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advice for Canadian moving where no Shaw cable/TCM? Satellite users, help!

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Hi there fellow Canadians and TCM fanatics :) I might have to move to Halifax (from Vancouver, BC) and I'm freaking out because I've learned they don't have Shaw cable TV over there, and apparently Shaw's the only cable company in Canada that carries TCM....pretty much the only channel I ever watch! I love classic movies and have discovered so many wonderful stars/films on TCM, I'd hate to lose it. I'm seriously addicted and don't think I could live without TCM, pathetic as that may sound! But where else can you see these films, right? Most of them are too obscure to be released on home video/DVD.


Anyway, I did a little research and it seems that there's another option for Canadians, in areas without Shaw... something called Star Choice? I don't know anything about satellite TV and I wonder if anyone out there can tell me, is there any difference in picture quality between digital satellite and digital cable? Can you still record movies and hook it up to a DVD Recorder (I have one of those real-time recorders that acts kinda like a VCR and "burns" onto the dvd-r as you watch, only needing a couple minutes to "finalize" the disc at the end...not one of those fancy expensive recorders with a harddrive inside)


I'd really appreciate it if Star Choice subscribers out there could let me know what they think of it... reliable service and all that?


I'm also very curious to know whether their satellite brings us the US or Canadian feed of TCM? I wonder because there are often Canadian substitutions due to rights issues, I guess, and I usually prefer the movie airing in Canada! :)


Please excuse these probably stupid questions, and help ease my mind about moving - Thanks!

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I have Direct TV satellite service in the US and it's the same as having cable.


They had to put up a small dish antenna in my yard and aim it South-East. But sometimes they can attach it to the side or the roof of a house. The dish is about 16 inches wide (diameter). The cable from the dish runs into my house where there is a control box that sits on top of my TV. The service is about $50 a month, and I think that installation now is free or not very expensive. I can record off of it just like recording off of cable, and the quality is very good.



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