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Thanks for Voting in the TCM "Back to Basics" Programming Challenge!

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Challengers---Thank you all so much. I really enjoyed reading your schedules. To mention some of my favorite things---


ChipHeartsMovies: Anna May Wong--*Kurotokage*--a Dorothy Arzner documentary! How soon can you get started on that?--so many pink collar movies from the '30s!--the emphasis on caregivers--the drag theme--Tennessee Williams--"Forever Young: Child Stars"--"Not An Overnight Sensation"--appreciate the neat frequency listing at end of notes--war and anti-war movies


Fedya: deliciously sly schedule, from the pre-codes in the morning to the menacing ants to weird causes of death--then wholesome Joel McCrea and Frances Dee as SOTM--Welcome, tourists, to New Mexico! *Ace In the Hole* and *Them!*--Michael Curtiz--Una O'Connor, Charles Boyer, Pepe--*Echenme al gato*--"Movies About Photography"--"Saturday Morning Bio-pics"


movieman1957: "Sunday Morning Musicals"--*Seven Days In May*--Thelma Ritter!--Michael Curtiz--Basil Rathbone, Gregory Peck, Alan Hale--"A Gentleman's Gentleman"---George S. Kauffman--"Vox Humana"! Would love to see/hear this feature every month. Oh, the possibilities! James Mason to Walter Brennan, Joan Greenwood to Ruth Gordon!


filmlover: Ellis Island!--showcasing screenwriters! Rod Serling! *Seven Days In May*--the funnies--missing films--Norma Shearer--Toshiro Mifune--Buddy Ebsen--"A Film Career In A Day"--the 100th birthday of Bette Davis combined with the disability theme! I can hear Miss Davis laughing now.


benwhowell: cats!--C.T.Dreyer's *Michael*--John Huston and Shirley Clarke--Patsy Kelly and Franklin Pangborn--Kieslowski--*Repulsion*--"Everyday People"--"Let's Misbehave" (And on Fridays, too! TCM often seems to slow down on that day for some reason.)--love the song titles and colors and cool scenario


hlywdkjk: "Men of Few Words"--married co-stars--Ernst Lubitsch--Ned Sparks--"Memoirs of a Movie" (*Ed Wood*!)--"Film At Eleven" (But, please, not Nancy Grace. How about Samantha Bee from "The Daily Show"?)--"Not On Home Video" (*Green Mansions* is not a very true adaptation of the novel, but does show Audrey Hepburn in an offbeat role for her.)--"Portraits Of A Lady"--Happy to see *Myra Breckinridge* in the schedule. This silly movie does no harm to Vidal's great novel and is so much fun for people who love old movies.--P.S. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to respond to my earlier post.


sugarpuss: Thank you for a most educational and entertaining thread.


My choice is ChipHeartsMovies. Excellent job! Lets see that Arzner documentary.

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Okay, now I know I posted that I couldn't see the slideshows and I know patful responded that I have to turn on my java and flash (which is the problem, I have to download the latest flash) but both of those posts are now GONE.


This is insane. I'm off to watch some stuff I taped off TCM this morning. If anyone casts a vote and it magically disappears, well...PM me.


Message was edited to say: Once I posted, the other two posts came back. What is going ON?

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Okay, here are my faux Now Playing covers for this Challenge:



For my schedule:





For Benwhowell's schedule:





For Movieman1957's schedule:





For ChipHeartsMovies' schedule:





For Fedya's schedule:





And for Hlywdkjk's schedule:



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Last night, I recieved one more PM vote for Kyle: The mayo/sandwich did it for me.


So the final tally:


Kyle: 6

Filmlover: 4

Benwhowell: 3

ChipHeartsMovies: 3

Movieman1957: 2

Fedya: 2


Congratulations, Kyle! Bacon and Mayo Sandrich's for everyone!


I just want to thank everyone for participating whether it be by submitting a schedule or by voting. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. My biggest fear hosting this challenge was that no one would participate--thanks for all proving me wrong. I honestly think that this is the best bunch of schedules ever. I was thrilled to see what you guys came up with. I always feel bad that there has to be a winner, because I know the amount of hard work that goes into each one. They're all fantastic schedules and I really hope some of the themes and movies pop up on TCM in the near future.


I'm really happy to have been able to host this challenge, but honestly I can't wait for the next one to start. It's much more fun to participate than the moderate--at least for me it is.


Filmlover, your NP covers are fantastic. I've been waiting and waiting for them and they didn't disappoint! Thank you so much for doing them.


Again, Congratulations Kyle!

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Congratulations, Kyle! Does this mean drinks are on you? I just know that you'd come up with some crazy concoction I'd get hooked on immediately...

Great covers, as always, filmlover!

This has been a fun challenge and many thanks to sugarpuss for a great job-despite all the "technical" difficulties. I can just hear you "cussing out" these boards the past couple of weeks...I know I did several times!

Kudos to all involved.

TCM, can you hear us now?

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Congratulations Kyle. A great schedule. Is this your second win? Now we can all keep an eye out for the schedules come spring and see if any of us "win" there. Everyone did a great job.


I have thanked Kyle but I also want to thank my secret voter.


Nancy, thank you as well. It might have been a bit late but I'm flattered and it's nice to know you liked my schedule.



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A BIG THANK YOU to our hostess this time, sugarpuss. Not just because she has had to handle more hair-pulling tech problems than any other moderator ever has in past Challenges. but also because she brought a great spirit of dignity and fun to the proceedings.


Sugarpuss, you join us previous winner/hosts now as Challenger Host Supremus.

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Hello All -

There is only one thing I can say - "I am stunned". There is no better word for it as I never thought my fantasy week of TCM Programming would be amusing to many folks but to me. Or, even if found amusing, it was so irreverent - outrageous in some instances - that it wouldn't be taken seriously in the voting segment of the Challenge.


To all my co-challengers, I think you all put up schedules as interesting and as attractive - if not more so - as mine. And you did them without all the "bad" puns. (Thanks for the "Now Playing" cover 'filmlover'. It's wonderful - yet I am surprised "Mr. Sardonic Cuss" didn't make the cover highlights.) I apologize for all the "groans" my themes induced. (Can I come out of my room now, 'jarhfive' ?)


Given the quality of the field of participants this time out, I am humbled, and at the same time, embarassed at having received so many votes. 'sugarpuss' is right. As a whole, these are probably the best schedules submitted to a Programming Challenge. Each and every one could easily have been the top vote-getter. I hope you all are proud of your work this time out. And I hope each of you find something from your schedules in the TCM line-up next year. That is best recognition one can have.


Thank you everyone for all the "congratualtions". And to the members that cast a vote for my schedule, I am nearly speechless. I appreciate each and every one of the votes you cast - you characters!


With the supreme honor of being named moderator for the second time in the TCM Programming Challenge, I am thinking of doing something differently - again. But I am determined to "keep it simple" (aka - K.I.S.S. though you don't have to call me "stupid".) and accessible for everyone - veteran Challengers and any newcomers to this "party" of ours.


The last time I moderated, there was a "Franchise Film" element and a "Guest Programmer" element included along side all the other standard TCM fare. This time there will be just one programming element to be implemented in the schedules. And I don't plan on selecting it.


I have five (or more) "Spotilight" themes in my head to use in the next Challenge. I was thinking of putting them up for a vote in here and letting the Board Members at large - including the Challengers - "choose" which "Spotlight" element to be a part for the next Challenge. There would be no other "required" element to the Challenge - save for the typical TCM Schedule items.


If having the ablility to be "masters of your own destinies" on the upcoming Challenge is attractive to you all - and that means those on the sidelines too - give a "Yea" or "Nay" in this thread over the weekend. I could pick one element but it I'd rather let the membership have even more of a say than usual in this Challenge.


Also, if you have some thoughts on when to officially start the next Challenge, include those too. I think there are some members chomping at the bit to get a start on a new Challenge but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some folks want some time to recharge their creative batteries before beginning a new Challenge. I'd appreciate some feedback on that subject and find it useful Because, as in my previous Challenge, I want to be as accomodating to as many potential Challengers as possible.


Needless to say, I am not going to sit around and rest on my (dubious) laurels. Not when there is fun to be had. So let the process of starting Challenge Number Eight begin!


Kyle In Hollywood

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Congratulations to Kyle, and all who entered schedules. Incredible work by all. After the first couple of challenges, I actually considered entering one, but the increasing quality of entries since then has convinced me to not make a fool of myself. More than normal, I mean. And special thanks to filmlover for allowing me to dream. :-)

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Hi, Kyle,


Acually, I was planning on having Mr. Charm be the cover boy for your Now Playing cover but I wasn't happy with the photo. Anyway, here is the alternate cover:






As far as the next Challenge's date, I wouldn't mind if we could wait until November or so. I am completely out of ideas at the moment (Ellis Island was the big one I was working on for some time).

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If I can do it (and I think you voted for me before) you certainly can. You certainly have the knowledge. It's work but it's fun. It's also quite rewarding when you get a vote. Even if you don't win it is quite satisfying to know someone really liked your schedule. Come on in the water's fine.




I'd be ok with waiting a month. Of course, if you get a load of interest it's your call.



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