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Exorcist Deleted Scene


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When the "Exorcist" came to the screen I was in a class that required me to see it many times as we watched for different concepts and did audience reactions.

I recently watched the movie with all deleted scenes restored. There is a scene I remember but can not find it. It is the scene where the movie director takes the cross to the little girl's room. I am not sure why this scene was deleted and even more why it was not returned.

If you have any information please advise.

Thanks you in advance.


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The original ran 122 min. and 132 min (director's cut)

Some of the scenes not seen are:


Among the subliminal photos inserted throughout the film ("the version you've never seen") are: when Reagan visits Dr. Klein's office for the first time she sees the face of the demon for a second while she's getting her EEG recorded; when Father Karras has his dream there is a very quick flash of picture of a demon/devil, then the screen goes white, then the picture is briefly flashed again; when Chris Macneil comes home and finds the kitchen lights flickering, the same demon/devil picture, though much smaller, is superimposed on the overhead exhaust fan above the stove; seconds later, just before Chris Macneil enters her daughter's room, what appears to be a very large, rudimentary representation of the demon in paint (it's very "puffy"-looking and almost amorphous, except for the very noticeable eyes and teeth) appears on the door as it is opened; then, when Chris leaves the room, an image of a gargoyle slowly becomes visible just to the left of the doorway, remains briefly, then fades away again; during the final exorcism scene there is another superimposition of the demon's face on Reagan's for a brief instant.

You can try here:http://imdb.com/title/tt0070047/trivia



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