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Miss Deeds Goes to Town -- For a certain Mr. Grimes to illuminate who is the star of a certain Fritz Lang film


Is that Claude Rains? I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but I'm new to classic film. I liked Claude in *The Invisible Man* and *Ball of Fire*.


Velvety Myrna got me going.


Arkadin -- So what Ann Sheridan film is the choicest? Terrific photos, by the way.


Forever Garland -- What a diverse set of photos you posted. It made for a very interesting, visual journey. I filled up my tank at that Darnell station.


Nephties -- Welcome to the board. Here is the code for posting photos:


<img src=>


Put the url address right after the equal sign.

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Frank, Here are some good Ann films to get you started:


They Drive by Night (1940)

Kings Row (1942)

Castle on the Hudson (1940)

City for Conquest (1940)--you missed this yesterday morning

Torrid Zone (1940)

The Man who Came to Dinner (1942)

Angels with Dirty Faces (1938)

Nora Prentiss (1947)

Edge of Darkness (1943)--shows this month





She had a lot of small parts in earlier films such as Black Legion (1937), They Made Me a Criminal (1939) and more.

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*The Barbarian* is one of my favorite pre-codes with Myrna. It's one of those movies that came in the wave of exotica the swept the movies in the late twenties and early thirties and Navarro's character is a less effective Valentino-style, Middle Eastern romeo. Nils Asther portrayed a similar type in Garbo's *Wild Orchids* . It may be he liked to wear makeup---all the time! ;) The lady seated with them is actress Louise Closser Hale.



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>Thanks for the wonderful picture of "The Barbarian".

>Just the other night I had it on because it's one of

>my favorite Ramon Novarro films.


Hi metsfan!

Have you checked out the Pre-Code Gallery down in the Pre-Code genre forum?

I've posted several other pictures from The Barbarian there.

There's one with Myrna sitting in front of a dresser that

was my original post here. I swapped it out right away though because, well,

you'll see why if you check it out.


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No problem, Snarfie, I had to look up her name myself because I never remember it. She turned up in lots of 1930s movies and always remained nameless to me. She seemed to languish in the shadow of May Robson and Jessie Ralph. ;)

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Hey, Frank. Well, I sent him/her the code for posting pictures with a long explanation, but it apparently didn't take! But, thanks for the reinforcement, even thought he/she still didn't get it.


Those pics of Myrna and Ramon conjure up all of the original reasons I became hooked on old films, the exotic, romantic, dangerous, wicked, exciting, mysterious, and forbidden. I must see that movie, even though I am not really a big fan of Navarro. I much prefer Nils Asther who played Garbo's foreign prince in Wild Orchids and General Yen with Stanwyck.

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Image Hosting and Image Upload



Browse to each picture using up to 5 of the boxes and then when selected, click on send files and wait for them to upload. The next page will show you the uploaded pics and then just copy n paste the URL link into your thread here, which should display the thumb-sized pics once posted. Hope this helps you

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