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ROBERT RYAN - The Real Quiet Man

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Miss Goddess, You are making my heart go pitty pat. Bob in color and with Missy holding onto him. Too bad the movie is a stinker. I clicked on RR`s website, and he hated putting on the spurs. Bob looked good in chaps, but I good do without unshaven look.He was so sexy in "Clash By Night" buying Barbara the nightgown and perfume.

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Ken---is it you, or is it hot in here?


Cashette---I was so disappointed by *Escape to Burma* because I had high hopes after Clash by Night, what a pity they couldn't find better material. Oh well, at least we get a picture like that one below out of it!



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[Ken1, Ken2, Ken3] -- The temperature on the NWside of Chicago (that's where I am) was rising because of my slobbering post regarding Barbara Stanwyck in the "5W's" thread.


Robert Ryan, on the other hand, is c-o-o-l, even when he's hot (or is having that effect on others).


Back to this thread topic -- sometimes a guy gets praised when the movie gets panned:


"The movie's honesty comes from the ruminating, suspicious performance of Robert Ryan..." -- Manny Farber (re: *The Set-Up* )


"Robert Ryan is particularly misplaced as a stuffy West Point chicken colonel. Ryan has had a wide-ranging career, but dull conformity is hardly is forte. There is a subtly neurotic curiosity in his eyes operating against the stability of a scene. His is a personality perpetually on edge, and it is...wrong to enlist him in the Establishment...." Andrew Sarris (re: *The Dirty Dozen* )

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Miss God's Little Wiseacre -- Wow, Frank, I didn't know God's Little Acre was on dvd! I'm off to Netflix, thanks!


I'd be very interested in hearing your opinion of this film. I thought you had seen if before, so are you just revisiting it now?


I'm never sure how you're gonna like the "steamy" films. God's Little Acre is sexually loaded. Robert Ryan isn't involved in any of the steamy stuff, but he's the most important character in the film. His off-the-wall Ty Ty is actually the glue that holds together a crumbling, dysfunctional family.


Although the film isn't one of my favorite Mann or Ryan films, it continues to stick with me. Very unique. It's Tennessee Williams-like. Erskine Caldwell wrote the controversial novel and he also wrote the novel Tobacco Road. As you may know, I'm dying to see Gene Tierney in John Ford's Tobacco Road. If it's anything like God's Little Acre, I may not make it through the film. No, not because I'm turning it off or fast-forwarding scenes like some people I know, but because I'd pass out.


By the way, the scenes between Tina Louise and Aldo Ray are sizzling. That's why I couldn't resist posting a screen cap from their "hot summer night" scene.


RR with Clark Gable in The Tall Men (Regarding this movie, for the first time it was a toss up for me who I would prefer to Gable---this time, if I were Miss Russell, I think I'd have chosen "the world" with Robbie-Baby over Prairie Dog Creek. Sorry Gabie!!!!)


You didn't just the leave the plantation now, did you? My, my, my.


BuzzBuzzBuzzBuzzBuzzerscotchGreer -- I didn't see you as a *Clash by Night* fan. Color me impressed. You're full of pleasant surprises of late.


but if thats what makes your little heart go pitter patter....heehee my momma used to say that.


I like that one, Skirty Skirt.


Gun #24 -- The temperature on the NWside of Chicago (that's where I am) was rising because of my slobbering post regarding Barbara Stanwyck in the "5W's" thread.


I did catch that, ChiO. I'd give you a tissue to wipe off the drool but Butterscotch used them all up watching Random Harvest again. Sorry. Hey, it could be worse, you could have said you were hyper-romantic, flirtatious, impetuous, and vulnerable and that you would give ALL to love and always leap before looking. So, any recoil?



I loved your Forty Guns description. It's an amazing sequence by Fuller and it's quite representative of Missy. She surely led men all over the place. By the way, I'm gun #38. Nice to meet you.


Excellent quotes on Ryan.


Naughty Ken -- Did you get out of your cage again? Bad boy.

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>>>You didn't just the leave the plantation now, did you? My, my, my.<<<


Rhett left the back door open again, and out I slipped!


No, I've never seen *God's Little Acre* and hadn't even heard of it until recently---on these very boards. It's at the top of my "queue", now, so I should get to it next week.


Miss Impetuous Wiseacre

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Hi Miss Goddess, I was searching on the IMDB website, and in 1956 CBS Playhouse 90 presented "Clash By Night". Mae was played by Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges played Earl, and E.G. Marshall was Jerry. The site did not mention Peggy or Joe. The three people mentioned above were fine actors, but I`ll take Barbara, Robert, and Paul. RR was in the original Broadway version which you knew.

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It's funny that Ryan started in the Broadway version as the young guy played by Keith Andes in the movie, because the part of "Earl" seems to have been tailor made for him.


That Playhouse 90 version doesn't sound too great. Paul Douglas was the kind of guy I could root for and feel sympathy for, E.G. Marshall---a fine actor---might have affected me differently. I don't see myself feeling as sorry for him.

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Hi c21de---thank you so much for those gorgeous pictures from Best of the Bad Men. I've never seen this movie, either, but now I'm really anxious to do so, if you know what I mean!


By the way, I included a link to that excellent site in my original post---and I agree every RR fan should visit it because it's exceptionally well done. Thanks!

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