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Bogart as Frankenstein Gable as Dracula ??

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Just wondering what actors in classic movies would have been good casting for the Universal Horror monster classic

I thought Gable might make a good Dracula, Bogie as the Frankenstein Monster or the Mummy , Errol Flynn as the Invisible Man..

Welcome to Bizzaro World :)

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Actually, my imagination runs the other way. I like to imagine what "Gone With the Wind" would have been like if Universal had snapped up the rights to it. Karloff would have been Rhett Butler, Lugosi would have been Ashley Wilkes, Evelyn Ankers as Scarlett and Deanna Durbin as Melanie.


Seriously, once I remember hearing an impressionist who did Bela Lugosi trying to do Cagney (or as he pronounced it "Cag-an-ee") impressions.

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You know, you bring up a interesting topic, because how can you not wonder about such things, I know I do. And if you want to see Bogie as a ghoul, you should check out RETURN OF DR.X (1939), its quite a hoot.


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Probably the thing to do with this thread is to talk about the "persona" of an actor and see if they could fit into a horror film.


I think that probably most actors could fit into horror films at some point in their career. For example, it is easy to imagine a young Henry Fonda or Jimmy Stewart as part of the newlywed American couple that strays into the Karloff-Lugosi feud in "The Black Cat."


Also, it doesn't take a great stretch of the imagination to see a young Gable as the wisecracking reporter in "Dr. X."


One star whose persona seemed close to the horror film was Marlene Dietrich. She would have been a great vampire. Indeed, Ron Goulart wrote a story, "Glory," in which a Dietrich-type star is a vampire.

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When he was getting started in the Forties, Robert Mitchum was the bad guy in "When Strangers Marry," a noir directed by William Castle, who went on to make horror films in the late Fifties and early Sixties.


Orson Welles did a fine Dracula on his "Mercury Theater on the Air" in 1938. It's a shame he never got to make a movie of Stoker's novel.


Cary Grant would have been interesting in a Jekyll-Hyde or Dorian Gray type role.


Thinking of Jimmy Stewart as he was in "Vertigo," makes me wonder about seeing him in a remake of "The Devil Commands," as a scientist obsessed with making contact with his deceased wife. Stewart did well in "otherworldy" movies such as "It's a Wonderful Life," "Harvey" and "Bell Book and Candle," so it would have been interesting to see what he would have done if they had been played dark instead of light.

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LOL, put a hump on Percy and he's good to go.


Always reminded me of an evil gnome. I used to get him confused with that other little guy, John something, the name is escaping me, you know, the one who played the frog on "Bewitched".

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