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Who else likes Lana?

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Don't miss *The Merry Widow* - Wednesday at 6pm ET!


*The Merry Widow* (1952)

A prince from a small kingdom courts a wealthy widow to keep her money in the country.

Cast: Lana Turner, Fernando Lamas, Una Merkel, Richard Haydn Dir: Curtis Bernhardt C-105 mins, TV-G



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Pesonally, I am MAD for Lana! I MUCH prefer her to Marilyn, although I love Marilyn, too. Lana was CLASS and very much the LADY. Marilyn was neither class nor a lady. She was almost a charicature, which was marvelous and glamorous. But, LUCIOUS LANA just drives me MAD. I don't know WHAT Tyrone was thinking dumping her. And, although I think Annabella was lovely, she was NO Lana! Can't imagine.




















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> {quote:title=1marlene wrote:}{quote}

> Hello- I am new to the boards. I love Lana and was wondering if anyone has any info on Lana box set or any other DVD releases. I bought the wonderful coffee table book by her daughter and highly recommend it.


Welcome to the boards. You might start your

search for Lana DVDs here:



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Hi marlene, welcome to the boards.


You may already have checked the TCM schedule for tomorrow, but if you didn't, I'll just mention that there are two Lana Turner movies airing on Tuesday: "The Three Musketeers" airs at 3:30am and "Johnny Eager" is on at 4pm (all times Eastern).


Otherwise, the best way to find LT movies is to check your favorite online retailer. :)

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> {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}

> Wonderful stills from "The Postman Always Rings Twice." Great movie.


> Lana sizzled! White hot in her outfits. She and Garfield were great. 1946 audiences... what did they make of this.


They were indeed. I just love the white with that platinum hair, and they look

good opposite each other, he being dark and rugged. What a contrast.



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To make photos smaller, use this resizing code:


<img src= height =400 width =275>


Put the photo URL address just after the first equal sign =


Leave no space after = and leave one space before the word "height". Like this:


<img src=http://i30.tinypic.com/14vh5bb.jpg height =400 width =275>


Change the numbers to make your photo more or less high and more or less wide.


Go here to test your photos. It might take two or three tries to get your size numbers right:



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Small or large...I love Lana.


She and Garfield did look good together. Good solid film too. I love their first meeting. The lipstick rolls on the floor and Garfield picks it up...she expectantly puts her hand out...and he holds onto it, making her walk to him. Boy, does she walk.


...And the game's afoot.

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