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Alfred Hitchcock's VERTIGO


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It's all worked out. When I appear in court it will be in that nice, frumpy little suit my counsellor bought for me (he bought me a girdle, too) and low heels and glasses and a nice dumpy hat. They will ALL feel sorry for me. You don't stand a chance.




BTW, Laura's still looking for that Merc.

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Even though you are looking quite frumpy in that outfit of yours, I'm still very confident in the case. Here's my lawyer:





And, oh, by the way, I don't need Laura's Mercedes anymore. I've found someone to give me a lift.








She can be rather tough when it comes to compliments, though. She's been known to turn her head. C'est la vie. Oh, I mean, uhh, not every jack's a cant-hook man.

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Glad you've included the largely forgotten YOUNG AND INNOCENT on your list. It's one of his very best, and fits the style of my favorites. 39 STEPS, SABOTEUR, LADY VANISHES. I love REAR WINDOW. PSYCHO. STRANGERS ON A TRAIN is a trip! But the "man on the run" stories are so exciting and clever. Just thinking about them makes me smile. Or maybe that's gas!


When I say largely forgotten, perhaps I should qualify. Afficianados know it. Classic film fans do. But who "out there" has seen this wonderful British export? I, myself, have only recently come across it. I very much recommend it to anybody who has yet to have the pleasure.




Message was edited by: redriver

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RedRiver! RedRiver! RedRum! RedRum!


I included every Hitch film that I've seen in my rankings. Young and Innocent is one of my favorites from Hitch's pre-Hollywood years for the same reason as you give, I'm a big fan of Hitch's "man on the run with an untrusting woman" films. Young and Innocent isn't on the level of The 39 Steps, but I do think it's quite underrated. I like the ending. The family party scene is amusing and rather charming.

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"No one can like the drummer man can."


Not on the level of 39 STEPS? I suppose you're right. That's the master's masterpiece. But YOUNG AND WILLING is very much like it. And just about as good as anything else he's done. I read the dialogue in 39 STEPS influenced a slew of lighthearted films to come. The playfully adversarial banter between man and woman was emulated for years. Maybe still is.

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And you wouldn't want me to bring up in court that "fox" fur you gave me back in
Washington Heights. It could prove to be very embarrassing for you and discredit your
motives entirely.
















Have you ever heard of "poison pills" before, Poison Pill?

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Hey, when you guys type a lot of stuff here on a thread with big pictures on it,

why don't you insert paragraph breaks in your text so your lines will show up

like this instead of like this:


This is an example of a long sentence that doesn't have any paragraph breaks inserted into it, and you see what happens with the long lines when they show up on these photo threads.

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At the end of about one screen-width of type, just hit "Enter" and that

will give you a paragraph break.


To type a sentence on a post with a photo, type the text then type the



left arrow BR right arrow


But use the arrow symbols


and the right one (can't type the right one here because that is a code to give me a quote box)


Put the letters BR in-between the left and right arrows. That will give you a paragraph break

before showing the picture.


You can separate photos that way too, by using the left arrow BR right arrow code in-between them.

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Hey, Dobbsy -- I didn't know you could manipulate the size of a photo

in the posting code. I use Photobucket, so I'll see if I can do this.


As of now, I resize my photos (rarely) with Microsoft's Digital Image. I don't

worry about the size (careless) of an image in a thread that features large

images already. Miss G is someone who posts photos similarly to mine in

size, so I don't worry about my image size on her threads.


When I'm posting photos on a thread where no photos have been posted yet,

I try to reduce the size in an effort to keep the thread's boundaries. I'm still

trying to figure which size best fits the board and image quality.


As for screen capturing, I have used both Power DVD and Windows Media

Player. I was using Power DVD a lot because it has a shuttle option, which

really helps one go through a film with speed while also allowing one to go

frame-by-frame better. Of late, I've been using Windows Media Player

because the caps from it upload quicker to Photobucket. I think this has to

do with the size of the files and the format. I haven't researched it yet.


I also haven't figured out how to activate "closed captioning" with Power DVD.

I didn't post captions with my grabs when I first started posting them on the

board, but I've since become fascinated with providing the words of a cap (scene)

with the image. I think it's a fun way to talk to people on the board. I can also

pretend to be Cary Grant for a little while. Now that's a bonus.


For example, I overheard a conversation this evening between Doberman and

BronxGirl. It looks like she's moving back to the old neighborhood.





Of all the caps I have posted on this board, this one is my favorite and will

never be topped. It's MY Grace with her big white sunglasses.



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I like your captions very much. Your slide shows look like movies.


Thanks, Dobbsy. I never thought of them as slide shows, but you're right. They

do play like that.


I think the reason why my Power DVD grabs take longer to upload is because they

are "bitmap" and the Windows Media Player grabs are "jpeg." The photo of MY Grace

is a "bitmap" but my photo of Doberman is "jpeg."


I like right-clicking on a photo and then selecting "Properties" to see the size of a photo

and what the photo is named. It has helped me figure out who is who in photos

sometimes. That is, if the person names the file in line with their image. I usually

name my files after the films I'm taking grabs from.


By the way, I have been using the hard break (ENTER -- no code) to keep my words on

the screen. Thanks for the tip.




This is 520x293:




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