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The Mummy's Curse--

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Out of all the Mummy films this is the shortest--only 59 minutes-but I think it holds it's own

It takes place in the Louisianna Bayou, although in the film before this the swamp was in Massachusetts--It also gives Lon Chaney his perfect costume--he is bandaged from head to toe,

and he is still enamored by Princess Ananka,, -The high priest Turhan Bey, in order to bring Kharis back to life, open his 3,000 year old sarcarphagus [which happens to have modern hindges] and burn three Tanna leaves to bring him to life, then nine Tanna leaves, so he can move about--[ one wonders what would happen if he burned only eight Tanna leaves] any way the

highlight of this film is the lovely Virginia Christine as the Princess--in a scene usually show on great screen moments-she is first shown rising from the mud, completely covered, as she slowly walks she is immersed in water which removes the fifty year old mud pack--what emerges from the water is a wonder to behold--a flawless beauty, who somehow is perfectly dry--Miss Christine

really plays it-and her performance is the highlight of the movie~

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thisledown, you're so right about the fantastic performance of Virginia Christine as Princess Ananka. She gives it everything until you feel that she's a real, tragic person. The scene of her rising from the quicksand is indeed a shocker and beautifully photographed--with the shots of the sun--interpersed and that great musical soundtrack. After christine left Universal in the late 40s, she went to become one of Hollywood's favorite character actresses and she popped up in all the popuar series--from the Twilight Zone, Studio 90, Alfred Hitchcock, etc--to regular featured roles in such horror goodies as the original "Invasion fo the Body Snatchers." As usual, Universal did nothing with her outstanding talent, just as they criminally wasted the talents of Evelyn Ankers, who had been a very accomplished stage actress, and Ramsay Ames, the gloriously beautifull Princess Ananka in "The Mummy's Ghost."

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I could never get past the premise of a Mummy somehow catching up with people he is chasing ..considering the way he lumbers...I might be in the minority but I find the Mummy movies dull...

I will take the Mummys Shroud from Hammer studios, that was good and I like the Brendon Frasier Mummy series where there is action .Indiana Jones meets the Mummy..

Still it isn't how the Mummy was intended & usually Id cry "foul" how can you remake this movie, but in this case, be it rare, I liked the modern day made Mummy movies..

Planet of the Apes...now thats another story, as is remaking Psycho & Halloween "foul foul foul" :)

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I know -- the mummy does schlepp, doesn't he? I think the people he is chasing would have been halfway around the world by the time he took a second step. Evidentally they're frozen with fear and can't run fast, which really doesn't make sense, but I don't care, I love my mummies.


Well, that about wraps it up.

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