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What Star would you like to see a month devoted to?


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Yes, I watched the special features on the new "streetcar named desire" DVD.

I enjoyed the interviews with Kazan, Karl Malden and Kim Hunter. These were the people who worked with Brando and new him well and they said that he was so kind and such a gentle human being. Karl Malden had a lifelong friendship with Brando that spanned 60 years.


I enjoyed watching the outtakes and I had seen the screen test previously. I must say, after watching many Brando films and seeing the special features, interviews and commentaries - it is clear that this was a very special, gifted actor.

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It seems reading the different threads that Barabara Stanwyck would be a good choice for star of the month. I don't know if she already was SOTM but she is on pretty much everyone's favorites lists, so even if she was I think she might deserve another month. I know I would love to see that. I'm particularly fond of her in comedies, but then she is also great in noir and westerns.

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How about directors? I'd like to see a month devoted to Hitchcock or Kurosawa, showcasing not only all of their classic films, but also some of the more obscure ones like Jamaica Inn, Blackmail, Drunken Angel, etc. As far as actors and actresses are concerned, I don't really know who has been honored up to this point, but a month of films with the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Barbara Stanwyck (who I have just recently become familiar with) or Ingrid Berman would be great. I really enjoyed last months tribute to William Holden. Do they do the "Star of the Month" tributes more than once for any particular stars?

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I would love to see a full month of the following: Both Mickey Roney/Judy Garland moives,Fredastare/Ginger Rogers,Fray Wray, Debbie Raynolds, Sandra Dee,Lena Horne,Lana Turner, Sherlie Temple, Angie Lanberry (Murder she Wrote),Lucy Ball,Clark Gamble, Bruce Cabot, and Robert Armstrong

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Claude Rains! So talented an actor, but so overlooked and under-loved, in my own humble opinion. While not really a "leading man" type of actor, his supporting performances in movies such as "Now Voyager", "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "Casablanca" are flawless and inspired.


Also, I wouldn't complain about a month devoted to Peter Lorre, another amazing actor who probably doesn't get all the acclaim he deserves.

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I can't believe I'm just getting around to this, but...


My first choice would have to be Richard Barthelmess. Also an original TCM documentary chronicling the life and career of Barthelmess.There's a gold mine of material here, stemming from Barthelmess' original theatrical career; his star-making turns in Griffith's "Broken Blossoms" and "Way Down East," and his sad decline during the 1930s,with the discussion of that ill-considered face lift that pretty much destroyed what Lillian Gish called 'the most beautiful face that ever went before the (motion picture) camera." At least Richard's last years were happy, since he retired to Long Island and lived off his real estate investments.


Speaking of Gish, I'd love to see her as female star of the month. I don't think she's ever been SOTM on TCM, and God knows they must have all of her films in the library.


Let's see...who else?

James Cagney (must have been star of the month once, but I don't recall when. He also hasn't had a 24-hour festival for at least two years on SUTS, and he's due.)

Lawrence Olivier

Meryl Streep (plus PS interview)

Jack Lemmon

Ramon Navarro (get his biographer to co-host the films)

Peter Sellers (that would be fun)

Burt Wheeler and Robert Woolsey (even more fun)

Mary Pickford

Robert Morse (plus PS interview)

Boris Karloff (plus original doc)

Charleton Heston

Richard Widmark (Before he passes away, dammit!)

Gladys Cooper

William Powell

Marie Dressler


There must be others. I'll add them when they pop into my head.



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Anyone is fine with me. Whatever makes people happy.


I would prefer some of the older stars and more rare films, such as:


Warren William


Richard Dix


Marian Marsh (with that cute little doll face)


Kay Francis


And how about:


Basil Rathbone


Also, it might be fun to have a month featuring a lot of the old cowboy movies of the 1930s and '40s, such as Lash La Rue, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers,

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Hi, Hayley--


If I'm not mistaken Doris Day was TCM Star of the Month not too long ago (maybe sometime in 05) so it's probably a bit soon to expect her to get the same honor again in the immediate future.

You'll be pleased to know, though, that Day's films are quite routinely screened on the network and a quick schedule search should give you a picture about when to 'tune in.'

I can't say I'm a tremendous fan of the lady myself, although she was a fine actress given the right sort of material ("The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)," for instance, or "Midnight Lace (1960.")

Of course, she could be highly effective as a comedienne, and possibly "Pillow Talk" (1959) is her finest movie. Certainly worth catching just for the opening title song alone! I also think she is very effective playing Ruth Etting in "Love Me or Leave Me" (1955), although her performance in the film has not been universally acclaimed.

For all this, I think she made a number of less-than-stellar pictures, as did most people in the industry. I can't bear "It Happened to Jane," for instance, with the incessant mugging by BOTH Lemmon and Ernie Kovacks.

"Billy Rose's Jumbo" (1964) with that film musical stalwart Stephen Boyd (!) is a dreadful film, and "The Glass Bottom Boat" (1966) is pretty strained comedy --but I do think Rod Taylor proved to be a pretty viable man for Ms. Day.


Anyhow, happy Day hunting. Nice to hear your point of view.




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I would like to see the films of Claude Rains -- a wonderful actor -- and then, of course, we would see the divine Bette, Bogey, and the whole gang -- what a bonus!!!!


Also, what about Lionel Barrymore -- a truly great actor. In fact, I believe he was the best of the lot -- far better than his brother, John, who I believe was a ham. Ethel Barrymore was great, too.

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I'd love to see a Audrey Hepburn month or a William Holden month.


Wow,  there wasn't a comment on this thread,  until yours, since 2006!  


Holden was SOTM in 2006 and Audrey in 2005 so both are due another one.

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