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Do ya know the name of this movie?

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Set during WW2 when the hotels are booked and a blond woman needs a room. She tells the desk clerk she's a war hero's wife and gets the room. Later that night, the soldier comes unexpectantly into his room and finds a woman in his room. They have to carry on the charade of being married and while doing so they fall in love. At the end she surprises him in the same hotel room. I can't remember any of the actors names, just that I really liked the movie. please notify me if you know this movie!!

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Yo, SS;


At present I do not have the movie title you're looking for. However, I will make a search and see

if I can learn anything useful.


In return, I'd like to ask if you can help me solve the irritating problem of having TCM print multiple

duplicates of the stuff one logs in on their Forums and Threads. I see you have a similar problem.

Please let me know if you are able to solve it.





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Overview for Music in Manhattan (1944)

Brief Synopsis:


An actress's publicist starts a rumor that she's a war hero's secret bride.


MPAA rating:





Runtime Listing: 80-81, mins.

Color/BW: Black and White

Sound: Mono (RCA Sound System)







Click for TCM Bio


Anne Shirley

(Frankie Foster)

Dennis Day

(Stanley Benson)

Phillip Terry

(Capt. Johnny Pearson)

Raymond Walburn


Jane Darwell

(Mrs. Pearson)

Patti Brill


Charlie Barnet

Nilo Menendez

Minerva Urecal


Don Dillaway

(Major Hargrove)

Edmund Glover


>>Complete Cast and Crew



John H. Auer

Release Date:

Jan 1944

Premiere Information:

New York opening: week of 6 Oct 1944

Production Date:

mid-Mar--late Apr 1944

Duration (in mins):


Duration (in feet):


Alternate Title:

Cocktails for Two

Here Comes the Bride


Production Company:

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.

Distribution Company:

RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.


United States












Engaged song and dance team Frankie Foster and Stanley Benson take their act to Broadway, but when ticket sales are insufficient to support the show, Frankie decides to fly to Washington, D.C. to ask Mr. Bradley, the trustee of her father's estate, for her inheritance. Upon discovering that the flight to Washington is full, the Professor, Frankie's friend and fellow performer, tells the ticket agent that Frankie is married secretly to war hero Johnny Pearson and must fly to Washington to see her husband receive a medal. The hoax works, and Frankie is issued a ticket under the name of Mrs. Pearson. At the Washington airport, she is met by a chauffeur, who drives her to a hotel, where she is greeted as Mrs. Pearson and ushered to her room. Later that night, Johnny returns to his hotel room and is surprised to find Frankie sleeping in his bed. After Frankie wakes up and begins to scream upon finding a man in her room, Johnny thinks that an innocent mistake has been made and aware that there is a shortage of hotel rooms in the city, offers to sleep on the couch. In the morning, Frankie visits Mr. Bradley, and after he denies her request for the money, she hitchhikes back to New York. There, newspaper headlines heralding Frankie's marriage to a war hero have resulted in a sell-out for the show. Upon discovering the reason for her sudden popularity, Frankie intends to tell the audience the truth, but changes her mind when she realizes that it would kill the show. Meanwhile, Johnny reads about his "wife's" smash success and follows her to New York, and when Frankie returns home that night, she finds Johnny in her bed. Although Frankie tries to explain the situation to Johnny, he accuses her of using the war for her personal publicity campaign and pretends to fall asleep. The next morning, however, Johnny accepts Frankie's apology and agrees to leave after taking a shower. Johnny's plans are derailed when his mother, Mrs. Pearson, arrives at Frankie's door and announces that news of her son's marriage helped speed her recuperation from a serious illness. Concerned about his mother's health, Johnny asks Frankie to play along with the ruse. After Mrs. Pearson informs the newlyweds that she plans to stay for the entire week, however, Stanley, who lives in the same building as Frankie, climbs into her bedroom window. When Mrs. Pearson knocks on the bedroom door, Stanley hides under the bed, and after she leaves, he escorts Johnny down the fire escape and into his apartment. The next day, pictures of the newlyweds are plastered over the front page, prompting the Professor to suggest that they end the hoax by getting married and then having the marriage annuled. Frankie and Johnny follow the Professor's advice, and after a quick ceremony, Johnny signs a document consenting to an annulment and hands it to Frankie. Frankie, who has fallen in love with Johnny, breaks into tears and runs out the front door and into Mrs. Pearson. After Johnny informs his mother that he is leaving on a speaking tour and that he and Frankie have decided to separate, Mrs. Pearson tries to reconcile the couple by telling her son that Frankie is pregnant. When Johnny, who has fallen in love with Frankie, finds a note to her from Stanley addressed to "my wife," he thinks that Frankie has married Stanley. After the show that night, Stanley senses that Frankie has fallen in love with Johnny and releases her from their engagement. Shortly afterward, Johnny, thinking that Frankie is pregnant with Stanley's baby, bursts into the dressing room, slugs Stanley, and storms out the door. After completing his speaking tour, Johnny returns to Washington and receives a letter from his mother explaining the whole situation. Johnny asks the hotel operator to contact Frankie, and when she answers the phone, she tells Johnny that she is in love with him and has torn up their annulment. In response, Johnny says that he is packing his bags to come to her, but when he opens the door to his bedroom, he finds Frankie already in his bed, waiting for him

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4 minutes ago, LawrenceA said:

Wow! A "thank you" 11 years after the fact. That's got to be a new record. Well done, sir or madam.

Yes,  nice to see credit given where credit was due.    This clearly is one of the best examples of better late then never I have ever witnessed. 


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On 5/25/2018 at 3:19 PM, LawrenceA said:

Wow! A "thank you" 11 years after the fact. That's got to be a new record. Well done, sir or madam.

And only a "thank you." You'd think after a decade he'd have a little more to say... :unsure: 

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