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What Star would you like to see a month devoted to?


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TCM definitly needs to dedicate a month to Natalie Wood. She is a wonderful actress. She is talented and soooooo BEAUTIFUL! She really needs a month. And maybe they need just a night dedicated to James Dean because he doesn't have enough movies for a whole month but he needs one too. And last but not least, Judy Garland. I love her, too. She is also talented and beautiful.

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I?d like to see a Warren William festival that is NOT shown in the middle of the night and all at one time. Give us a chance to actually see the movies that are featured as the month?s special films. We?d like to be able to watch them and tape them.


Also a Warner Baxter month.

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I adore William Powell and always enjoy his films. Why don't they show Escapade?

And, of course, I too, think it's way past time to devote an entire month to Warren William-he's fantastic. Please show his terrific UNDER EIGHTEEN. One other: Kay Francis. TCM has so many of her films (also Warren William's and William Powell's). She was a major star of the day and deserves to have her films be shown. Just don't forget to throw in the pre-code Girls About Town.

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TCM did a poor job honoring Bob Hope when he passed away. They could make it up by giving him a special month. And not just the usual Road pictures. he did some great stuff not seen very often like:

? Nothing But The Truth

? Big Broadcast of 1938

? Cat and the Canary

? Louisiana Purchase





So many great pictures in so little time.

I would like to see most - ? Three Smart Girls and ? Three Smart Girls Grow Up

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> So many great pictures in so little time.



I truly love her in "It Start With Eve". With great actor, Bob Cummings. It is such a light-hearted movie. She sings so beautifully in it. Her voice was so good.

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A couple of "character actors" come to light on this subject.


Walter Brennan. Great movies, great supporting actor, 3 Oscars I believe.

William Demerest (played Uncle Charlie on My Three Sons). I believe he made well over 40 films in a supporting role. One director used him in all his films, but his name eludes me.

Would love to see at least a couple of nights devoted to Carole Lombard. That would be fun.

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I totally agree. Walter Brennan. I have a old album of his. I love to play it even now. I just loved him on "The Real McCoys" series. Will, I really watched it because of Richard Crenna..........cute. Crenna would be a good choice, for a month.


William Demerest, now he was a gifted actor. Watch him in "The Lady Eve". Many more movies, too.


Carol Lombard, her name says it all. She could do about anything. My favorite of hers, of course, "In Name Only" with Cary Grant.

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Warren William is fairly new to me...or rather, I just started paying attention. Wonderful suggestion! (Upperworld is soooo good!)


Also, Ward Bond. (Previously mentioned by MattHelm) Ward (and many other character actors) are underrated. Bring 'em on!

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