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I decided to start another photo thread of our favorite stars because the one in hot topics seems to be getting a bit of attitude, and i am not dealing with that crap, and if i start a thread, i am not going to act like i am the boss of it, because it is for all of us to enjoy!

Bad manners get you nowhere with me , so i always try and be respectful of all my fellow classic movie fans.

So lets post our favorite Movie Star Photos, and enjoy!

:) FG





























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ForeverGarland, I have never seen more lovely photos of dear Annie Miller. Beautiful. Thank You!


I see no need for any photos of "gents" as my Virgo friend suggests. Let those who want to look at men have their own thread. That equal time stuff is for electoral politics.


My best to you Ms. Garland

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It's a problem with her Photobucket account.


ForeverGarland, I don't know what to suggest -

maybe start another Photobucket account.

It's odd that they seem to appear initially.


Here's one of your image links or URLs:



You should be able to paste it into your browser's address bar and

bring up the picture but instead there's a Photobucket "page not found" message.


Message was edited by: Snarfie

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I think i am just cursed..lol Some photos i posted last week are ok , but yet so many nice ones i put up a few days ago are blank, so i am switching off from photobucket to another file storage site in hopes my photos will stay put on the boards for all to enjoy...Sorry to all, for all the missing images i have, one day there, then gone the next....here's a few new ones i hope stay put!


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>Your on the ball..yes i am so dumb..that is exactly what i did yesterday when i moved them into >folders..what a putz i am..sorry everybody! (ashamed) FG


We've all done that, FG. Don't be so hard on yourself.


Thanks for the Betty shot. And who is the beauty above Dana? She's looks familiar but I'm stumped.

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