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This is the fruits of National Socialism - young women wearing jack boots.


(currently residing in hell)


She's in New Jersey?!? (ba-dum-dum)


Just kidding, folks. I'll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress.


On a serious note, she sure is sporting a sweet Kentucky mullet. You don't normally see that haircut outside of NASCAR racetracks or Wal-Mart check-out lines. Who woulda thought all those people had something in common with a Nazi prison guard.

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I'm from Jersey, Exit 136. Great state, though not for the

slow moving. Whatever one thinks of the Nazi ideology,

their unis and regalia were pretty sharp. But this Fraulein

definitely didn't get the memo. The Fred Mertz high skirt

is a definite no no. 

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3 hours ago, HIGHWAY said:

Countries with the Most Debt

Rank Country Debt - External Date of Information
1 United States $17,910,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
2 United Kingdom $8,126,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
3 France $5,360,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
4 Germany $5,326,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
5 Netherlands $4,284,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
6 Luxembourg $3,781,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
7 Japan $3,240,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
8 Ireland $2,470,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
9 Italy $2,444,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.
10 Spain $2,094,000,000,000 31 March 2016 est.

Luxembourg, such a small nation has that much debt?:o


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 Heritage Foundation Retweeted

EDITORIAL: Not so long ago Venezuela, which stumbles along as if on a national breadline, was the wealthiest country in Latin America. http://go.shr.lc/2iuXaX1  #Opinion



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  • JakeHolman changed the title to JOE BIDEN'S DYSTOPIAN STATES OF AMERIKA ...

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