m ? Columbia


2:45am ? Little Caesar ? 1931 ? Edward G. Robinson ? 80m ? WB


4:15am ? Queen Bee ? 1955 ? Joan Crawford ? Columbia




Tuesday ? February 6


Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty


6:00am ? Bell, Book and Candle ? 1959 ? James Stewart ? 106m ? Columbia


8:00am ? Three Lives of Tomasina ? 1964 - Patrick McGoohan ? 97m ? Disney


10:00am ? Androcles and The Lion ? 1953 ? Jean Simmons ? 98m ? RKO




A Tribute to Basil Rathbone


Noon ? Tovarich ? 1937 ? 98m ? WB


2:00pm ? Romeo and Juliet ? 1936 ? 125m ? MGM


4:15pm ? Above Suspicion ? 1943 ? 91m ? MGM


6:00pm ? If I Were King ? 1938 ? 101m ? Paramount ? Premiere




Director?s Showcase ? Michael Curtiz


8:00pm ? Documentary ? Michael Curtiz ? From Hungary to Hollywood


9:00pm ? The Adventures of Robin Hood ? 1938 ? Errol Flynn ? 104m ? WB


11:00pm ? Repeat ? Documentary ? From Hungary to Hollywood


12:00am ? Daughter?s Courageous ? 1938 ? John Garfield ? 107m ? WB


2:00am ? The Mad Genius ? 1931 ? John Barrymore ? 81m ? WB


3:30am ? Night and Day ? 1946 ? Cary Grant ? 128m ? WB




Wednesday, February 7


Twenty Four Hour Spotlight ? Disabilities


6:00am ? Key Largo ? 1948 ? Lionel Barrymore ? 100m ? WB


8:00am ? The Stratton Story ? 1949 ? James Stewart ? 106m ? MGM


10:00am ? Eyes In The Heart ? 1943 ? Edward Arnold ? 80m ? Loews


11:30am ? A Patch of Blue ? 1965 ? Elizabeth Hartman ? 105m ? MGM


1:30pm ? Home Of The Brave ? 1949 ? James Edwards ? 86m ? UA ? PS


3:00pm ? Lili ? 1953 ? Mel Ferrer ? 81m ? MGM


4:30pm ? The Story of Alexander Graham Bell ? 1939 ? Loretta Young ? 98m ? 20th Century ? Premiere


6:30pm ? Dark Delusion ? 1947 ? Lucille Bremmer ? 90m ? MGM


8:00pm ? Pressure Point ? 1962 ? Bobby Darin ? 91m ? UA


9:45pm ? David and Lisa ? 1962 ? Keir Dullea ? 94m ? PS


11:30pm ? Whirlpool ? 1950 ? Gene Tierney ? 97m ? 20th Century ? Premiere


1:30am ? Charly ? 1968 ? Cliff Robertson ? 106m ? Cinerama ? PS


3:30am ? The Bad Seed ? 1956 ? Patty McCormick ? 129m ? WB ? PS




Thursday February 8


Shipwrecked With You


6:00am ? Isle of Fury ? 1936 ? Humphrey Bogart ? 60m ? WB


7:00am ? Sinbad The Sailor ? 1947 ? D. Fairbanks, JR. ? 118m ?RKO


9:00am ? Game Of Death ? 1945 ? John Loder ? 72m ? RKO


10:30am ? Reap The Wild Wind ? 1942 ? John Wayne ? 124m ? Paramount ? PS




O Canada


12:45pm ? Zero Hour ? 1957 ? Dana Andrews ? 81m ? Bartlett ? PS


2:15pm ? Anne of Green Gables ? 1934 ? Anne Shirley ? 78m ? RKO


3:45pm ? Northern Pursuit ? 1943 ? Errol Flynn ? 93m ? WB


5:30pm ? 49th Parallel ? 1941 ? Leslie Howard ? 123m ? Ortus ? PS




Star Of The Month ? Gregory Peck


8:00pm ? Valley of Decision ? 1945 ? 119m ? MGM


10:15pm ? Pork Chop Hill ? 1959 ? 97m ? UA


12:00am ? Capt. Newman, MD ? 1963 ? 126m ? Uni ? PS


2:15am ? Yellow Sky ? 1948 ? 99m ? 20th Century ? Premiere


4:00am ? A Conversation with Gregory Peck ? 1999 ? 97m ? PS




Friday February 9


A Gentleman?s Gentleman


6:00am ? Unexpected Uncle ? 1941 ? Ernest Truex ? 67m ? RKO


7:15am ? Music In My Heart ? 1940 ? Eric Blore ? 70m ? Columbia


8:30am ? The Battling Butler ? 1926 ? Buster Keaton ? 80m ? MGM


10:00am ? Murder By Death ? 1976 ? Alec Guiness ? 94m ? Columbia


11:45am ? My Man Godfrey ? 1936 ? William Powell ? 95m ? Uni ? PS




Vox Humana


1:30pm ? The Talk of The Town ? 1942 ? Ronald Colman ? 118m ? Columbia


3:30pm ? Mr. Arkadin ? 1955 ? Orson Welles ? 99m ? Mercury ? PS


5:30pm ? Julius Caesar ? 1953 ? James Mason ? 122m ? MGM




By George S. Kauffman


8:00pm ? The Man Who Came To Dinner ? 1941 ? Monty Wooley ? 112m ?WB


10:00pm ? The Solid Cadillac ? 1956 ? Judy Holliday ? 99m ? Columbia


12:00am ? The Front Page ? 1974 ? Jack Lemmon ? 105m ? Uni ? PS




TCM Underground


2:00am ? The Last Woman on Earth ? 1960 ? 71m


3:15am ? Naked Paradise ? 1957 ? 68m




4:30am ? The Great Jasper ? 1933 ? Richard Dix ? 85m - RKO




Saturday February 10


Monogram(med) Westerns


6:00am ? The Lost Trail ? 1945 ? Johnny Mack Brown ? 55m


7:00am ? Westward Bound ? 1944 ? Ken Maynard ? 54m




Summer Wishes on A Winter Morning


8:00am ? Bikini Beach ? 1964 ? Annette Funicello ? 99m ? Alta Vista ? PS




Weekend Heroes(Weekly Action/Adventure Feature)


10:00am - Ivanhoe - 1952 - Robert Taylor - 106m - Loews




Happy Birthday Alan Hale


Noon ? Stars In My Crown ? 1950 ? 91m ? MGM


1:45pm ? The Adventures of Mark Twain ? 1944 ? 130m ? WB


4:00pm ? Desperate Journey ? 1942 ? 109m ? WB


6:00pm ? Three Cheers For The Irish ? 1940 ? 100m ? WB




Saturday Night Fights


8:00pm ? The Essential ? The Quiet Man ? 1952 ? John Wayne ? 129m ? Republic ? PS


10:30pm ? Shane ? 1953 ? Alan Ladd ? 118m - Paramount ? PS


12:30am ? Cape Fear ? 1962 ? Robert Mitchum ? 105m ? Uni ? PS


2:3oam ?The Spoilers ? 1942 ? John Wayne ? 87m ? Uni ? PS


4:00am ? Saps At Sea ? 1940 ? Laurel and Hardy ? 57m ? Roach




5:00am ? Private Screenings ? Charlton Heston ? 60m


Notes: For this schedule I took pretty much the same approach as always. Try to be middle of the road (it's just my nature.)




For the director I chose Michael Curtiz. It's always interesting how people traveled a world away and took up a successful career here. If any of his early foreign films were available I'd show clips from them as well as some of his lesser known American films. His famous films would be a launching point to another point in his career. If there are archived interviews with David Niven and Olivia deHavilland and even John Wayne (The Comancheros) I'd try those. Then I'd throw in some critics.




The Disability spotlight breaks the day into films that deal with physical and then mental issues.




In the "Vox Human" set I wanted to showcase the great voices of film. In "Talk Of The Town" I got a three-fer in Colman, Jean Arthur and Cary Grant. Also a three-fer in "All The Nasties" with "Bad Day.." in Marvin, Borgnine and Ryan. I always thought about the meanest thing I ever saw in a movie was Jack Elam in "Rawhide." If you've never seen it it's the kind of thing that can make a career.




My new weekly feature is "Weekend Heroes." It's primarily an action/adventure set. It could be broad, including war, western and other types of films.




It's been slow at work so I could do this early enough not to drive myself any crazier than I am.

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Entry #4: Filmlover's Schedule & Notes



Well, here is mine. I've incorporated my notes within the schedule itself.




Sunday, March 30, 2008




THEY CAME THROUGH ELLIS ISLAND - In honor of the 100th anniverary this day that Bob Hope came to America through Ellis Island




Through the portals of Ellis Island in the harbor of New York, some of the most desperate people came from around the world aching to make their home and livings in the United States of America! Among them were these who went on to achieve magnificent fame! I?ve written a screenplay about Ellis Island and grew highly interested in those who came through there.




6:00 am Go Into Your Dance (WB, 1935) Al Jolson (arrived at Ellis Island in 1894) and Ruby Keeler (arrived at E.I. 1917), 90 min.


7:30 am Charlie Chan in London (Fox, 1934) Warner Oland (arrived at E.I. 1894), Alan Mowbray (arrived at E.I. 1923), and E.E. Clive (arrived at E.I. 1912), 79 min. PREMIERE


9:00 am Dracula (Universal, 1931) Bela Lugosi (arrived at E.I. 1921), 75 min. p/s


10:15 am Special Agent (WB, 1935) George Brent (arrived at E.I. 1922) and Ricardo Cortez (arrived at E.I. 1920), 74 min.


11:30 am Brother Orchid (WB, 1940) Edward G. Robinson (arrived at E.I. 1903) and Donald Crisp (arrived at E.I. 1902), 88 min.


1 pm The Godfather Part II (Paramount, 1974) Lee Strasberg (arrived at E.I. 1909) 200 min. p/s (film also has a scene at Ellis Island)


4:30 pm An American Romance (Loew?s, 1944) Brian Donlevy (arrived at E.I. 1900) 121 min. p/s


6:45 pm Gateway (Fox, 1938) filmed partly at Ellis Island. Also has E.E. Clive as a room steward, 75 min. PREMIERE


8:00 pm My Favorite Spy (Paramount, 1951) Bob Hope (arrived at E.I. this day in 1908) and Mike Mazurki (arrived at E.I. 1915) 93 min. p/s


9:45 pm This is the Army (WB, 1943) Irving Berlin (arrived at E.I. 1893) 121 min.


12 mid SILENT SUNDAY NIGHT The Son of the Sheik (UA, 1926) Rudolph Valentino (arrived at E.I. 1913), Karl Dane (arrived at E.I. 1916), 62 min. p/s


1:15 am TCM IMPORT America America (WB, 1963) written, produced, and directed by Elia Kazan (arrived at E.I. 1913) 174 min. (filmed in Greece) p/s


4:15 am It Happened One Night (Columbia, 1934) Directed by Frank Capra (arrived at E.I. 1903) and starring Claudette Colbert (arrived at E.I. 1906), 105 min.




Monday, March 31, 2008








Late in 1908, Henry Ford?s first Model T rolled off the line and into American history. Here?s a loving tribute to our eternal love, the automobile:




6:00 am The Absent-Minded Professor (Disney, 1961) Fred MacMurray 97 min.


8:00 am Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (UA, 1968) Dick Van Dyke 146 min.


10:30 am The Yellow Rolls-Royce (MGM, 1965) Ingrid Bergman, Rex Harrison 123 min.


12:45 pm The Great Race (WB, 1965) Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Jack Lemmon 160 min. p/s


3:45 pm The Love Bug (Disney, 1969) Dean Jones, Michelle Lee 107 min.


6:00 pm American Graffiti (Universal, 1971) 113 min. p/s








Instead of Director of the Month, here is a new monthly TCM feature to celebrate the unsung heroes of the movies, the screenwriters.




8:00 pm Rod Serling: Beyond the Twilight Zone (TCM, 2008). In this new TCM documentary, colleagues and critics examine Rod Serling?s movies. 30 min.


8:30 pm Patterns (UA, 1956) Van Heflin, 83 min. PREMIERE


10:00 pm Rod Serling: Beyond the Twilight Zone. See 8 PM.


10:30 pm Requiem for a Heavyweight (Col., 1962) Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason, Mickey Rooney 87 min.


12 mid Seven Days in May (Paramount, 1964) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Frederic March 118 min. p/s


2:00 am Assault on a Queen (Paramount, 1966) Frank Sinatra 106 min. PREMIERE


4:00 am The Man (Paramount, 1972) James Earl Jones 93 min. PREMIERE




Tuesday, April 1, 2008




BIRTHDAY TRIBUTES: The Good, the Bad, and the REALLY Ugly




Debbie Reynolds




6:00 am It Started With A Kiss (MGM, 1959) 100 min.


7:45 am The Unsinkable Molly Brown (MGM, 1964) 129 min.




Toshiro Mifune




10:00 am Rashomon (Janus, 1950) 87 min. p/s


11:30 noon The Seven Samurai (Janus, 1954) 207 min. p/s




Wallace Beery




3:00 pm A Lady?s Morals (MGM, 1930) Beery as P.T. Barnum, 85 min.


4:30 pm Flesh (MGM, 1932) 97 min.


6:15 pm Old Hutch (MGM, 1936) 80 min.








(focusing on the villains who worm their way into our midst, pretending to be allies, but secretly plotting our destruction)




8:00 pm Stalag 17 (Paramount, 1953) William Holden, Otto Preminger 121 min. p/s


10:15 pm Othello (WB, 1965) Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith 165 min. p/s


1:00 am Confessions of a Nazi Spy (WB, 1939) Edward G. Robinson 105 min.


2:15 am Devil and Miss Jones (RKO, 1941) Jean Arthur, Bob Cummings 93 min.


4:00 am All Through the Night (WB, 1942) Humphrey Bogart 108 min.




Wednesday, April 2, 2008








6:00 am Tillie the Toiler (Columbia, 1941) Kay Harris, William Tracy 67 min.


7:15 am Blondie in Society (Columbia, 1941) Arthur Lake, Penny Singleton 76 min.


8:45 am Gasoline Alley (Columbia, 1951) Scotty Beckett 77 min.


10:15 am Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch (Monogram, 1949) Leon Errol 74 min.


11:30 am Jiggs and Maggie in Court (Monogram, 1948) Joe Yule 60 min.


12:30 pm Little Orphan Annie (RKO, 1932) Mitzi Green, May Robson 70 min.


2:00 pm Mystery Plane (Monogram, 1939) a Tailspin Tommy adventure 60 min.


3:00 pm Li?l Abner (RKO, 1940) Granville Owen, Buster Keaton 78 min.


4:30 pm Little Annie Rooney (UA, 1925) Mary Pickford 95 min. p/s


6:15 pm Prince Valiant (Fox, 1954) Robert Wagner 100 min. p/s








8:00 pm Broadway Melody of 1936 (MGM, 1935) 102 min.


10:00 pm The Girl of the Golden West (MGM, 1938) 122 min.


12:15 am Broadway Melody of 1938 (MGM, 1937) 111 min.


2:15 am Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (Disney, 1955) 95 min.


4:00 am Breakfast at Tiffany?s (Paramount, 1961) 114 min., p/s




Thursday, April 3, 2008








A series of films that apparently survive but where are they?




6:00 am Winged Victory (Fox, 1944) In addition to starring these then-military personnel, Sgt. Edmond O?Brien, Cpl. Lee J. Cobb, Sgt. George Reeves, Cpl. Barry Nelson, Pvt. Lon McAllister, and Cpl. Karl Malden, the film was the debut of Judy Holliday, Red Buttons, Don Taylor, Gary Merrill, and Martin Ritt, and uncredited in the chorus were Mario Lanza and Kevin McCarthy. It was directed by George Cukor, produced by Darryl F. Zanuck, and written by Moss Hart from his hit play. 130 min. PREMIERE


8:30 am Lights of New York (WB, 1928) the first ?all-talking? film 57 min.


9:30 am Oh, Sailor Behave (WB, 1930) Olsen & Johnson. 70 min.


11:00 am The Monkey?s Paw (RKO, 1933) C.Aubrey Smith. 56 min.


12 noon General Crack (WB, 1930) John Barrymore?s first full-length all-talking film. 100 min.


2:00 pm The Desert Song (WB, 1929) John Boles. 123 min.


4:30 pm On With the Show (WB, 1929) Betty Compson, Joe E. Brown (the first film produced entirely in color) 98 min.


6:15 pm Big City (MGM, 1948) Margaret O?Brien, Robert Preston, 103 min. (that one?s for our buddy Patful)




STAR OF THE MONTH: Norma Shearer




(Married to MGM wunderkind, Irving Thalberg, Canadian-born Shearer was one of the real jewels in Louis B. Mayer?s crown)




8:00 pm Their Own Desire (MGM, 1929) 65 min.


9:15 pm The Divorcee (MGM, 1930) 82 min.


10:45 pm Smilin? Through (MGM, 1932) 98 min.


12:30 am Strangers May Kiss (MGM, 1931) 81 min.


2:00 am Private Lives (MGM, 1931) 85 min.


3:30 am Romeo and Juliet (MGM, 1936) 125 min.




Friday, April 4, 2008




A FILM CAREER IN A DAY ? a new TCM feature




Taking those stars, directors, etc. who had smaller movie outputs than the lifelong careers of others, this series will feature every film they were in and do it within 24 hours.




This Month: Grace Kelly




6:00 am Fourteen Hours (Fox, 1951) 92 min. p/s


8:00 am High Noon (UA, 1952) 85 min. p/s


9:45 am Mogambo (MGM, 1953) 115 min.


11:45 am Dial M for Murder (WB, 1954) 105 min.


1:45 pm Rear Window (Paramount, 1954) 112 min. p/s


3:45 pm Green Fire (MGM, 1955) 100 min.


5:45 pm The Bridges at Toko-Ri (Paramount, 1955) 105 min. p/s


8:00 pm The Country Girl (Paramount, 1955) 104 min. p/s


10:00 pm To Catch A Thief (Paramount, 1955) 107 min. p/s


12:00 mid The Swan (MGM, 1956) 109 min.


2:00 am High Society (MGM, 1956) 107 min.


4:00 am The Children of Theatre Street (1978) narration only 100 min. PREMIERE




Saturday, April 5, 2008




BETTE DAVIS 100th BIRTHDAY (includes Challenge theme of ?24 hrs. of Disabilities in the Movies?)




The great Bette Davis would have been 100 today. Here is a day-long tribute to her that also incorporates a theme of this Challenge, ?24 Hours of Disabilities in the Movies??because the characters she portrayed certainly displayed them all at some point. Please note: I moved TCM Underground to Saturday night, instead of Friday, to work in the two Davis films.




6:00 am Bordertown (WB, 1935) insanity 89 min.


7:30 am Mr. Skeffington (WB, 1944) senility 146 min.


10:00 am DEBUT THEATER: Pocketful of Miracles (UA, 1961) poverty-ridden, unwed mother alcoholic (film debut of Ann-Margret) 137 min p/s.


12:30 pm Now, Voyager (WB, 1942) nervous anxiety 118 min.


2:30 pm Dangerous (WB, 1935) alcoholism 80 min.


4:00 pm Dark Victory (WB, 1939) brain tumor and blindness 105 min.


6:00 pm Marked Woman (WB, 1937) disfigurement 96 min.


8:00 pm THE ESSENTIALS All About Eve (Fox, 1950) neurotic, manic, depressive paranoiac 138 min. p/s


10:30 pm Of Human Bondage (WB, 1934) locomotor ataxia (syphilis) 83 min.


12 mid TCM UNDERGROUND Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (Fox, 1964) dementia 133 min.


2:15 am TCM UNDERGROUND Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (WB, 1962) psychotic 118 min. p/s


4:15 am Beyond the Forest (WB, 1949) peritonitis 97 min.

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Entry #5: Benwhowell's Schedule



Winter Light


January 6, 2008-January 12, 2008




SUNDAY 1/6 "Baby, It's Cold Outside"




6AM (Cartoon) DONALD'S SNOW FIGHT (42) WALT DISNEY D-Jack King 7m


6:15AM SOLARIS (72) KINO p/s D-Andrei Tarkovsky 167m


9:15AM THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (51) RKO D-Christian Nyby 89m


10:45AM (Short) THE FATAL GLASS OF BEER (33) MACK SENNETT D-Clyde Bruckman 21m


11:15AM ON DANGEROUS GROUND (52) RKO D-Nicholas Ray 82m


12:45PM MR. AND MRS. SMITH (41) RKO D-Alfred Hitchcock 90m


2:15PM (Cartoon) MAIL DOG (47) WALT DISNEY D-Jack Hannah 7m








4:45PM CAT PEOPLE (42) RKO D-Jacques Tourneur 74m


6PM THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE (44) RKO D-Gunther V. Fritsch/Robert Wise 70m


(Cartoon) THE CAT THAT HATED PEOPLE (48) MGM D-Tex Avery 7m


7:30PM THAT DARN CAT! (65) WALT DISNEY D-Robert Stevenson 116m






9:30PM IMITATION OF LIFE (34) UNIVERSAL p/s D-John Stahl 116m


11:30PM (Cartoon) CARROTBLANCA (95) WB D-Douglas McCarthy 8m


12AM MICHAEL (24) DANISH FILM MUSEUM D-Carl Theodore Dreyer 96m




4:45AM BLACK MOON (34) COLUMBIA D-Roy William Neill 68m








"The Long And Winding Road" Disabilities In Movies




6AM THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE (46) RKO D-Robert Siodmak 83m


7:30AM JOHNNY BELINDA (48) WB D-Jean Negulesco 101m


9:30AM (Premiere) THE GLASS MENAGERIE (50) WB D-Irving Rapper 106m


11:30AM ACT OF VIOLENCE (48) MGM D-Fred Zinnemann 82m


1PM CITY LIGHTS (31) UA p/s D-Charlie Chaplin 87m


2:30PM A PATCH OF BLUE (65) MGM D-Guy Green 105m


4:30PM WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (62) WB p/s D-Robert Aldrich 132m


7PM COMING HOME (78) UA D-Hal Ashby 128m


9:30PM CHARLY (68) CINERAMA RELEASING CORP. p/s D-Ralph Nelson 106m






3:15AM THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (39) RKO D-William Dieterle 116m


5:15AM (Short) SEEING HANDS (43) (A Pete Smith Specialty) MGM D-Gunter Von Fritsch 11m




TUESDAY 1/8 "The Show Must Go On"




6AM THE DEVIL'S CIRCUS (26) MGM D_Benjamin Christensen 70m


7:30AM POLLY OF THE CIRCUS (32) MGM D-Alfred Santell 72m






11:45AM TRAPEZE (56) UA D-Carol Reed 106m






1:45PM WATERLOO BRIDGE (31) UNIVERSAL p/s D-Kames Whale 81m


3:15PM I WANT TO LIVE (58) UA D-Robert Wise 120m








8:15PM TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (48) WB D-John Huston 126m


10:30PM (Documentary) Encore presentation


12:45AM THE MISFITS (61) UA D-John Huston 124m


3AM WISE BLOOD (79) NEW LINE D-John Huston 108m


4:45AM (Short) WINNING YOUR WINGS (42) US ARMY AIR FORCES D-John Huston 18m






WEDNESDAY 1/9 "Everyday People" Black Americans In Movies


6AM HALLELUJAH! (29) MGM D-King Vidor 100m




8:45AM CABIN IN THE SKY (43) MGM D-Vincent Minnelli 98m


10:30AM PORGY AND BESS (59) COLUMBIA D-Otto Preminger 146m


1PM (Premiere) THE COOL WORLD (64) CINEMA V DISTRIBUTING, INC. D-Shirley Clarke 105m


2:45PM COTTON COMES TO HARLEM 970) UA D-Ossie Davis 97m


4:30PM (Premiere) PUTNEY SWOPE (69) CINEMA V DISTRIBUTING, INC. D-Robert Downey 84m






6PM THE PALM BEACH STORY (42) PARAMOUNT p/s D-Preston Sturges 90m


7:45PM NOW,VOYAGER (42) WB D-Irving Rapper 117m


9:45PM TILLIE THE TOILER (41) COLUMBIA D-Sidney Salkow 67m


11PM TURNABOUT (40) HAL ROACH STUDIOS, INC. p/s D_hal Roach 83m


12:30AM CAREFREE (38) RKO D-Mark Sandrich 83m


2AM MY MAN GODFREY (36) UNIVERSAL p/s D-Gregory La Cava 95m


3:45AM MANHATTAN LOVE SONG (34) MONOGRAM D-Leonard Fields 73m






THURSDAY 1/10 "Chop Suey"




6AM THE MASK OF FU MANCHU (32) MGM D-Charles Brabin/Charles Vidor 67m


7:15AM DRAGON SEED (44) MGM D-Harold S. Bucquet/Jack Conway 148m


9:45AM THE GOOD EARTH (37) MGM D-Victor Fleming/Sidney Franklin 140m








2:30pm BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (61) PARAMOUNT p/s D-Blake Edwards 114m


4:30PM LURE OF THE ISLANDS (42) MONOGRAM D-Jean Yarbrough 61m


(Cartoon) BUGS BUNNY **** THE **** (44) WB D-Friz Freleng 8m


















2:45AM THE UNINVITED (44) PARAMOUNT p/s D-Lewis Allen 98m






FRIDAY 1/11 "Let's Misbehave"




6AM THE BLUE ANGEL (30) PARAMOUNT p/s D-Josef Von Sternberg 104m


7:45AM THE LIFE OF THE PART (30) WB D-Roy Del Ruth 78m


9:15AM A FREE SOUL (31) MGM D-Clarence Brown 92m


11AM RED-HEADED WOMAN (32) MGM D-Jack Conway 75m


12:30PM ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (32) PARAMOUNT p/s D-Erle C. Kenton 70m


1:45PM THE MAYOR OF HELL (33) WB D-Archie Mayo 90m






3:30PM THE BOY WITH GREEN HAIR (48) RKO D-Joseph Losey 82m


5PM REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (55) WB p/s D-Nicholas Ray 111m




8PM BYE BYE BIRDIE (63) COLUMBIA D-George Sidney 112m


10PM THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT (64) UA D-George Roy Hill 106m


12AM WILD IN THE STREETS (68) AIP D-Barry Shear 97m




2AM I SAW WHAT YOU DID (65) UNIVERSAL D-William Castle 82m


3:30AM LET'S KILL UNCLE (66) UNIVERSAL D-William Castle 92m


5:15AM (Short) AGE 13 (55) SID DAVIS PRODUCTIONS D-Arthur Swerdloff 27m




SATURDAY 1/12 "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"




6AM TOM SAWYER (73) UA D-Don Taylor 104m


7:45AM THE BOATNIKS (70) WALT DISNEY D-Norman Tokar 99m


(Cartoon) STEAMBOAT WILLIE (28) WALT DISNEY D-Walt Disney/UB Iwerks 8m


(Cartoon) CAPTAIN HAREBLOWER (54) WB D-Friz Freleng 7m




10AM SNOOPY, COME HOME (72) PARAMOUNT D-Bill Melendez 81m


11:30AM (Short) IT'S TOUGH TO BE A BIRD (69) WALT DISNEY D-Ward Kimball 21m






12PM TREASURE ISLAND (34) Mgm D-Victor Fleming 103m


1:45PM MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (35) MGM D-Frank Lloyd 132m


4PM CAPTAIN BLOOD (35) WB D-Michael Curtiz 119m




6PM (Short) BEAUTY AND THE BUS (33) MGM D-Gus Meins 18m




8PM ROSEMARY'S BABY (68) PARAMOUNT p/s D-Roman Polanski 136M






12AM LADIES' DAY (43) RKO D-Leslie Goodwins 62m


1:15AM SING YOUR WORRIES AWAY (42) RKO D-A. Edward Sutherland 70m


2:30AM GO INTO YOUR DANCE (35) WB D-Archie Mayo/Michael Curtiz/Robert Florey 89m


4AM THE GIRL FROM MISSOURI (34) MGM D-Jack Conway/Sam Wood 75m


5:30AM (Short) MAID IN HOLLYWOOD (34) MGM D-Gus Meins 20m




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Entry#5: Benwhowell's Notes &Promo




Winter Light Notes




"Wandering in the winter light


the wicked and the sane


bear witness to salvation


and life starts over again..."


Sarah Brightman "Winter Light"


And don't even get me started on Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece.




I had planned on sitting out this challenge, until I read sugarpuss' "dance card." The Directors, Disabilities In Movies, TCM Showcase and 7 premieres! I couldn't resist.


My first thought was of a true renaissance man- John Huston. In a career spanning over 50 years-as writer/producer/actor and, of course, director-he has given us a diverse, timeless body of work...in every genre. I've always been inspired by his independent spirit. His movies are always about "misfits" searching for that elusive "thing" to believe in...and masterful explorations of human relationships.


I was thrilled to "find" a documentary that I was not familiar with-"John Huston: The Man, The Movies, The Maverick." What an apt title. It sounds like a great doc too-from Frank Martin-who's also given us documentaries on MGM, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Playboy, Elvis Presley and the Irish Republican Army!


It features info on many of his classics-"The Maltese Falcon," "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre," "The African Queen," "The Misfits," etc. And remembrances from Michael Caine, Paul Newman, Lauren Bacall, Arthur Miller, et al. And family members Anjelica, Danny and (third wife) Evelyn Keyes. As well as archive footage of many other Hollywood legends he worked with.


Did I mention that he had one the best voices in Hollywood. I read an anecdote about him and Evelyn Keyes. When they were married Huston had a pet monkey. Evelyn got fed up with the mess. She told Huston either she or the monkey had to go. Can't you just hear Huston saying, "Honey, it's you."


Choosing Huston as my Director and anticipating the Disibilities In Movies theme sort of set the tone for my schedule...Mavericks, misfits, minorities, music and movies. (Where there's music and movies-there's always hope.)


I wanted to celebrate Patsy Kelly's birthday (to lighten things up) and was pleased to discover it during that week in January. Winter is so atmospheric and moody-especially after all the Christmas festivities. I love the juxtaposition of light and dark.


I began my week with "Solaris" as a sort of metaphor for my schedule...Be prepared for a voyage of the senses...in a ponderous /methodical fashion.


I had to throw in a few "cat" movies that evening (being a cat lover)...followed by a night of love triangles.


The Disabilities In Movies theme was most exciting for me because I knew what my first two premieres would be-"The Glass Menagerie" and "The Titicut Follies." I'm a big Tennessee Williams fan and I've never seen "TGM." I'm also a big Frederick Wiseman fan and I've never seen "TTF-"a cinema verite documentary about the horrific treatment of patients in a Massachusetts mental institution for the criminally insane in the '60's. I believe the title refers to a show put on by the patients/inmates. It was banned by the Massachusets Supreme Judicial Court as "an invasion of inmate privacy."


Tuesday is my day for running away and joining the circus. All that excitement and costumes and travel...After all, everyone needs a "support system-"even a dysfunctional one.


Black Americans In Movies gave me my next two premieres-"The Cool World" and "Putney Swope." Shirley Clarke was a pioneering black female director. She even received an Oscar nomination for her short film, "Skyscrapper," in 1960. "The Cool World" is a gritty semi-documentary depiction of Harlem "ghetto" life in 1964-with a great jazz score. "Putney Swope" is a hilarious satire about an advertising agency that accidently appoints the "token black man" as CEO. He changes the name of the firm to Truth And Soul, Inc. and gives the commercial spots new life!


I would love to see more character actors as Star Of The Month. Who better to start with than the fabulous Franklin Pangborn!


Thursday is my tribute to white Hollywood heavyweights playing Asian!


Followed by my next 3 premieres-"Blue," "White," and "Red" from Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski. He uses the three colors of France's national motto (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) as symbolism for these studies of the tumultuous lives of various people in contemporary France. "Red" was his final film.


I follow this up with a night of evil "spirits..."and the women who love them.


Friday is my favorite day...filled with scandalous pre-codes and teenage rebellion. My TCM Underground features two rarely seen titles from William Castle-"I Saw What You Did" and "Let's Kill Uncle" (with Mary "To Kill A Mockingbird" Badham.)


I titled my TCM Showcase Animation Avenue. I had to include one of the only two Peanuts feature films-"Snoopy, Come Home." (The other one is "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" from '69.) Peanuts has been such a significant part of my entire life. I still haven't decided if I'm more like Charlie Brown or Linus.


I also had to include the seldom seen cartoon/documentary from Disney-"It's Tough To Be A Bird." It won an Oscar for best short subject in 1970 and features the voice of Ruth Buzzi!


I thought it would be fun to spend a saturday with a bounty of pirate movies...followed by a birthday tribute to Patsy Kelly. I had to include several of her comedy shorts with Thelma Todd. I also had to include "Rosemary's Baby" as The Essential. It's one of my favorite movies...suspenseful and filled with a great cast and great performances. All the "trivia" surrounding the movie would also make excellent fodder for Robert and Carrie...Tuesday Weld turned down the lead, Mia Farrow received divorce papers from Sinatra on the movie set, William Castle produced and has a cameo as a man in a telephone booth, Tony Curtis did the (telephone) voice of the actor the coven blinds, it is rumoured that Sharon Tate appears as a party guest, it was filmed in the Dakota Building-where John Lennon was later murdered...The Beatles' "Helter Skelter" was used as part of the Manson family killing spree which would include Sharon Tate (Polanski's pregnant wife,) etc.


I used song titles to identify certain themes. I thought it would be cool (and esoteric) to have Muzak versions of them playing during the intros of the movie blocks.


Well, I think that covers it...finally!


Now I can go back and check out all the schedules posted so far. Good luck to everyone!



Winter Light Promo






We hear the song "Skating" by George Winston.




A snow bank. We pull back to reveal an ice skating pond filled with skaters. We pull back more and reveal kids building a snowman. We pan to the right to reveal a row of benches. There are only two people sitting on one of the benches...a (white) teenage boy and an (asian) teenage boy. We pan more to the right to reveal a kiosk. On the kiosk is a hand-painted sign. It reads HOT CHOCOLATE and has a drawing of a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Inside the kiosk is a man. We move in closer to discover he is in a wheelchair. There is a cat sitting on his lap. The man is placing three to-go-cups in a paper sack. He also puts a flyer in the sack. He looks to his left and we see his lips move. We pull back to see a teenage girl standing beside the kiosk. She is a cute girl with lots of curly hair and baby fat. She walks over to the kiosk. The man points to the paper sack and then points to the two boys sitting on the bench.




We are looking over the shoulder of the girl as she walks toward the two boys. She sits on the bench between them and distributes the hot chocolate. The flyer falls onto the ground. One of the boys picks it up and hands it to the girl. She holds it up. We move in to read the flyer-


Winter Light Film Festival 1/6-1/12


Alley Cat Cinema


We now see the three kids as they look at each other and then toward the kiosk. We move to the right to discover that the cat is now lying on the counter of the kiosk and the man is playing a guitar.




We are looking over the shoulders of the three kids as they look across the street at the Alley Cat Cinema. To the right of the theatre is an alley and on the other side of the alley is a thrift store called The Cat's Pajamas. To the left of the theatre is another alley and on the other side of that alley is a pet cemetary which includes a small chapel.


We watch as the three kids walk across the street to the theatre. We notice that the (white) teenage boy has a limp.




We now hear Burt Bacharach's "Nikki" playing over.




We see a hand-written poster on the wall underneath the ticket counter of the Alley Cat Cinema. It reads Disabilities In Movies. We see the three kids entering the theatre.




We see a hand-written poster in the same location. It reads Black Americans In Movies. We see the three kids exiting the theatre.




We are looking over the shoulders of the three kids. They are inside the theatre watching Franklin Pangborn on the screen. Their shoulders are moving up and down from laughter.




We are looking over the shoulders of the three kids as they watch Patsy Kelly on the screen. Again their shoulders are moving up and down from laughter.




We are looking over the shoulders of the two boys. They are watching "Carnival Of Souls" on the screen. The girl walks up with a huge tub of popcorn. She startles one of the boys. He accidently hits the tub of popcorn-sending it soaring into the air. We now watch the popcorn as it falls down (like snow) onto the heads of the three kids in slow motion.




We see another hand-written poster in the same location. It reads John Huston: The Man, The Movies, The Maverick. The three kids exit the theatre and walk into the alley on the right. The two boys sit down and share a huge box of Raisinettes. We see a hop scotch drawn on the street with chalk. The girl takes a Raisinette and uses it as a marker. She makes her way down the hop scotch board and discovers a piece of chalk. She writes The Misfits on the wall. The two boys join her and they do "high fives" all around.




The three kids are now entering The Cat's Pajamas. They pass a young woman. She is delicately placing a glass unicorn on a shelf with other glass figurines.


We see the young girl holding a Peanuts lunchbox. We see the two boys in the background. They are looking at a full size VHS video recorder. The girl joins them and they all exchange looks.




We are now watching the (white) teenage boy and the girl as if through a VHS video recorder-in grainy black and white. The boy is dressed as Tor Johnson in "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and the girl is dressed as Vampira. They are in the pet cemetary and walking towards us. It starts to snow.




We now see the boy and girl and the (asian) teenage boy-dressed as Bela Lugosi in "Plan 9 From Outer Space" holding the camera. They are trying to catch snowflakes with their tongues.



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Entry #6: Hlywdkjk's (Kyle) Schedule



Just another punny, puny week of Programming for TCM.


Kyle In Hollywood's 'Back To Basics" Edition of the TCM Programming Challenge


Sunday November 15th to Saturday November 21st




(As usual, additional notes to follow in a separate post.)




Sunday 15th November




Double Vision


(Dual Roles created by Optical Special Effects)


3:00am The Prisoner Of Zenda (1952) MGM 101m


4:45am Dead Ringer (1964) WB / ps 115m


6:45am Wonder Man (1945) RKO - Goldwyn. / ps 98m


8:30am Kissin' Cousins (1964) MGM 96m


10:15am The Guilty (1947) Monogram 71m


11:30am The Dark Mirror (1946) PREMIERE Universal 85m


1:00pm House Of Numbers (1957) MGM 92m


2:45pm The Parent Trap (1961) Walt Disney 125m




===Primetime Hours===


Funday Night At The Movies


5:00pm The Nutty Professor (1963) Paramount / ps 107m




Men Of Few Words


(Films of Little or No Dialogue)


7:00pm The Bellboy (1960) Paramount /ps 72m


8:30pm The Bell Boy (short) (1918) - Keaton/Arbuckle


9:00pm Silent Sunday Nights - Go West (1925) Keaton/MGM 68m


10:15pm Silent Sunday Nights - The Paleface (1922) / ps


11:00pm TCM Imports - Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953) Jacques Tati 91m




12:45am Charlie: The Life And Art Of Charles Chaplin (Doc) (2003) - Richard Schickel / ps


Monday 16th November




"Man-Day, Mann-Day"


(To be said as if a Mama Or a Papa)




"Who Da Man?"


3:00am "Da" Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) Gaumont / ps 80m


4:30am "Da" Man Who Returned To Life (1942) Columbia 61m


5:45am "Da" Man Who Lived Twice (1936) Columbia. 73m


7:00am "Da" Man Who Talked Too Much (1940) WB 76m


8:30am "Da" Man Who Came To Dinner (1942) WB 118m


10:30am "Da" Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) Paramount / ps 120m


12:30pm "Da" Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) Paramount / ps 122m


2:45pm "Da" Man Who Would Be King (1975) Col./AA / ps 129m




===Primetime Hours===


Manns With A Movie Camera


Delbert Mann


5:00pm Middle Of The Night (1959) Columbia 117m


Daniel Mann


7:00pm Five Finger Exercise (1962) Columbia 109m


Anthony Mann


9:00pm God's Little Acre (1958) UA 112m


Michael Mann


11:00pm Heat (1995) WB / ps 171m




2:00am The Man With A Movie Camera (1929) ps 61m




Tuesday 17th November


"Silence Cinema" -Portrayals of Deafness in Film


(A 24-Hour Disability Spotlight)




3:00am The Unknown (1946) Columbia / ps 70m


4:15am Mr. Soft Touch (1949) Columbia 93m


6:00am No Way Out (1950) 20th Century Fox / ps. 106m


8:00am Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941) MGM 84m


9:30am The Man Who Played God (1932) WB 81m


11:00am For The First Time (1959) MGM 97m


12:45pm The Man Of A Thousand Faces (1957) Universal / ps 122m


3:00pm The Miracle Worker (1962) US / ps 106m




===Primetime Hours===


5:00pm Flesh And Fury PREMIERE (1952) Universal 82m


6:30pm The Story Of Esther Costello (1957) Romulus-Columbia / ps 102m


8:45pm The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter PREMIERE (1968) WB. 124m


11:00pm Johnny Belinda (1948) WB 101m


12:45pm Children Of A Lesser God (1986) Paramount / ps 119m


Wednesday 18th November




"To Love, Honor and Co-Star"


Married Couples Together On Screen




:: Bette Davis & Garry Merrill ::


3:00am Another Man's Poison (1952) UA / ps 89m


:: Ida Lupino & Louis Hayward ::


4:30am Ladies In Retirement (1941) Columbia / ps 91m


:: Ida Lupino & Howard Duff ::


6:00am Jennifer (1953) Monogram 73m


:: Joanne Dru & John Ireland ::


7:15am All The King's Men (1950) Columbia / ps 110m


:: Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman ::


9:15am Paris Blues (1961) UA / ps 98m


:: Elsa Lanchester & Charles Laughton ::


11:00am Rembrandt (1936) London-UA / ps 85m


:: Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier ::


12:30am That Hamilton Woman (1941) Korda-UA / ps 125m


:: Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton ::


2:45pm The Taming Of The Shrew (1967) Columbia 122m




===Primetime Hours===


Director Spotlight - Ernst Lubitsch


5:00pm That Touch Of Lubitsch - original documentary 80m


6:30pm Trouble In Paradise (1932) Paramount / ps 81m


8:00pm That Touch Of Lubitsch - original documentary (reprise) 80m


9:30pm Ninotchka (1939) MGM 111m


11:30pm Angel - PREMIERE (1937) Paramount 90m


1:00am The Shop Around The Corner (1940) MGM 110m




Thursday 19th November


A Touch More Ernst Lubitsch


3:00am Lady Windemere's Fan - silent (1925) WB / ps 80m


4:30am That Uncertain Feeling (1941) UA / ps 89m




Mr. Sardonic Cuss


(aka "The Life Of Wryly" - A Birthday Salute to the wry Ned Sparks)


6:00am Leathernecking (1930) RKO 79m


7:30am Hi Nellie! (1934) WB 93m


8:45am Big City Blues (1932) WB 68m


10:00am Down To Their Last Yacht (1934) RKO 64m




"What's For Lunch?" - A Bacon & Mayo Sandrich!


Mark Sandrich - Director


11:15am Hips, Hips, Hooray (1934) RKO 68m


Lloyd Bacon - Director


12:30pm The Frisco Kid (1935) WB 77m


Archie Mayo - Director


2:00pm Call It A Day (1937) WB 90m


Mark Sandrich - Director


3:30pm The Lady Rebels (1936) RKO 90m




===Primetime Hours===


Memoirs Of A Movie


Three Sets of Films - a classic film and the later film about making the original




5:00pm The African Queen (1951) Romulus / ps 106m


7:00pm White Hunter, Black Heart PREMIERE (1990) WB-Rastar 114m




9:00pm Nosferatu - silent (1922) ps 72m


10:15pm Shadow Of The Vampire PREMIERE (2000) Saturn Films. 93m




12:00am Ed Wood (1994) Touchstone / ps 127m


2:15am Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) ps 78m


Friday 20th November




Rabbit Ears Revisited


Another '60s Television Theme




Movies Brought to the Small Screen




3:45am Dragnet (1954) WB 70m




5:30am Flipper (1963) MGM 90m




7:00am Clarence, The Cross-Eyed Lion (1965) MGM. 98m




Television Brought to the Big Screen




8:45am Thunderbirds Are Go! (1968) MGM-UA 94m


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


10:30am The Spy With My Face (1966) MGM 86m


Dark Shadows


12:00pm House Of Dark Shadows (1970) MGM 97m


The Monkees


1:45pm Head (1968) Columbia / ps 86m


Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In


3:15pm The Maltese Bippy (1969) MGM 92m




===Primetime Hours===


Film At Eleven - The TCM / CNN Headline News Film Festival


Current Events curiously similar to Classic Films


(Preferably Co-Hosted By scandal-maven Nancy Grace)




5:00pm Elmer Gantry (1960) UA / ps 145m


Charismatic, yet hypocritical, preacher is brought down by a vengeful prostitute


see - The Reverend Ted Haggard




7:30pm Sunset Boulevard (1950) Paramount./ ps 110m


Hollywood unknown is found dead at the mansion of an eccentric entertainment legend


see - Phil Spector




9:30pm Arsenic And Old Lace (1944) WB 118m


Two Elderly Women are accused of befriending and then murdering homeless men


See here - http://crime.about.com/b/a/257068.htm




TCM Underground


Mae West Goes To Camp


11:30pm Myra Breckenridge (1970) 96m


1:15am Sextette (1978) 91m




Saturday 21st November




3:00am Seven Sweet Hearts (1942) MGM 99m


5:00am Seven Faces Of Dr. Lao (1964) MGM 100m




TCM Saturday Morning Showcase


The Weekly "Not On Home Video" Showcase


7:00am Green Mansions (1959) MGM 104m




The Game Of ... Death


9:00am The Most Dangerous Game (1932) RKO 63m


10:15am A Game Of Death (1945) RKO 72m


11:30am Rope (1948) WB / ps. 83m


1:00pm The Alphabet Murders (1966) MGM 90m


2:30am Sleuth (1972) 20th Century Fox / ps 138m




==Primetime Hours==


The TCM Art Gallery - Portraits Of A Lady


5:00pm The Essentials - Laura - PREMIERE (1944) Fox 86m


6:45pm Portrait Of Jennie (1945) MGM 86m


8:15pm Woman In The Window (1944) RKO 99m


10:00pm Vertigo (1958) WB 128m


12:15am That Forsyte Woman (1949) MGM 112m




2:30am Festival Of Shorts #14 (Elizabeth Taylor) (1999) 26m

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Entry #6: Hlywdkjk's (Kyle) Notes



After an unreasonably long gestation period, it is finally up. But, beyond the time it took to finalize this Challenge Schedule, it was a rather anguishing experience this time around.




There must be something in the air, the water or a subliminal message being sent through this "internet thing" as I kept stumbling upon parts of my plans and research everywhere I turned lately. First, TCM dragged out "The Man From UNCLE" films for use in November. I had been sitting on those "unique" films for use on the "Rabbit Ears Revisited" theme for awhile now. (But I was kind of hesitant to use them as they are just re-edited episodes of the television show. With their appearance on the November schedule, it was like receiving permission from "on high" to use them without an apology.)




That was followed with Fedya and I "bumping into one another" with his Co-Stars of the Month - McCrea and Dee - and my Married Co-Stars idea. Back in May, 'lzcutter', 'JackBurley' and I "brainstormed" over a list of Couples who appeared together on screen while married. (Yes, 'lzcutter' and 'JackBurley' deserve a big "Thank You" for their help with this list of performers/films. I am illiterate on these aspects of film history.) So, I had the married McCrea & Dee as part of my theme line-up this month too. I considered jettisoning the whole idea but thought better of it after all that work. I decided to keep the theme and just get rid of those two performers.




All you early posters jumped quickly on Michael Curtiz - scratch that one off the short list - and then John Huston was picked up by 'benhowell'. <scratch> I was resigned to the disappointment of seeing my choice of director show up before I finally got this posted. (Thankfully, it didn't happen.)




And then 'filmlover' dropped a wonderful theme into his schedule that is very similar to one I have fully-formed and is just waiting for the right Challenge in which to be seen. Oh well. I think it will still be used someday.




To The Week That Is -




I have (obviously) fully embraced the "Mid-Century Modern" motif of TCM with this schedule. Post-1960 (and post-70s) films are abundant during this week of programming. At one point it was going to be even fuller of such films but thought it best to dial it back a bit.




I caught the trailer for Elvis Presley's Kissin' Cousins the other day and it contained one of those moments of stunned discovery of a physical "double" - just like Haley Mills. And there it was. A Theme Was Born. I needed some interesting and abundant weekend fare anyway.




I kept the "Funday Night At The Movies" showcase with the original The Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis. Thought it might be interesting to expose youngsters to the film upon which the Eddie Murphy film was based. And it makes for a nice intro to the films that follow - Men Of A Few Words. Virtually silent, The Bellboy allowed me to transition into Silent Sunday Night (Go West - A TCM Premiere) easily and then continue that theme into TCM Imports (Mr. Hulot's Holiday) after that. Being able to group those two showcases into a single theme was fun. I added the Chaplin documentary as I hadn't scheduled one during the week - save for the original creation - and docs are psrts of the schedule that I lokk forward to the most every month.




Monday / Man-Day / Mann-Day. Just a bunch of wordplay. But even I was surprised how many films titles begin with "The Man Who..." I knew four or five titles when I started. I found many more - of which four are on this day and the fifth is found on Disability Day.




The "Manns" provided the perfect opportunity to mine the newly added libraries of Columbia, etc. I could pick out seldom seen films and not use them as premieres. (I had hoped to hyperlink some of the more obscure titles to their TCMDatabase pages in the posted schedule. But without the preview function in the upgraded Forums, I gave up on that idea. Instead I will try to include them in these notes.)




The "Manns" idea has been on the desk for awhile and was originally possible to do without the Columbia or UA libraries. But it was fun to look anew at the possibilities wiht the expanded options. Middle Of The Night stars Fredric March and Kim Novak in a May / December romance. Five Finger Exercise is a Rosalind Russell film with Richard Beymer and overtones of Tea And Sympathy. God's Little Acre has poor farmer Robert Ryan searching for a treasure buried by his grandfather on the family farm. As for Michael Mann's Heat, it was a gift from 'tcmprogrammr' when this film was shown on the most recent "31 Days Of Oscar" and allowed me to make this a four film event. Had that last hour of the day to fill and thought it important to include the film on whose title I was "riffing" the theme.




I didn't understand that this Spotlight could be a "mix and match" event. No matter. I had two great aunts who were deaf so it made sense to try to theme out their disability. The films at the beginning of the day have only secondary or minor deaf characters. But as the day progresses, being deaf becomes more and more prominent so that by the time evening arrives, deafness is central to the story. Flesh And Fury stars Tony Curtis as a deaf boxer. The Story Of Esther Costello has Joan Crawford as the benefactor to a poor deaf and blind girl. (The webarticle for the film calls it The Miracle Worker lite.) The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter starring Alan Arkin almost didn't make it on to the schedule - but fearing the wrath of the moderatress made me change a few things to allow me this Premiere. (Put the whip away, 'sugarpuss'.)




As I said, "To Love, Honor and Co-Star" was a cooperative endeavor. There was more material than time in the day. That's why Bogart and Bacall - the couple most often seen on TCM - are exempted. And if anyone can add to the list of Married Co-Stars, go ahead and post them. I think this might be a very attractive Spotlight Theme for 'tcmprogrammr'. Besides Joel McCrea and Frances Dee that Fedya already added to the mix, I also know that Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher co-starred in Butterfield 8. As to the films selected, both Rembrandt and That Hamilton Woman are scheduled to appear in the coming months. I would have Premiered Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf but that would have meant no Alan Arkin on Tuesday. That fear of "the whip" was always with me. (Hope you're happy, Ms O'Shea.)




Ernst Lubitsch as the subject of the Director Spotlight is appealing not only because of the quality of the films he directed, but also because of his stint as the Head of Paramount Pictures (no other "artist" was ever asked to run an existing studio, as far as I know) and because even the most unlikely of peers respected his work -


""None of us thought we were making anything but entertainment for the moment. Only Ernst Lubitsch knew we were making art." --John Ford

"A man of pure cinema."-- Alfred Hitchcock

"I loved Lubitsch, mainly for his tremendous desire to make something funny with class. It was strange - he really should have been a Frenchman."--Edgar G. Ulmer



Lubitsch has achieved icon status today with five films in the National Film Registry - but he was as close to an icon while alive that a person could probably be. How else to explain the recurring joke of wanting an introduction to "Lubitsch" in Preston Sturges' Sullivan's Travels in 1942? Or this bit of promotion linking Lubitsch with the most American of products - (ClickHere) in 1932?




In researching this theme and write-up, I came across an anecdote claiming Billy Wilder kept a sign above his desk reading "What Would Lubitsch Do?" I don't know if that is true but I want to believe it. And I want to send such a sign to every filmmaker working in Hollywood today. Wit is in short supply in my town these days. Watching Trouble In Paradise last week, I was laughing in a manner that I hadn't in months.




"I want you as a crook. I love you as a crook. I worship you as a crook. Steal, swindle, rob! Oh, but don't become one of those useless, good-for-nothing gigolos!" - Lily Vautier (Miriam Hopkins)








The Ernst Lubitsch website isn't too bad if one wants to read some more. As a close to this section, let me just add one last (hopefully true) anecdote -


After Lubitsch's funeral, fellow directors William Wyler and Billy Wilder walked together in silence toward their parked cars. "Pity", Wyler remarked, "No more Lubitsch." "Worse", Wilder replied. "No more Lubitsch pictures."



I am not "big" on birthday salutes but I am big on Ned Sparks.




And for my ode to 'sugarpuss's legendary "I'll have the 'Turducken'" - "A Bacon And Mayo Sandrich." Far from being in the same league, it still makes me snicker to read it. I searched desperately for any sort of appropriately pun-ish last name to add as the "bread" to my "sandrich" but there are no "white"s, "wheat"s "toast"s or "rye"s that made films in the thirties or forties.




I don't remember when I had the yen to pair The African Queen and White Hunter, Black Heart but it would be amazing to watch those two films back to back. And TCM is the only channel that I can think of that would do it. White Hunter, Black Heart is the memoir written by the screenwriter of The African Queen while making that film in Africa. It was later turned into a film by Clint Eastwood with Eastwood standing in for the "John Huston" character. I saw it many, many years ago and would like to see it again. Especially in this context. Shadow Of The Vampire is a fictional "behind the scenes" look at the making of F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu and features Willem Dafoe as the actor playing the vampire character. He was nominated for an Academy Award for this portrayal. John Malkovich portrays Murnau. For the final "Double Feature", I reversed the pairings and put the latter film first - Ed Wood - because the Tim Burton film covers so much more ground than just the making Plan 9 From Ouer Space. And I think seeing the Burton film actually enhances any enjoyment gotten from seeing Plan 9... if it is seen afterward.




As I have already noted, November's schedule has spoiled the surprise of debuting a "The Man From UNCLE" film on the schedule. <sigh> But at least I got The Maltese Bibby in there. (If you are under 40 years of age, you won't understand)..This is where I kept running into the wall known as Universal Pictures. Universal was big at putting television series on the Big Screen - McHale's Navy, The Munsters and Get Smart all have made it to the theaters with their casts intact. I almost substituted Head with Star Trek - The Motion Picture but "Lash O'Shea" would not have found that amusing. (But 'mrsl' would have been pleased.)




I find the evening theme of life imitating art a real blast. The case of the murderous old ladies made the papers here over a year ago. When I first read about it, the first thing that popped into my head was "That's just like Arsenic And Old Lace!" That sent me on a hunt for similar film/news stories. Ted Haggard (or is it Haggert? )was a gift from ... "a higher power". And I fantasize that Phil Spector came down a long staircase with a bizarre look on his face (and a strange haircut) the night he was arrested.




I know. I am not programming "TCM Underground" in the spirit of the series. But there is no other appropriate place to show these two films that I could think of. And why shouldn't the last films of Mae West be seen on TCM? One might need an "Underground" sensibility to even try to enjoy them.




A pair of "Seven" films in honor of Challenge #7.




I thought of a different approach to the weekly Saturday showcase. Instead of genre films, why not promote films not on home video? It would make a lot of sense to showcase films that one can not purchase - or see anywhere else but on TCM. I chose Green Mansions because it is #1 on TCM's rankings. See here - http://www.tcm.com/top/notondvd/ So apologies to all my friends that I polled about what film they are waiting to be released on DVD. I really thought I would use one of your suggestions but then thought it best to use the most requested film from the website instead. (Is this film #1 because it is an unavailable Audrey Hepburn film?)




"Death as A Game" has been on the desk for quite awhile and finally tossed it into a Ben Mankiewicz afternoon slot. I would have liked to include The Naked Prey but couldn't get it to fit. And there was that premiere thing too. So, instead The Alphabet Murders sits there like a sore thumb - not really a fitting part of the theme but close enough to let me get away with it.




And the final evening - "Portraits of a Lady". This is something I have been planning since I saw Woman In The Window on this month's schedule a few months back. And it allowed me a way to program Laura - one of the fewer and fewer "must-see" movies still never seen on TCM. I wavered over which Hitchcock film's "portrait" is most interesting and important to the story - the one in Vertigo or in Rebecca. I left the decision to someone else. And I am taking it on faith that the ending of That Forsyte Woman is integral enough to make the film acceptable to this theme.




I am glad it is done. It was a fun Challenge to do. Now I look forward to checking out all the schedules posted before me in greater detail.

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> Now I can easily rip and slash these schedules to pieces.


Trying to raise the spirits of the participants, Grimey? (I know how you love to be called that!)


In other news, I would like everyone to know that because of this thread and this wonky board, I am now bald from pulling out my hair. On the other hand, the web design course I took in college has finally paid off!


Chip, for some bizarre reason whenever I post the notes that go with your schedule, this thread refuses to open. I'm not sure what is going on. It was taking me forever to open the specific page in the challenge thread as well. I don't want you thinking that I didn't post them, because I tried to but that seems to be the reason why the first voting thread wasn't opening.


I don't know how to link specifically to the posts with your notes in them. If you can link to them, please do. I feel really terrible that I'm unable to post them and more importantly, I'd like to know why they clash with the thread!


And just a reminder: filmlover is currently in the lead with 1 PM'ed vote. There's over a week to cast your vote (voting closes September 14th, midnight PST/3:00 am EST). Support your fellow posters by giving your favorite schedule a vote!

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To Sugarpuss! 4 star handle by the way!!! & this is pretty different type of post/article you put together CONGRATS!

I'll have to check it out more later, given i have not even been ble to check back in my 2nd home here at tcm.com in sometime

& speaking of different

they really altered these forums, again already, huh?

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This was a tough one. All the schedules are terrific-very creative and filled with movies I love (or would love to see.) Congratulations to everyone... and Good Luck!

There is one schedule that really blows my mind...and so I cast my vote for our resident "mad mixologist..."

Kyle (Who went through the looking glass) In Hollywood

After re-reading his schedule (and notes) I have to quote Marilyn Monroe (in "The Seven Year Itch")-"Isn't it delicious!"

Kyle, your schedule is like...well, it's like eating a banana split at Serendipity III on Halloween night while Carol Channing reads beat poetry to you.

Crazy, man, crazy!

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Thank you, moderator sugarpuss! Thank you, entrants #1 ChipHeartsMovies, #2 Fedya, #3 movieman1957, #4 filmlover, #5 benwhowell, #6 hlywdkjk!


I've enjoyed reading your schedules and notes so much. What astonishingly varied and creative work. All your schedules should be adopted by TCM immediately.


As a newcomer here, I'm trying to understand the need for this to be a contest with one winner. I gather that the voter turnout is usually low. Maybe this is the reason? Why do we have to choose? It doesn't seem a matter of taste so much as mood. And there's something for every mood in all the schedules. When I vote in most elections it's after weighing pros and cons, checking to see if any candidate's about to be indicted for something or other, holding my nose, etc. There's nothing unpleasant or discouraging like that here. It's a fabulous 6-course dinner party--and you've asked us to pick one course and then move along?! If you'd all produced movies or books, I'd see them, read them, buy them all as soon as I could afford to. You're saying we can only have one? No, I won't choose. I admire everyone's work. Congratulations to all entrants! And thank you, sugarpuss, for the best thread on the board.

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"As a newcomer here, I'm trying to understand the need for this to be a contest with one winner." - cascabel


Hi 'cascabel'. Let me allay your conflicted feelings about picking a "winner".


All of us that participate in the Challenge "Competitions" are doing them for the fun of it and for the responses to our ideas from the Forum Members (and TCM). We are all a friendly group and have no real competitive nature between ourselves.


You shouldn't think of "voting" as picking the best or necessarily picking "the winner". Voting is meant as a method of feedback to the participants and as way to choose who will "moderate" the next Programming Challenge. (The person with the most votes has the honor of leading the next "competition".) Any one of the participants will be pleased and proud of the schedule that garners the most votes - whether it is their own or the schedule of some one else.


So, if you can, vote for the schedule that is your "favorite" - if that decision is even possible. (I'd understand if that choice is difficult too.) And you can use whatever criteria you choose to guide you in your selection of "favorite". Base it on the choice of "The Star Of The Month" or whoever selected a director for a new documentary that you would be most intrigued to watch. Or which schedule has the most films you are hoping to see on TCM one day.


And, as for myself, thanks for the kind words you had to say about all the posted "schedules" and the talent demonstrated in creating them. It is nice to read such a sincere response to the work of the six "Challengers".


Kyle In Hollywood

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mr6666 -

click through on the link below -



It will take you to a thread where I have been able copy & paste 'ChipHeartsMovies' two part "notes" on his schedule. (It is in an unused Essentials archives Forum)


I think part of the problem with opening "Chip"s notes involves a corrupted graphic file (photo? / emoticon?) in the section about "The Bad Girls of AIP". But that is only a guess.


Hope you can read the notes in their "new" home.


Kyle In Hollywood

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After 20 times of trying to get into this thread, all I can say is: thanks Kyle! I had a whole post written out, but my brain is now turned to mush. But thank you!


So far we have 2 votes. One for Kyle and one for Filmlover.


Even if you love all the schedules, it's really important to vote since the winner of this challenge will go on to host the next challenge. Judging from all the schedules, I know the next challenge will be in good hands--BUT it's up to you to decide who the host will be. You need to pick your favorite schedule and post your vote (or PM me if you're not comfortable with a public vote).


Voting Ends September 14, 2007 at midnight PST/3 am EST!!!

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I received a PM vote this evening for Kyle: His TCM/CNN Headline News Festival, his "Mae West goes to Camp" TCM Underground double feature, and his choice of "Dark Mirror" as a premiere gave him the edge.


Which makes the voting talley look like this:


Kyle: 3

Filmlover: 1

ChipHeartsMovies: 0

Fedya: 0

Movieman1957: 0

Benwhowell: 0


Remember: Voting Ends September 14, 2007 at midnight PST/3 am EST!!! We have four votes so far, but I'd really love to see some more. Please show your support for your fellow posters by giving one of their fantastic schedules a vote. It means a lot to everyone involved.


If the boards are down or if you're just not comfortable with public voting, you can always PM with your vote.

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It has taken me two days to get this thread open and while i would like to write a lengthy post regarding my choice, I am afraid it will get eaten by the board and never see the light of a computer screen.


So, after much thought and reflection and without any fanfare, I cast my vote for BenWHowell!

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