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Anyone ever see this monstrosity..one of my guilty pleasures...

This is the one "based on a true story" with Senior John Carradine as a Spanish priest & a bunch of unlikable characters...its the monster that steals the show...

It used to pop up on TBS as the Beast from Beyond, The Toxic Horror

It was a rarity, but it just came out on DVD via Elvia double feature with Blue Sunshine

I used to own the VHS of Monster. I think the monster is kind of neat.

The print on the DVD is crap, like it was the VHS tape transfered to a DVD

I hope someone else will release it with a better print..

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I've got an old VHS copy of this as THE TOXIC HORROR, recorded from cable many years back. God, it's awful! The print quality was pretty bad to begin with, and the fact that I recorded in ELP speed didn't help, either. Hey, maybe someone broke into my closet and mastered your DVD from my tape!


There are some interesting comments on the IMDB message boards about this movie. One guy who worked on the crew quotes Carradine as saying "This is the worst piece of sh*t I've ever worked on ...and I've worked on a lot of pieces of sh*t!"


Geez, I miss the old TBS & TNT. MonsterVision w/ Joe Bob Briggs was a veritable cesspool of useless information and bad film. Where else could you watch THE TWONKY, THE NAKED WITCH, and 2020 TEXAS GLADIATORS all in one night? And why would you bother?


Hmmm, I wonder what you get when you mix Blue Sunshine with Soylent Green?

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Believe it or not, I used to own an SP VHS tape of Monster. I used to have also an SP tape that I bought on ebay & it didnt play..so I found an SP on on ebay, an ex-rental and played great/ the print from here matches the DVD print.

The cover to the SP VHS had a dog on it if I can recall

Anyway it is on DVD from an Elvira double feature with Blue Sunshine

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My copy was put out by Interglobal Home Video which, according to the box, was based in Canada. Although the tape is in LP speed, the quality of the print they used is pretty good. I'm not sure when Interglobal actually released the tape, but I bought it in 1990.

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