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Advance to the Rear (1964) - Classic TV Tie-Ins

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I never saw Advance to the Rear (1964) before - until yesterday.

I like Glenn Ford in a comedy and it seems that this was also an influential movie.



It's obvious to me that this movie was the likely inspiration for F-Troop

with it's band of Civil War misfits. A reviewer even mentions this over at IMDb.


I also noticed the blueprint for Here Come the Brides a little later in the decade

with Joan Blondell as the matriarchal head of a bevy of beauties.


Actors include Jim Backus and Alan Hale Jr. who would soon be cast as castaways

Thurston Howell III and "The Skipper" in Gilligan's Island.


Interesting music, too. I was wondering if it might be William Lava or Vic Mizzy

who did the music for this movie.

Turns out it was (written by Randy Sparks and) adapted by Hugh Montenegro.

There's an instrument they used a few times - is it a harmonica? It's that's same twangy sound they

use on Green Acres and seems like it was probably the inspiration for some of that show's incidental music.


Anyone else notice these or any other small screen tie-ins or influences?


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