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Sometimes I think my media center would work better WITHOUT electricity!

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OK, for about the pst 3 months I've been planning on marathon recording of all the horror movies on TCM this October.


So, I set up the computer this morning to record everything from TCM today, anxiously confirming my manual timer settings so that I don't wind up missing the last 2 minutes of anything, etc. "Check and double-check!" Everything looked good. Man, oh man, this is gonna be so cool!


Then, I come home this afternoon only to find out that the power had blinked off for, oh, about 30 seconds early this morning. My cable box was not hooked into my computer's backup power supply, and it did not restart itself... DUH! THANK YOU, Scientific Atlanta, Inc.for including this marvelous design feature in your Explorer 2100 cable box! ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


So, I'm now missing:


THE VAMPIRE (w/ John Beal, which hasn't been on TCM in about 5 years)




I have a couple of the above on old VHS tapes, but if anyone can help me locate DVD copies I'd be grateful. I know I like really bad movies, but I really enjoy watching them in digital clarity. Thanks in advance for any posts or private messages.

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Man, what a drag! I hate when that happens.


I can't help you with TELL-TALE HEART, except to say that this is run pretty regularly on TCM.


THE VAMPIRE and THE RETURN OF DRACULA were recently released as a double-feature in MGM's Midnite Movies Series. You should be able to locate it at any decent retailer.


DEAD MEN WALK is a PD title & has been released by numerous companies. If you can't find it in a local retailer, oldies.com has the Alpha Video release.


Hope this helps.

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