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I'm neither a fan of this musical, nor of Striesand's. I do, however, find it and she fairly charming, for about the first 1/2 hour or so (which is more than I can say about seeing her in the Broadway show, where she was completely charmless). After that, it and she become tedious and rather dull. She's no actress, and all of her emotions seem to force her to make the same goofy-looking face. It doesn't matter if she is happy or sad, it's the same goofy face. She seems more interested in posturing and making sure her fingernails are on display, than acting the role. There's noting real or spontaneous about her. She comes off as if she stood in front of a mirror, and practiced every tilt of the head and hand movement, ad nauseum. She's just Barbra Streisand. No different than she is in any other film, or in one of her concerts. Worst of all, she's never funny! I think how much you enjoy the film, has more to do with how fond you are of Striesand, than any genuine appreciation for the film itself, which is utterly mediocre.

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hey john!!!!!


i love funny girl and this movie would be considered to be on my top fav movie list of all time. i cant wait to see it when it comes on. although i have it on dvd already, i wanna watch it when it comes on TCM. heehee! i always cry to it at the end, and sing along to the beautiful songs in it by jule styne. babs, i must say looks real pretty in this movie, but i know a lot of people would agree with me on that subject. heehee! i think barbara streisand has her own beauty, just like every person in the world has their own beauty. although im not sure about the beauty inside of her. im not a fan of her as a person, b/c i strongly diagree with some of the actions she has taken and things she said about the people i like, nevertheless, i love her voice and acting skills. her talents especially show in Funny Girl, and she deserved the oscar for this movie. that must have been a real pleasure to share the oscar with katharine hepburn. wow! anyway, i highly recomend this movie to all old movie buffs and it is a real treat to watch over and over. the quality of the movie is amazing too. it looks so incredible on the big screen. i went to go see this last summer at the Paramount Theater in Austin and wow was i in awe!! heehee! :)

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