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All About AVA


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"She was terrific...Vivacious, alive, full of fun. And beautiful.

More beautiful than on the screen...At the same time it was

difficult to be in her company. If you've ever been in the presence

of certain extraordinary women, you'll know what I mean.

I've experienced it a couple of times in my life. Facing beauty

of that kind. It's not a completely pleasant experience. She gave

you this ache in your gut because she was so appealing. And

because she was not yours, you know? You felt a kind of vertigo being near her.

She was so desirable you felt a little sick from it. Oh my God,

she was extraordinary."

Mickey Knox, actor who appeared in The Naked Maja with Ava.



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"...she didn't walk into the room, she came in like a cat. I had never seen a woman move like that or have that kind of presence, before or since. I've never seen a woman electrify a room sexually like she did. You were aware that she was on the prowl." Victoria Principal



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Thanks again for the combination of Ava photos and quotes, Miss G. I really

like that approach to photo posting. This thread has definitely been one of my

favorites. My appreciation for Ava has really gone up because of you. Thank you.


The most recent photo you posted is quite alluring.

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I guess Ava thought that material would keep the boys at a distance!


Guess again.


I do love the "straw hat" photo. Why? Yes, her eyes. She has penetrating eyes

in that shot. I also love the top photo. I'm someone who likes "normal" photos of

sex symbols. It makes them warm to me.


Thanks again for all of the excellent Ava pics you have posted, Miss Goddess.

I'm very glad to see her thread back on the first page again. It's one of my favorite


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Well it certainly has been awhile since I've been in here, glad to see that the place is still up and running. And it's nice to see all of you again as well. There have been some great photos posted since I was last here, they get better everytime.


Just to get back into the swing of things, I've got some more photos. Now I'm not sure if they've already been posted somewhere throughout the thread or not, but if they have then I'm sure you all won't mind seeing them again.






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Ha ha, nice one there Frank. Well, I just wanted a little break from the boards for awhile. I tend to do that quite a bit. I'll join a place, stay for awhile and then disappear for a time or two. Then when I finally got back on the boards, and I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I forgot about this thread...If I hadn't decided to browse around, I probably wouldn't be in here right now. But I am so that's that.



I like the first picture too. To me, she looks as though she knows something that no one else does, or that she's up to something.

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