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Hitchcock top 5

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1. Vertigo

2. Notorious

3. Dial "M" for Murder

4. North By Northwest

5. Psycho


Honorable Mentions: Lifeboat, Frenzy, Rebecca


I'll never forget the first time I saw Vertigo. I was floored when the reveal happened. Amazing experience and one of the best I've had with any film.

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Top Five:


                    1.  Rear Window

                    2.  North By Northwest

                    3.  The Birds

                    4.  To Catch A Thief

                    5.  Marnie  & Shadow Of A Doubt  (it's a real toss-up)


(but,  The Trouble with Harry   is delightfully funny and macabre. Hitch had a wonderful sense of humor)

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My list is pretty tentative too, I have five favorites but it's hard to put them in order!

  1. Rebecca (1940)
  2. North by Northwest (1959)
  3. Marnie (1964)
  4. Rear Window (1954)
  5. Dial M for Murder (1954)

That was actually way harder than I thought it would be! I should also mention that The Birds (1963) is probably tied for at least one of those spots, and Rope (1948) and Suspicion (1941) are gems in my book but I simply haven't seen them as many times as the others, at least not enough to put them on my list. I actually hope that this changes as I learn more about Hitchcock and become more familiar with his films!


Completely forgot about Rebecca!! Might be my favorite, or at least tied with The Birds.

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This is so difficult. There are so many: My all time favorite is #1

1 - Rabecca

2 - Shadow of Doubt

3 - Vertigo

4 - Strangers on a Train

5 - Notorious


I've loved Hitchcock since I was a child and I've loved Film Noir,  I grew up on both .As Noir is it's own genre, I believe Hitchcock is a genre all it's own as well..

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It's tough to keep it to just five!

  1. The 39 Steps (1935)
  2. Foreign Correspondent (1940)
  3. Shadow Of A Doubt (1943)
  4. Rear Window (1954)
  5. North By Northwest (1959)



  1. The Lady Vanishes (1938)
  2. Saboteur (1942)
  3. Notorious (1946)
  4. Strangers On A Train (1951)
  5. Psycho (1960)
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1) Psycho (absolutely LOVE this film, it's inventive and clever)

2) Rear Window (smart and suspenseful)

3) The Birds (calculated, scary concept)

4) Notorious (the intelligently crafted shot of the key in Ingrid Bergman's hand left an ever lasting impression as to why Hitchcock is a genius)

5) Shadow of a Doubt & Strangers on a Train (the suspense between Uncle Charlie and Young Charlie and I adore the cross cutting in contrast and similarities of Guy and Bruno)

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Hi! Here are mine, in order, although this is totally impossible.


1. Shadow of a Doubt (I love Theresa Wright and this movie is almost perfect)

2. Notorius (gaaa, this movie is so hot)

3. North by Northwest (also almost perfect movie and Cary Grant)

4. Vertigo (a perfect movie but exhausting)

5. Rear Window (perfect too but secretly wish Cary Grant was in it)




I have to add that I LOVE the 39 steps, Foreign Correspondent, Dial M for Murder, Sabotage and the first version of The Man Who Knew Too Much and Rope. Also Strangers on a train. I'll always watch those when they're on tv. Yikes I love Psycho too. No complaints with Psycho!



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it is a very tough choice with lots of runners-ups. I kind of flip flop over time but right now my choices are:


1) Strangers on a Train

2) Psycho

3) Rear Window

4) Shadow of a Doubt

5) North by Northwest


My parents used to love North by Northwest but I have to say as a kid I didn't get it. When I watched it as an adult I can understand why they liked it so much. Excellent blend of humor, Romance, and suspense.

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I went through a Hitchcock kick last summer and saw about 30 of his films. I only saw most of them once, so I'm hoping to watch some of them again throughout this course. Here are my favorites as of now:


1. Psycho

2. Rear Window

3. Vertigo

4. North by Northwest

5. Dial M for Murder

We have the same taste only replace #5. With: A tie between 'Notorious' and 'Shadow of a Doubt' for my choices. All his others are honourable mentions...

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I've seen all 30 of the films he made after coming to Hollywood, most of them only once. Like everyone else, my opinion may change after the course, but right now, my top 5 are:


  1. North by Northwest
  2. Psycho
  3. Lifeboat
  4. Shadow of a Doubt
  5. Rear Window
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The first 3 are pretty much locked, but the other 2 change.

1. Rebecca (I know Hitch wasn't a fan of the end result, but I adore it.)

2. Rear Window (Grace Kelly & Thelma Ritter make this film perfect.)

3. North By Northwest (Romance, humour, thrills, Cary Grant -- it's got it all!)

4. The Lady Vanishes (I just love this movie. It's fun!)

5. Notorious (Probably the sexiest Hitchcock movie. Bergman is to die for.)


Runner-ups are Shadow of a Doubt, Psycho, Dial M For Murder, and Rope. 


I've tried to rank Hitchcock's films before and I have NEVER been satisfied with it. So many stunning films! A sign of a truly great filmmaker. 

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I have a feeling I will be writing a somewhat different list in about 5 weeks...


(Mine are in no particular order)


To Catch a Thief

North by Northwest


Rear Window




...and Foreign Correspondent, Shadow of a Doubt, Rope, and (this is SO hard!)

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My List:


1. Vertigo, it is after all "Hitchcock's Masterpiece" and I find myself more and more attached every time

2. Dial M for Murder, Ray Milland stands out as an often sympathetic villain we can root for

3. Rope, the dialogue between Brandon and Phillip is fascinating and also highlights ****-eroticism

4. Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart is unable to walk but still delivers one of his most memorable works

5. Suspicion, Joan Fontaine is easy to follow for the audience who also want to trust Cary Grant


Perhaps I will gain a greater appreciation for Lifeboat and The Trouble with Harry in the coming weeks



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