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Question about the movie Tension from Film Noir Volume 4


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I just watched Where Danger Lives and Tension from FN Vol. 4

I don't understand why Mrs Quimby killed Barney with the gun, I didnt see any reason for her to kill him..

To me it would have made more sense if it was Mr Quimbys friend who said "Id kill him (Barney) if he did that to me (stole his girl)"

Why did Mrs Quimby kill Barney ??? Im totally confused about the continuity here

Otherwise both films were good - Where Danger Lives was GREAT! and so far I am leaning toward getting this 4th Volume..4 movies down and 6 to go


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When Mr. Quimby went to kill Barney It was implied that Mrs Quimby was probably out with another guy. It also seemed Barney relised this and would be done with her. I presume when she returned home that night there was some kind of confrintation where Barney Told her it was over, possibly telling her to leave. In the end Barney ends up getting shot. she didn't seem the type to take rejection lying down. Thats how I see it, but who knows. Just my 2cents. Chris


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