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TCM Forum Movie habits , collector of movies or just watch them on TV

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I keep an on-going document on file - The TCM Recording List. When a new monthly schedule is posted on TCM I cut and past to the document. I check it regularly and after the recording is made, I delete that entry. Next up 'The Taking of Pehlam One Two Three" on the 26th. I particularly get excited when a movie I want permanently isn't available on DVD or available on an expensive Criterion Disc. In November, "Green for Danger," recently released on Criterion, is broadcasting. Last week it was "Tokyo Story"

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I have most of my favorites taped, at least the ones not yet released on DVD (someday I'll learn to work my DVD recorder, VHS-to-DVD converter). The ones I don't yet have, I haven't ever seen on TCM (such as Norma Shearer's "Trial Of Mary Dugan", Crawford's "Letty Lynton"). The couple of times TCM has shown "Chance At Heaven", the screening went screwy and messed up my tape, darn it!!


Even so, I still watch some of them on TCM when they're shown, such as "Gone With The Wind", Norma Shearer movies, early Joan Crawfords( Dancing Daughters, etc), and pre-Code specials such as "Complicated Women", even though I have them all. It's an event to me watch them with other viewers and hear Mr Osborne's take on the movies, and discuss them here (though I haven't watched much TCM in ages, due to my disgust at the turn in the movies shown). I watched "Student Prince" Sunday night even though I have it just because it's such a treat to hear the trivia about the movie, and share the movie with other viewers. And "Gone With The Wind" on TCM is an event for me, no matter how many special DVD sets I have. I just have to watch it with other fans.

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TOKYO STORY was exquisite.




I am notorious for not having any recording equipment and so have to watch these films on a catch-as-catch-can basis, but in October I'm getting my VCR/DVD stuff.


I know, it's about time!

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I started out as purely a watcher. Then I got into collecting about 2 years ago (before that I recorded some stuff here and there, but nothing serious).


Now, I have over 3,600 films on DVD-R and another 1,000 or so on DVD (commercial release) and the hobby of collecting seems to be taking up more and more of my time...and certainly more and more space.


I love trading and am always looking for people to trade with (especially people who are as concerned as I am with trying to get the best possible picture and sound quality). It is sorta fun chasing rare films, and there is nothing like discovering a film you have been looking for for months in a new associates collection!


But I do think it is easy to get so wrapped up in the collecting that the watching suffers. It is something that I bet many hard-core collectors struggle with.


Sometimes, I just have to turn the DVD recorders and the computer off and just WATCH. No pausing the film to go check on this or that machine - just sit and WATCH.


That is the best part!


And since I have TiVo in addition to the DVD recorders, I usually have a nice backlog of TCM programming from which to choose something I'm in the mood for.


Of course, I do watch alot of the DVDs I collect as well. But there is something nice about being a part of some imaginary community out there, watching a film at the same time as I am!

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I've recently pared down my lifestyle and don't even have cable. That has forced a change of habit. I get movies from the library. Buy cheap copies when I find something good. And frankly, sometimes I do without. When I did have TCM, I was just the opposite. Hardly ever rented, bought or taped. I enjoyed the element of surprise. Whatever was on when I felt like watching, I'd probably indulge. If I missed something? Some other time.



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Yes, I'm a collector. It's my hobby. It's what I do. I'm a pretty new collector, I only started 14 months ago. I've got about 1200 DVDRs. I trade with other collectors. When I'm not working I'm burning discs, addressing packages and going to the post office. I love it. My wife's ready to put a gun in her mouth, but she let's me be me.


I'm beginning to narrow my collection down to older films (pre-1975), but I have also have a lot of newer stuff. pm me if you want my tradelist.

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I too, am a collector, only my collection is very small by you guys standards,, Most of mine are taped off the tv, using my dvd recorder, If anyone is interested in trading with me,please feel free to email me and I'll get you a list of my movies,I generally go for mystery's, and some action/adventure,

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