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Name of B/W Horror Movie

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It was probaby in the early 60's? The people are trapped in a room/house. It is not House on a Haunted Hill. All I remember is they try to use the phone and a blade comes out of the receiver and kills someone. Not much to go on. Sorry.


Thank you, in advance, for answering a question we have been researching for many years.


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Oh! I have wanted to know the name of that movie for years, too! I seemed to remember it as

starring Patrick O'Neal, but that doesn't appear to be correct. One synopsis of "Dr. Phibes

Rises Again" specifically mentions a scene wherein a skull-piercing gold spike juts out of a

telephone receiver, so maybe that's it? This film was made in 1972, and stars Vincent Price.


(I remembered it as a b/w film from the '60s myself. Perhaps it was too good a horror prop to

use only once, and "Dr. Phibes" resurrected it?)

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It seems like Vincent Price was in it but he was in a suit. I have his collection and do not see the movie in question. Do you remember a sitting room with a door in the wall high off the floor with someone looking out? (wall not ceiling- not "Hell House")

Why did you say the blade was gold? Was it in colour? This was B/W or maybe it was just my television was B/W.

Thanks for commenting. Glad I am not the only one who saw this.



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