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~Favorite William Castle Film~

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Other than Mr. Sardonicus, I believe I saw every William Castle film in a theater, during its initial release. I was very young when House on Haunted Hill played, and it scared me silly. I crawled under my seat when the skeleton "came out of the screen"! During Homicidal, I recall gales of laughter when one lone guy got up to go to the "Coward's Corner". He said he wanted to see what it was like. A bright follow-spot stayed on him all the way up the aisle and the "corner" was very bright, so everyone could see him. I think I have a tie between The Tingler and Homicidal. I really love all of them!

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Did you know William Castle owned the rights to Rosemary's Baby--but the studio insisted that Roman Polanski direct and Castle just produce--In fact, Castle does a cameo appearance a la Hitchcock. I have often wondered what Rosemary's Baby would have looked like if Castle got his way and directed it. I'll bet he would have showed the baby at the end.



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> House on Haunted Hill is one of my guilty pleasures.. I still remember the scare I got as a child when the eerie spectre appears inside that closet and floats across it.


I love "House on Haunted Hill", I think they even remade it a few years ago, but predictably, it wasn't nearly as good as the original.

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My Favorite is _The Tingler_, but I'd love to see some of Castle's early work, particularly _Klondike Kate_ (1943), a vehicle starring Ann Savage and Tom Neal made two years before _Detour_. Sure, it's Columbia, but TCM does show Columbia pictures from time to time.


Castle was a great showman and he knew how to make a picture; his autobiography is fact-challenged, but a great read.



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I love "The Tingler", too, although I've never been fortunate enough to watch it in a theater, with all the gizmos on the seats. I'd give anything to be able to watch it like that, you'd probably never hear an audience scream so loudly during a movie. :)

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When I was a kid, 13 Ghosts would play often on our local Saturday TV Kiddie Movie. Just the opening would freak me out, it scared the bejesus out of me. In my 20's I stopped into a local video store and asked for a copy of 13 Ghosts to face my fears!


I enjoyed it immensely and laughed my a** off. Kids named Buck & Zadeea? And today the video store owner is my closest friend, he said, "Anyone who would come into my store and ask for that I knew was a very cool chick!"


I also have a rubber centipede magnet stuck to my old theater seats. It's MY limus test for cool. Anyone who balks or questions it = not cool. Anyone who smiles & says "Tingler!" gets a second date. I'm a tough cookie.

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Have you seen either of the William Castle films in tonight's TCM Underground schedule?


*I Saw What You Did* (1965)

A prank call turns deadly when two teenagers dial a murderer's number.

Cast: Joan Crawford, John Ireland, Leif Erickson, Sarah Lane Dir: William Castle BW-82 mins


*Homicidal* (1961)

A nurse and her husband conspire to collect a rich inheritance.

Cast: Glenn Corbett, Patricia Breslin, Jean Arless, Eugenie Leontovich Dir: William Castle BW-87 mins, TV-PG

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*The Tingler (1959)*



*13 Ghosts (1960)*



*Homicidal (1961)* - Better than _Psycho_ (1960)!! Mind blowing ending .. Shhhh!!!



*Mr. Sardonicus (1961)*



*Frightened Girls! (1963)*


*_Strait-Jacket_ (1964)* - Joan Crawford!!!



*_House on Haunted Hill_ (1959)* - Vincent missed his calling has Funeral Director!



*_The Busy Body_ (1967)* - Sid Caesar stars as the bumbling right hand man of mob boss Robert Ryan who is sent to find a corpse buried in a suit lined with stolen mob money.



*_Serpent of the Nile_ (1953)* - Bizarre! Needs to be seen!



*_The Whistler_ (1944)* - A man, despondent over the death of his wife, wants to commit suicide but can't bring himself to do it... stars: Gloria Stuart!



*_It's a Small World_ (1950)* - Obviously designed as an exploitationer, It's a Small World isn't bad within its own limits. Paul Dale, a real-life radio disc jockey, stars as midget Harry Musk, who is met with cruelty and insensitivity wherever he goes because of his small stature.... ! Again neeeds to be seen to be believed!



*_The Night Walker_ (1964)* - Together again!" blurted the ads for this William Castle thriller. The ads meant, of course,former husband and wife Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck, who had a rather acrimonious divorce in the early 1950s........and *both* directed by Williuam Castle!

Out-Of-Print on VHs ...Not on DVD!!!



*_Rosemary's Baby_ (1968)* - He also produced, and had a brief non-speaking role in, Roman Polanski's film Rosemary's Baby (1968). Castle is the grey-haired man lurking outside the phone booth while Mia Farrow is attempting to get in touch with the obstetrician. According to the documentary featured on the film's DVD release, Castle had wanted to direct the film as well, but the studio insisted on hiring another director due to the reputation Castle had gained through his previous work. They felt that the novel deserved a better treatment than Castle was able to give it.

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I looked up William Castle to see the movies he directed, and saw he is the director of *The Spirit is Willing*.

If you haven't seen it, really fun and unique movie.

Great cast, too.

Sid Caesar, Barry Gordon, John McGiver, Mary Wickes, Jesse White and John Astin.

I haven't seen it ln a long time.

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I'm sure I've seen those at one time or another, HWGL. I've been trying to buy a DVR so I can record the "Underground" for future enjoyment.


Like I stated in another Castle thread, I'm bringing my 11 year old up right. Oct 24th we're driving an hour to see a 35mm print of House on Haunted Hill complete with Emergo in a glorious old vaudeville theater, the Capitol in Rome NY. (she keeps asking what Emergo is & I plead ignorance)


Last month we drove 2 hours in the other direction to see 35mm House of Wax in 3D at the Eastman in Rochester & she loved it way better than any 3D new kids movie. She's gonna know the delights of Vincent Price and 35mm film before boys creep into her life, my mission.

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> {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote}

> Yup, you're definitely bringing her up right. ;)


Thanks for your reinforcement on that.


> Have you ever had a chance to take her to The Tingler ?


Heck *I* haven't even seen The Tingler in 35mm, only on TV. I'm hoping the Capitol will continue with their stellar October horror programs. Last year I saw double feature Cat People & Curse of the Cat People there.


Upstate NY: Brutal winters made tolerable by outstanding classic film projected in theaters.

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