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Picking your own movies to watch on Halloween

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Did Woody actually say to him, "Be me, because I'm getting older and can't pull off Winona Ryder thinking me attractive", or, did Branaugh bring it up, as some kind of insanely conceived "stylization"?


The mind boggles.


That's a good question. I think you're correct, Woody realizes audiences ain't gonna go for him in the romantic lead anymore. Heck, many didn't back in the 70s, either.


Yes, you're forgiven...hey! I've got a girl for you! Harvey Lembeck in STALAG 17! "Betty! Betty!"


Thank you. Not for Harvey Lembeck's "Betty", though. Well, I guess it could be worse:




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Halloween can't exist without the Universal Monster Classics (Wolfman, Frankenstein, The Creature, The Mummy, etc). I'll be watching those along with some of these titles if I have time:


The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

Tower of London (1939)

House of Wax (1953)

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)

The Alligator People (1959)

The Undying Monster (1942)

Frogs (1972)

Swamp Thing (1982)

The Goonies (1985) (For the lovable creature, Sloth)

Halloween (1978)

Death Becomes Her (1992)

The Indian Tomb (1921)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)

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Hey, PKTrekGirl -- I think I'll just watch DRACULA this year. That is enough for me!


Ohh, come now. Get in the spirit with us spirits. And how is it that you can like sci-fi and not horror, Trek Girl?


So, may we tempt you with some varm milk... perhaps?


Hi, BronxieGirl (I'll try to behave) -- Possibly the greatest comedy show ever, with the 39 Honeymooners episodes the runner-up.


Bilko is one of my favorite classic shows. I wish all the seasons were available on DVD.


Hey, TrueBlue (tears) -- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)? No way! I'm STUNNED you'd wanna watch that film.


I've never seen The Indian Tomb (1921) but this Langian wants to.



The Goonies (1985) (For the lovable creature, Sloth)

Halloween (1978)


Hey, my old-school roots.


My Obsession Friend -- The Classic 39 would be my pick for best television comedy show, ever.


The Simpsons is my favorite show of all time. I know, that's STUNNING. I guess I'm showing my age a little on that one, too. My favorite show before my time: Batman.

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I just got my Best Buy Horror Classic Movie Archive Collection...

5 horror films to watch around Halloween, but in all honesty, Im going to watch them by the weekend, time permitting

What a list

Man Made Monster

Night Monster

Horror Island

Captive Wild Women

& the Black Cat 1941 version

Should be fun..and From Beyond the Grave somewhere in the mix...by this weekend I plan to start my Halloween movie watching, but I want to get past my Noir stuff :)

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Humm....well, you're right - I'm not really a fan of horror - especially slasher films and such.


However, I do have a weakness for anything with vampires in it. I do like vampires.


I think it comes from watching so much "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel".

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PKTrekGirl -- Humm....well, you're right - I'm not really a fan of horror - especially slasher films and such.


Slasher films and such? No, no, no. Have you ever visited Val Lewton's haunted house? How about German silents, Ms. Silent?


As for those slasher films, make sure you stay away from DSClassic. He's got a giallo tint to him. Yellow it really ain't.


However, I do have a weakness for anything with vampires in it. I do like vampires.


I figured you'd have a weakness for vampires like Flynn, Valentino, Gable, and Cooper. They loved to nibble on ladies' necks quite a bit. (Yes, you are in big, big, big trouble... and this ain't Little China.)


I think it comes from watching so much "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel".


A Buffy chick? Ehh, makes sense.


DarioSClassic -- Please keep your long sharp blades away from the Trek girl... for now. Noir AND Horror... I'm there.

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johnm 001's message back on page one of this thread mentions the movie...The Woman In Black. Now, I know I've got a VHS tape of The Woman In Black somewhere around this dump. I now plan to dig the tape out, pull the tape out of the box, push the tape in the player and pray the tape spools still turn. Half my VHS tapes have no tape spool rotation.


The Woman In Black...good choice johnm. johnm 001...should I just call you 001? Anyway, thanks for mentioning The Woman In Black.


Well, if that don't take the rag off the bush...I see (IMDB) The Woman In Black is a television movie (Granada). It's okay to recommend a television movie?



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A little off topic just when we were getting back on track here.


Anyone else watching Goosebumps this month on Cartoon Network?

They're showing two episodes per weekday night for a total of 40 episodes this month.

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Two Hammer masterpieces that I meant to include in my favorites are the glorious "Brides of Dracula" and "The Creeping Flesh." "Brides" is one of the most gorgeous and opulent vampire movies ever made--with a fantastic cast. David Peele makes a beautiful Dorian Gray type vampire and his mother is played by the great Shakesperean actress, Martita Hunt. "The Creeping Flesh" may not be a Hammer release--sounds like maybe Amicus--but it's amazingly well done--about a crazed scientist, Peter Cushing, who experiments on a monster that is revived by water. It comes back to get a finger that was cut off. The scientists daughter turns into a crazed lunatic and murders men. It's actually two stories in one movie but it's done with extraordinary brilliance. Also, dont' forget the great "Horror Express" with an all-star cast and a beautifully atmospheric train of the early 20th century.


One more: Tourist Trap, a very well done 1990 excursion into a horrific tourist attraction that attracts innocent youngsters, who're turned into mannequins. Starring Chuck Connors and great work by Jocelyn Jones.

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I just watched those today just now..Captive Wild Woman & Night Monster. Night Monster was one of the main reasons I got this set actually...

Unfortunately, I was tired and wound falling asleep, but Ive seen it b4 many times and it has a lot of atmosphere and great stars..

Weird how old Ralph Morgan looked compared to when he was in Kennel Murder Case 10 yrs or so earlier.

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Dsclassic, you had quite a treat since both "Captive Wild Woman" and "Night Monster" are two of my all-time faves! In fact, you've given me a great idea on how to spend Saturday night--curled up in bed and watching these two fun and chilling gems. In "Captive Wild Woman", I love the sequence where Evelyn Ankers takes her sister to the creepy sanatorium of John Carradine's. The lighting and shadows are great and Ankers is always a delight to watch. I fell in love with Acquanetta in this movie and I think she was at her all-time best in "Tarzan and the Leoopard Woman." She was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the campy role of the Leopard Woman. She should have had a much bigger career than she did. She was supposed to have played the role of Amina/Princess Ananka in "The Mummy's Ghost" but on the very first day of shooting, she tripped and suffered a minor arm fracture. Although I think Ramsay Ames was made for that role, it'd be interesting to see how Acquanetta would have done.

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Yes, the Captive Wild Women series is easily a curl up in bed & watch / fall asleep/wake up, have a hot cup of tea or coffee type of movie...to me the drawbacks were all the padding of the stunt double with his chair & whip taming the lions and tigers (& bears OH MY )

But I guess they needed to fill up the hour with something. I would have liked a better ending instead of padding the animal scenes

Watching the Lion & Tiger fight was pretty brutal actually..

I thought the Gorilla was awesome in it..

Night Monster is the one I like the best in the Best Buy set, I havent seen Horror Island yet, & I was told it was a good one...

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Agree about CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN. The whole "Paula the Ape Woman" series is perfect curl- up-at-night-with-a-cup-of-tea entertainment. My only regret is that they didn't bring back Acquanetta for the last installment, JUNGLE CAPTIVE


Trivia: The animal training scenes were actually footage from a picture called THE BIG CAGE from 1933 with Clyde Beatty. So when you see "Fred Mason" (Milburn Stone) whipping those beasties into line, it's really 10 year old footage (at the time) from another movie.


NIGHT MONSTER was always one of my favorite non-series Universal horror classics. When the crickets would suddenly go silent as the "night monster" stalked his victims throught the fog-enshrouded Universal soundstage, particularly Janet Shaw as the maid Milly, that really creeped me out as a kid.


Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock, who was filming on the Universal lot at the time, visited the set of NIGHT MONSTER and told the director, Ford Beebe, that he thought he had a special little picture going there. Hitch was right!


HORROR ISLAND is pretty good, too, as an enjoyable cast makes its way to the eponymous island as part of a ghost tour and starts being murdered one by one. Made up of equal parts laughs and scares, it's an enjoyable way to pass an hour.


Trivia: the movie re-unites Dick Foran and Peggy Moran after their turn as the lead couple in the previous year's THE MUMMY'S HAND. Moran said in an interview once that the filming schedules on these pictures was so fast she barely got to know her co-star at all, but that he seemed like a nice guy.

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