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Can you use the Watch TCM app with a DirecTV Now account?

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I'm seriously considering dumping my DirecTV service.  The price just keeps increasing astronomically year after year and in any case the tree in the back yard has also increased to the point that it's blocking the satellite signal now.


I'd like to switch to DirecTV Now.  That offers TCM and doesn't suffer from signal interference but I haven't been able to find out if I'd still be able to use the Watch TCM app if I only have DirecTV Now.  Does anyone have a current, definitive answer to this?  Thanks.

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You should also try contacting DirecTV now and ask them the same question. Normally, they give you a list of which services their credentials work for.

Contact DirecTV?  I'd rather get a root canal.  OK, so I called them up, went through the maze of Press 1 Press 2 Press 3.1415926857, then spent 10 minutes on hold listening to insipid Muzak alternating with commercials for DirecTV and how I should visit their absurdly complex web site before finally getting to talk to a human being in Bombay.  He insisted on looking up the details of my DirecTV account, despite the fact that my question has nothing to do with DirecTV, it's about DirecTV Now.


He just couldn't grasp the concept.  Or maybe it was just his limited command of the English language, I don't know.  He kept insisting I could still use my DIrecTV credentials to access Watch TCM even if I had DirecTV Now which wasn't what I was asking.


After 5 minutes of umming and uhhing, he decided I needed to talk to a "technical specialist".  Five more minutes on hold, same obnoxious music, same stupid commercials.  A new guy comes on, I go through the whole thing again.  He sounds like he never heard of TCM, much less Watch TCM.  He puts me on hold while he goes to check with a DirecTV Now specialist.


After another five minutes he comes back and says, yes, you can access Watch TCM using DirecTV Now login credentials even if you do not have DirecTV satellite service.  I told him I wsn't so sure about that because I'd read of some people on the web saying that it didn't work.  So he finally said I should just get DirecTV Now and try it out.  Duh!  So basically I wasted 20 minutes and learned nothing.


I'm starting to think that life really was better when my choices of how to spend the evening were ABC, CBS, NBC, or a good book.  It was certainly easier.

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Well for the benefit of anyone else with this question, I got my Roku and signed up for DirecTV Now.  TCM live works fine.  But if you try to log in to the Watch tCM app, there is no provider called "DirecTV Now" and it doesn't work, despite being told it does by two different DirecTV Customer "Service" droids.  You can't use Watch TCM using DirecTV Now credentials.


What DirecTV Now does have on TCM is something they call "72 hour rewind" which (I assume) lets you watch YCM movies that ran in the last 72 hours.  I tried one out and that worked.  But there were only five movies in the list, which is a wee bit shy of all the movies they run in 72 hours.  Keep in mind this is all true as of today, 6/26/17.  DirecTV Now is still relatively new and apparently in flux, so things may (hopefully) change soon.


Or if this is TCM's fault, hey TCM how about it?  I'm paying DirecTV for the same service I get via satellite - why won't you let me use your app?

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