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What Star would you like to see a month devoted to?


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In January TCM devoted the entire month to airing almost every pre-1950 Robert Montgomery movie. I was particularly delighted to discover so many of his early (1929-1934) pictures, many of which I was watching for the first time.


I'd like to see a similar tribute to Miss Davis. Although many of her 1940s films have become "classics" and as such are staples on TV or DVD, much of her earlier 1930s work is seldom seen. A full retrospective, going back in time as early as possible (I believe Turner has the rights for the first Universal version of Waterloo Bridge, for example) and as comprehensive as possible, would be greatly valued by many fans of Bette Davis and of vintage Hollywood.

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Warren William was a fine actor, who demonstrated considerable versatility in his early roles at Warners and MGM. It would be a treat to be able to see a whole slew of his films at one time. I believe his career at Warners began when he was hired as a "threat" to John Barrymore at the same studio. Some of my favourite Williams' films include Skyscraper Souls, Three on a Match (Ann Dvorak is marvelous in this one), Gold Diggers of 1933, Employees Entrance, Lady for a Day, Imitation of Life, Cleopatra, The Firefly and Madame X (the best version in my opinion). The Perry Mason series are silly but still fun, too.


I have always wanted to see The Mouthpiece, The Match King, The Mind Reader, Goodbye Again, Doctor Monica and Living on Velvet. Hope they'll show up someday on TCM.

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How about one of the following;

Alan Ladd

Robert Stack

Broderick Crawford (what a wasted talent)

Barry Sullivan

Audie Murphy


And the ladies

Jodie Foster

Meryl Streep

Ingrid Bergman

Jo Van Fleet (what a great actress)

Agnes Morehead

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Here are my choices for the men:


Fredric March

Ray Milland

James Cagney

Humphrey Bogart

William Powell

William Holden


Here are my choices for the ladies:

Katherine Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Barbara Stanwyck

Carole Lombard

Kay Francis

Ginger Rogers


:) Donna



-Joel Sloane - Fast and Loose


"Philip Kirby may have a bum eye, but he's not stone blind."

-Susan Applegate - The Major and the Minor


"Don't rub it away, Nat. Let me have my little vicious circle."

-Don Birnam - The Lost Weekend


"Did you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right?"

-Wallace Wooley - I Married a Witch

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  • 1 month later...

Here's my 12 months:


Irene Dunne

Claudette Colbert

Judy Garland

Sophia Loren

Meryl Streep

Marlene Dietrich

Norma Shearer

Joan Crawford

Sidney Poitier

Cary Grant

Marcello Mastroianni

Gregory Peck


With a week devoted to the each of the following:


Eleanor Powell

Marie Dressler

Nicholas Brothers

Giulietta Masina

Ann Sothern

Joan Greenwood

Deanna Durbin

Zarah Leander

Marjorie Main

Miriam Hopkins

Sylvia Sidney

Jane Powell


Eve Arden

Joan Blondell


And some days devoted to:


Edith Evans

Paul Robeson

Maria Montez

Elisabeth Bergner


I'd also like to see an opera week, devoted to movies featuring:


Grace Moore, Geraldine Farrar, Lily Pons, Rise Stevens, etc.

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I'd like to see Walter Pidgeon, Dana Andrews, Peter Lore, Vincent Price, Clift, Gable & Ford ---ah, BUT not the usual films they always show, but rather the more not usually seen things they've shown. Like with Andrews, how about that wonderful film 'My Folish Heart' See, that's what I mean. 'Laura' was great however, it's been shown & shown. Enough already!

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-Dana Andrews

-Donald O'Connor

-Harold Lloyd

-Richard Widmark

-Richard Conte

-Jack Lemmon

-Tommy Kirk

-Martin Milner


-Sandra Dee

-Mitzi Gaynor

-Vera Ellen

-Natalie Wood


Or, to get away from the actor trend. How about a month dedicated to showing Irving Thalberg's movies?

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I loved Laura too! It has been shown alot I loved Dana Andrews in Best Years Of Our Lives. Teresa Wright there is not alot on her either. I liked her in Lou Gerrig Story and in Mrs Miniver

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Gene Tierney would be an excellent choice for star of the month--perhaps this could become possible in the future, since TCM has recently started to show a few more 20th Century Fox movies. Oh, btw, I recently caught China Girl(1942) on Fox Movie Channel with Ms. Tierney and the surprisingly bouncy George Montgomery under the vigorous direction of Henry Hathaway in a pretty nonsensical wartime propaganda/love story. She may be even more beautiful in this movie than she appeared in Laura. If you get a chance, just drink in the scene of her lovely head backlit in the Chinese classroom. Oh, and how she graces a cheongsam dress with a mandarin collar---surely, her first husband, the late Oleg Cassini must have been influential in the wardrobe department. Her acting was far better in Laura, The Razor's Edge, Leave Her to Heaven and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, but gee, her beauty's something else in this picture.


Others I'd like to see:

Ronald Colman, (silents too, please)

Claude Rains

Lloyd Nolan

Richard Conte (another actor whose '40s work is largely confined to 20th Century Fox films)

Heck, how about a whole month of Character Actors! It would be a feast for classic movie folk!

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MOIRA! I'm just so excited that you're back!


I will check out CHINA GIRL. I saw it on the Fox Movie channel schedule, but had never heard of it, so I wasn't in a hurry to watch it. Very silly of me, considering that FMC shows quite a few classics that are unfamiliar to me. I wish that they would show even more, though! They have barely scratched the surface of their library. They show sooooo many repeats.


Where the heck have you been, moira?


Sandy K

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Thanks for the Howdy, Sandyk!

Well, where the heck haven't i been? Been down so long it looks like up to me. But now the future's so bright i've gotta wear shades...;)


Actually, my home computer went on the fritz about the same time as my button-cute carcass--but i'm now armed with a virus free computer and semi-new bod. Of course the ole brain embers are still dimly aglow, and i'm hoping to chime in with my two cents worth back here on the boards from time to time.


Very glad to see your contributions as well as those of some familiar suspects, (Mongo, Vecchiolarry, Path, etc...) along with a fresh crop of shining faces, all bristling with wonderfully esoteric insights, observations and factoids!!

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Aw, moira, it sounds like you had a rough time. But it doesn't seem to have dampened your sparkle in the slightest!


I wish I had a semi-new bod...maybe I just need to settle for getting rid of the ever-increasing gray hairs on my head.


Sandy K

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Have you seen the Marlon Brando screen tests that are included in the new DVD of Streetcar Names Desire? I had to watch them a few times the other night. Also the outtakes from Desire. 'Twas great to see the difference in the various takes and matching shots. Part of the screen test was just an interview while the camera picks up the various shooting angles of his face. Interesting to see him when he wasn't "on".

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