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My World Record for DVD Movies purchased


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Yesterday was easily the biggest day for movie releases for me ever since I first started getting DVDs

I went to 3 stores, spent over $150 and got everything I wanted. Almost every September it seems like every major studio decides to release their horror titles on the same day, yesterday was the big day, the biggest I ever had done..

I got

Best Buy Exclusive Ultimate Scifi collection volume 2

From Beyond

Face Off


Return of Dracula/The Vampire

Tales from the Crypt/The Vault of Horror

Chosen Survivors/ The Earth Dies Screaming

The Lost World

The Fly Collection - Fly, Return & Curse of the Fly

20 movies in total...I had a ton of fun and ran into my co-worker who was looking for the same movies...

Most of those titles replaced tapes or upgraded DVD prints..

It was quite an experience, too bad later this month and October there are more goodies I want...

Anyone want to share their world record for buying DVD movies, lets talk here//

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I have over 600 DVD's in my library (ones purchased), and another 500 or so that I recorded onto DVD from our Direct TV broadcast. I don't even want to think about what I paid for those 600 DVDs, but I bet it wasn't nearly what I paid for all the VHS tapes I had before going to DVD. Except for just a few rare movies, I was able to sale all the VHS tapes, but at a fraction of what they cost me.

The most expensive movie I had was on VHS - The Fighting Sullivans at $88. Three years later you could get it on DVD at about $24 which I bought to replace the VHS.

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i've got around 350 dvds, and TONS of vhs tapes... about 10-15 years of recording classic films from tcm, fox movie channel, and amc (back in the day when there weren't commercials on that channel, remember?) before this change to digital.


i also remember paying $70 for hayworth's "affair in trinidad" '52 on its initial vhs release way back when, justifying the price by telling myself the movie's rarely broadcast & it'll complete my hayworth vhs collection. still a lot of money though.


well, stuff like that happens when you're a HARDCORE FILM FAN!!

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Kino is another company that charges a lot for their DVD titles...

Criterion is easily the most expensive.

Check out ebay to see how much Criterion DVD lots are or out of print Criterion titles run for...unless theyve been double dipped like Robocop and Silence of the Lambs

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You might get a good sale in the stores, but when you add up the sales tax the price much higher than buying online, especially when you are spending lots of money. Check out Amazon box sets and they are usually postage free. I for one can wait a week or so for DVD's to arrive in the mail. I don't have time to watch every DVD as soon as I get them, so why not wait and save money. I have pre-ordered lots of things from Amazon: MICKEY & JUDY, FOX HORROR CLASSICS, LADY VANISHES, BARBARA STANWYCK COLLECTION, and I do have the patience to wait.

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I agree completely with Edgecliff, prices are usually much better when you shop online. When the Esther Williams Collection DVD came out, I was tempted to buy it in the store, but it was $45 to $50, plus sales tax. Online, it was only $35 with free shipping.


There is only one exception to this, and that's when a retailer like Best Buy or Target gets a special exclusive with a certain title, and it's a movie you really like. This week, BB is offering an exclusive steel-case edition of Death Proof and some special freebies with other new releases. But even then it's only worth it if it's something really special for you.

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