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1st of all I have not been on the mt. summit of all: TCM In quite awhile. & I have several things to touch on-(If any of it takes? My pal Antar said he was being blocked. To TCM editing team, please take note of this? And something else very, very urgent!!! If you are ok-(lovethemmovies-"H")>PLEASE REPLY TO ME? Very concerned about ya' pal!!! Now onto the new weekend TCM host: Ben Mankiewicz. I know that you come from a very famous Tinsel-Town family. *Herman co-wrote the legendary "Citizen Kane" along of course with *Orson Welles-(The flix sole OSCAR as a matter of fact, was Best 0riginal-Screenplay-But at least it lost to another magnifico movie: *Ford's *"How Green Was My Valley" (1941) & of course: *Joseph L. Mankiewicz-(1909-93) won 2 consecutive Best Director OSCARS>1949 & 1950. I am always very curious as to what an individuals' all-timer's are? Especially when they work in that medium.

So I am very curious as to your top 5 or so all-time favourite films & my per. fav. Actors & Actresses!-(to me, it more gives a kind of identification of a person, when they have a certain fav/role model/Idol & or hero,etc. So if you could Mr. Mankiewicz, as even Mr. 0sborne has done in the past-(he used thehandle: Joy!) He picked/named his favs. & I'll post them again for those of whom may have not seen Robert Osborne's?

Osbo's all-time top 5 favourite motion pictures:

1. "The Razor's Edge" (1946 version)

*2. "Gigi" (1958)

3. "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984)

4. "Red River" (1948)

& 5th. "A Place in the Sun" (1951)


His favourite actor:

"The King: Clark Gable"-(1901-60)


& actress:

Barbara Stanwyck-(1907-90)


& My own, just to compare with both of you guys!?

1. "Citizen Kane" (1941)

2. "Captains Courageous" (1937-)

*3. "The Godfather; (1901-90) Trilogy" (1992-video only)

*4. "Casablanca" (1943)

& 5th. "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946)



"The Great: Spencer Tracy"-(1900-67)

James Cagney-(1899-1986)

Steve McQueen-(1930-80)-(My childhood Hero!) My only 2 real all-time Heroes now though are: *Tracy & *Sinatra!



Natalie Wood-(1938-81)-(I know she's not the greatest! A very personal pick)

Greta Garbo-(1905-90)




*John Ford-(1895-1973)-(NOTE: Nobody will ever tie his 4 Best Director wins!)

Alfred Hitchcock-(1899-1980)-(0 for 5 OSCAR-wise)

Howard Hawks-(1896-1977)-(NOTE: Thee only filmmaker that could do/handle any & all film genre's!>Disgustingly the man only won 1 single OSCAR nomination!? 1941's "Sergeant York")


Welp, Mr. Mankiewicz would you please be so-kind as to reply. I am sure this tremendous site & It's knowledgable crowd of cinephiles would be very curious as well Thank You


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I did a quick search through a couple forum archives using several key words as well as Mr. Osborne's so-called handle and found nothing (going back as early as May '01) that indicated a post from him - although I did find a couple old posts from you, Spencer, again reiterating "his picks"....

Just an observation.

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To stlgal38, I thank you for checkin' a bit on our new host. I see something happening to this, the mt summit of Golden Age sites happening, little by little. & very much to my dismay to say the least. TCM is basically in a ratings war with the morinic AMC-American Movie Classics>ha, ha! & as I noted before our mainstay is losing? I'm not all that surprised really when you look at the general public these days. Ever check out Jay Leno & his funny lil' Jay-Walking segment-(It's filmed over the mountain in Burbank of course, where NBC & Universal are. WB & not Disneyland-(Anaheim is 44 miles north of Hollywood) But *Walt Disney's-(1901-66) official studios. Anyway, City-Walk is an area up there near Universal City Studios & he ramdenly pix out people & I know they leave out the one's that apparently do have some answers-(not as funny!) But there is an absolutely astonishing amount of people of whom don't even recognize a photo of the current President of the United States??? Or confuse a photo of Winston Churchill with say: Jackie Gleason or even W.C. Fields! & these are the one's with more on the ball then most stopped & interviewed? Now, I know there will be some that think it's made-up but, I even have run into reg. folks, that do go to ONLY NEW MOVIES & ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO LOOK AT ANYTHING IN B & W or if they think it's older. & of course, they have to have the language going F words.... & I am in no means picking on those flix either. Because there are some great new flix made these days-(but with each passing yr. the list of 4-star films, seems to narrow & narrow!?) Example: This yr. so-far the oinly 2 movies I ranked/reviewed with ****-stars! Were/are: "Finding Nemo" & "Seabiscuit"-(& the former is another in a long-line of animated-features these days, which always seem to be better than reg. live-action movies & the latter is an old-fashioned feel-good type, the Studio-System used to make all-the time!? Mr. 0sborne posted that list of his all-timers quite some time ago & as I noted-Joy was his handle, then anyway? I don't recall how & or where on here I got his favs. list? But if a person is going to do a show such as TCM-(It would be important to know his favs,etc. Gives you a feel of the person on the whole) Don't know about now? But 15yrs. back you'd have to actually take a several pages quiz on cinema history to even be hired at a "Blockbuster" video. & I agree-100 per cent! We now our in an era where majority of younger audiences & older as well. Behave like: "Star Wars" was the beginning of cinema history? I always like to put them to the test as to what classifies as old? 20yrs. to 25yrs. In my book would then qualify as a "Classic!" & "Austin Power's," although I think Mike Myers is extremely talented, but he's not exactly: Peter Sellers-(1925-80) AND>To stlga38, what are your own personal favs. No biggie, just 5 favs. & as I've always noted, a fav. actor/actress,etc. Kinda' gives more of a definition of said person, than fav. film.

(I'll try & contact Mr. Mankiewicz an otherway-(I just think that he may eventually be our full-time Host? Think about-it.) (P.S. AMC chops up, no, butchers flix & I have no idea how any sane person can deal with those ultra-moronic commercials??? 2 reasons they are growing & I know a lady they tried to recruit, but she refused the job. She loves

the real-deal. & she's only 26? It started almost a yr. ago-0ct. of 2002. Heck, I even used to get AMC-guide & poster(s)! The DVD jazz is another thing drawing audiences away Remember Host: Bob Dorian-(his fav. was Cary Grant & Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. & George Clooney's pop Nick Clooney)

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I guess my point was, How do we know who we're really talking to? We could have celebrities among us in chat rooms or bulletin boards, but I doubt it. I once spent an afternoon talking in a chat room with "Fran Drescher" before one of my family members set me straight and made me cynical. :)

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Mr. Mankiewcz, show yourself! Dazzle me with your brilliance. I don't care what you lineage is, you'd best be qualified for the gig, 'cause all I know is I'm a helluva lot better looking than you.

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