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The "Silent Sunday Nights" opening sequence...

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Could someone list the titles of the movies we see clips of in this introduction of "Silent Sunday Nights"? The only one I know of is "Greed" at the end. Every single one of them look so interesting and make me want to wait around for TCM to play them so I can watch them.


I'd appreciate it. THANKS! :)

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Besides GREED, clips include Lillian Gish from THE WIND, Rudolph Valentino from THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCOLYPSE, Buster Keaton from THE CAMERAMAN, Joan Crawford from Our Modern Maidens, George O'Brien from NOAH'S ARK, Gretta Garbo from THE KISS and Marion Davies from SHOW PEOPLE. I'm pretty sure that's everyone (I am relying on memory and did not go and look at the intro).

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drednm, and Scottman,


Hey, you guys are forgetting both John Gilbert and Renee Adoree from THE BIG PARADE! Also Zasu Pitts from GREED, and that guy from GREED, who's name I can never remember! I will need to check the actual order of appearance though.


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OK, here is the complete order of the players in the montage:




FLESH AND THE DEVIL (1926): John Gilbert, Greta Garbo, Dance.


THE BIG PARADE (1925): Gilbert, Renee Adoree Huggs, and Smooches!




GREED (1924): Zasu Pitts, Big Hat, and Fluffy Ruffles.


NOAH'S ARK (1928): George O' Brien Close Up Out In The Rain.


THE CROWD (1928): Eleanor Boardman, Looking Pretty.


OUR DANCING DAUGHTERS: Joan Crawford, Mirror.


THE CROWD: James Murray, Mime Face.


SHOW PEOPLE (1928): Shawl, Nervous Grin.


THE MYSTERIOUS LADY (1928): Garbo, Seductive Glance.


THE CAMERAMAN (1928): Buster Keaton, Slow Eye Closing.


THE WIND (1928) Lillian Gish, Staring through Window.


GREED: Zasu Pitts, Terrified expression!


GREED: What's His Name?, (Gibson Gowland?) Moving In For The Kill! Yipes!


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